federal deficits

Sep 22, 2015
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Election 2015: The political economy of balanced budgets

Wenonah Bradshaw
The recent promise of four years of balanced budgets by the Mulcair-led NDP has irked progressive economists puzzled over the decision to eschew running deficits during a period of cyclical slow-down.
Sep 1, 2015
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Balanced budget myopia breaks both ways

Angella MacEwen
Deficits are left wing and balanced budgets are right-wing austerity, right? Not so fast. "Deficits good vs. deficits bad" discourse misses the whole host of choices that go into budgeting.
Mar 24, 2015

The high cost of eliminating the deficit

Kate McInturff
Where did the obsessive concern with a balanced federal budget come from and how did it gain such currency in the popular imagination?
Apr 10, 2011

NDP's 'balanced budget' platform

Nick Falvo
Jack Layton unveiled the NDP's policy platform today. Among other things, it promises to eliminate the deficit (i.e. balance the federal budget) within four years. I'm not sure it should.
Jun 2, 2009

Tories wield the deficit truncheon

Despite a decade of huge budget surpluses, neither the Liberals nor the Conservatives invested in our public services, which would have distributed benefits far more widely than tax cuts.
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