federal budget 2011

Jun 7, 2011

Budget 2011: Don't look behind the curtain

David Macdonald
The proposed cuts to the public service worth 11 billion over four years are not just musings anymore, as they were in the March 22 budget, they are now part of the fiscal framework of the new budget.
Jun 7, 2011

You can't cut your way to growth

Toby Sanger
What's disturbing is that the Harper government was re-elected on its image of being good economic managers. Reports show that our economy has grown because of public stimulus and consumer spending.
Jun 3, 2011

Budget 2011: Clement's axe not fairer tax

Larry Gordon
The dirty little secret that most government leaders will not admit: the potential for additional public revenue is immense. A fairer tax system could generate billions in new public revenue.
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