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The catastrophe of climate change skepticism

In the face of another diplomatic disappointment in Cancun's climate change talks, we have just left the hottest year on record. While experts again try to ring alarm bells, our media still gives voice to the pseudo-intellectual pursuit of climate skepticism. Perhaps while Rome burned, some bravely questioned the finer qualities of fire. Perhaps on Easter Island, as the last trees fell, some elders courageously debated the necessity of wood. These days, Margaret Wente and Rex Murphy sing in tune with the likes of Glenn Beck, sincerely believing their skepticism to be a form of intellectual virtue. It is not.


David J. Climenhaga

Revelation CAPP paid Mansbridge, defender of Murphy's speaking fees, brings controversy back to boil

| February 27, 2014
David J. Climenhaga

Future bleak for Brent Rathgeber's CBC disclosure bill; less so for Rex Murphy's commentaries

| February 22, 2014
February 19, 2014 |
Rex Murphy, a commentator on The National and host of CBC Radio's Cross Country Checkup, has been accepting money from the oil industry in the form of speaking fees.
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So who does Rex Murphy work for?

| February 18, 2014

Spreading a fossilized view of the tar sands

| January 27, 2014
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Greens do politics differently -- but not in the way that Rex Murphy thinks

| April 4, 2013

Burning Rex Murphy's encyclopaedia: Promoting Idle No More

| December 18, 2012
David J. Climenhaga

Message to Canada's media: OK guys, you can stop campaigning for that Romney guy now …

| November 7, 2012
David J. Climenhaga

Adoration of Peter Lougheed moves beyond canonization into deification

| September 22, 2012
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