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| August 25, 2014

Sexism in tech: An overheard conversation about discrimination against women

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Gender-based discrimination in the workplace doesn't surprise me, least of all in tech-based industries. Recent examples like the alleged sexual harassment by Tinder's co-founder Justin Mateen, and a diversity report finding only 30 per cent of Google's employees to be female, underline the undeniable fact that women are treated to a different set of rules in this male dominated atmosphere.



Dr. Jennifer Gardy on women in science and sexism in the media

July 24, 2014
| In this episode, Dr. Jennifer Gardy talks about women in science, sexism in the media, public health and the future of science research.
Length: 42:16 minutes (38.7 MB)
| May 30, 2014
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| May 13, 2014
| May 1, 2014
April 7, 2014 |
Violence against women and girls continues to be widely tolerated in Canada. This fact sheet is a compilation of the most recent research and statistics on women’s experience of violence.
| February 28, 2014

Online vs. offline harassment: Are there blurred lines?

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We're going to get a little nostalgic up in here.

Remember when you had to "log on" to the internet and listen to your modem make all those wacky noises? And before you started surfing the interweb, you had to tell everybody in your household because it meant the phone line would be busy?

Long before social media was a thing, we believed that there was a clear divide between what happened online and "real life."


| February 10, 2014
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