Lynn WilliamsWelcome to the Lynn Williams Activist Toolkit, an exciting new project of currently in Beta. The Toolkit is a wiki-style section of the rabble site devoted to content collaboration. It contains a growing number of encyclopedic resources that you can write. The Toolkit is named after activist, organizer, and labour leader, Lynn Williams, whose commitment to social justice has inpired generations of United Steeworker activists.  Read more about Lynn Williams here. Participate in the Toolkit!  See our User Guide, and please check out the toolkit blog and podcast

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  • Dr. Homa Hoodfar is a renowned feminist anthropologist who teaches at Concordia University professor.  She has been in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison since June 6, 2016. 

    Hoodfar is well known for her writings as a feminist scholar and about Islam and women in the Middle East. She was in Iran visiting family and doing some research when, two days prior to her scheduled flight back to Canada, Dr. Hoodfar's home was raided and her passport and computer confiscated and she was imprisoned.  Among other human rights abuses, she has been denied a lawyer of her choice, denied family visits, and is currently in poor physical health.   Learn more about the international support building for Homa Hoodfar and to support the...

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