Lynn WilliamsWelcome to the Lynn Williams Activist Toolkit, an exciting new project of currently in Beta. The Toolkit is a wiki-style section of the rabble site devoted to content collaboration. It contains a growing number of encyclopedic resources that you can write. The Toolkit is named after activist, organizer, and labour leader, Lynn Williams, whose commitment to social justice has inpired generations of United Steeworker activists.  Read more about Lynn Williams here. Participate in the Toolkit!  See our User Guide, and please check out the toolkit blog and podcast

  • Lynn Williams remains one of the most influential North American union leaders of the twentieth century. He was the first Canadian to become International President of the United Steelworkers, where he brought innovative leadership in bargaining and a structural readjustment of the North American steel industry during its most...

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  • One year after the warehouse garment factory known as Rana Plaza in Savar, Bangladesh collapsed and families are still left without financial compensation from some of the world's biggest clothing brands. The Rana Plaza Arrangement was created to ensure that families and injured workers would receive just compensation. The fund only has $16 million from the companies - but they need at least $40 million to fairly compensate all families and workers affected. Still, some clothing brands that had their clothes produced at Rana Plaza, endorsing the abhorrent working conditions and complete lack of safety standards for their workers, have yet to contribute.

    Currently, the fund has only received one third of what it needs. Companies that have connections to the factory who have already donated are:

    Bonmarché, C&A Foundation, Camaïeu, El Corte Inglés,...

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