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Diversity of Tactics, February 13 and the Black Bloc

On the morning of February 13, a group of marchers in downtown Vancouver were taped by mainstream media breaking windows at the Hudson's Bay, tipping news boxes and dumpsters into the street, and in at least one case hitting a Vancouver cop with a stick.



I'm the Other Kind: A discussion with Ward Churchill

February 20, 2013
| A talk with Indigenous scholar and international troublemaker Ward Churchill on subversive thought, state repression, indigenous resistance, non-native solidarity and more.
Length: 1:02:47 minutes (57.5 MB)

Stuff white people smash

Black Bloc, White Riot: Anti-Globalization and the Genealogy of Dissent

by AK Thompson
(AK Press,

Reading AK Thompson's book Black Bloc, White Riot kept bringing to mind one particular memory from the Summit of the Americas protests in Quebec City a decade ago.



KW Peoples Summit - Diversity of Tactics in the New Testament

June 26, 2010
| Kitchener Waterloo Peoples Summit - Diversity of Tactics in the New Testament
Length: 1:39:02

KW Peoples' Summit, discussion four - Peter Gelderloos - Nonviolence, the War on Terror and Revolution!

June 17, 2010
| Peter Gelderloos presents: Nonviolence, the War on Terror, and Revolution: the role played first by nonviolence and now by the War on Terror to pacify social conflicts, and...resistance!
Length: 1:30:29

Resist. Debate. Fight complacency.

Hi! An introductions page? That's awesome!

I've been following various stories on Rabble for a while, but decided to sign up to comment when I noticed a certain rabble rouser attempting to discredit specific individuals as well as huge portions of the anti-globalization movement. it's someone who has launched a campaign against the concept of "diversity of tactics" and against the organizers of the days of action at the upcoming G20. I decided to engage this person in debate. (if you're interested it has taken place over sevevral of the blog posts and discussions relating to the RBC firebombing.)

| May 20, 2010

A Diversity of Tactics - A Diversity of Opinions

A panel discussion organized by rabble.ca and co-hosted Working TV and the Georgia Straight, Saturday February 20, 2010 at W2 Media Arts Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

No One is Illegal's Harsha Walia and StopWar.ca (and former rabble.ca editor) Derrick O'Keefe discuss the diversity of tactics strategy and the black bloc tactic. The Vancouver audience share their views and experiences of the tactic in the context of 2010 Olympics resistance.

Needs No Introduction

A Diversity of Tactics: Part Two

February 28, 2010
| The second half of a discussion held Feb. 20 in Vancouver to examine the criticisms and benefits of a diversity of protest tactics.
Length: 32:42
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