Challenging Rape Culture in the Mainstream Media

via Creative Commons license

A new resource from Femifesto offers helpful advice for the mainstream media to begin breaking down rape culture. After frosh "sex chants" made headlines from Halifax to Vancouver last fall, the idea of a pervasive and perpetuated rape culture in Canada was widely discussed. It's a tall order for the media to balance interests of fairness and accuracy with a desire to change rape culture, but this guide is a great place to start. 

It includes everything from tips on interviewing survivors to the intricate nuances of rape culture language. 

If you're writing about rape, sexual assault, or any manifestation of rape culture (or know someone who is) be sure to check out the toolkit. 

Other helpful sections from the guide:

-Changing frameworks on the "rape narrative"



-Additional resources

-Reporting "checklist"

-Missing voices