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Photo: Joe Gratz/flickr
| November 18, 2014
| November 14, 2014

Girls Rock Camp: Chords of confidence and co-operation

Photo: Carmen Leah

I was privileged over the summer to be allowed to drop in on Toronto's Girls Rock Camp, hopscotching from room to room as various groups were working out songs. It was a marvel to witness girls teaming up musically:

"Well I think it might work better in F-sharp."

"You think so? Let's try it." (they jam)

"Or maybe we can try this chord?"  (audio sample)

"Oh that works better!"

Rain Forest Burning in Talamanca, Costa Rica
| October 31, 2014
| September 12, 2014
| September 3, 2014
| August 25, 2014

Sexism in tech: An overheard conversation about discrimination against women

Photo: flickr/Andrew_Writer

Gender-based discrimination in the workplace doesn't surprise me, least of all in tech-based industries. Recent examples like the alleged sexual harassment by Tinder's co-founder Justin Mateen, and a diversity report finding only 30 per cent of Google's employees to be female, underline the undeniable fact that women are treated to a different set of rules in this male dominated atmosphere.



Dr. Jennifer Gardy on women in science and sexism in the media

July 24, 2014
| In this episode, Dr. Jennifer Gardy talks about women in science, sexism in the media, public health and the future of science research.
Length: 42:16 minutes (38.7 MB)
| May 30, 2014
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