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Oct 24 2014 | Erika Shaker | Welcome to the kinder, gentler individualism, where poor-bashing is replaced with poor-benevoling. It was on display in mid-October when the federal NDP introduced its plan for $15/day child care.
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Oct 24 2014 | Marc Lee | Well, we saw this coming but it's still sobering to see it in black and white. The B.C. government's decision to cut its proposed LNG Income Tax in half is simply a cave-in to industry.
Oct 24 2014 | J. Baglow | Some reflections on the Ottawa and Quebec shootings, and their political consequences.
Photo: Ella Bedard
Oct 24 2014 | rabble staff | covers the labour movement where other media ignore it. Ella Bedard is our labour beat reporter for 2014. To find out more, read on.
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Oct 24 2014 | Rick Salutin | After Wednesday's events in Ottawa, Rick Salutin comments on the "unprecedented chaos, lost our virginity/innocence, never gonna be the same, demise of Canada as a Peaceable Kingdom" narrative.
Oct 24 2014 | various | After Tuesday's shootings, peace vigils were held across Canada. This statement was released by peacequest in Kingston.
Oct 24 2014 | Brad Fraser | Playwright Brad Fraser writes about fear in the wake of the Parliament Hill shootings, saying we must not be silenced by fear, but instead we should be moved to exercise our democratic choice.
Oct 24 2014 | Black Women’s Caucus at the Toronto Rape and Crisis Centre/Multicultural Women Against Rape | An open letter speaking out against The Canadian Black Caucus’ decision to publically endorse Toronto Mayoral candidate John Tory.
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Oct 24 2014 | Matthew Behrens | Matthew Behrens provides insightful reflections about the violent events that happened in Ottawa on Wednesday Oct 22.
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Oct 24 2014 | Jeannette Tossounian | Dual arrests and mandatory charge policies for domestic abuse incidents increase risk of further abuse. So why are they still in place?
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Oct 24 2014 | Kathleen O'Hara | Breaking war laws. After the First World War, the world passed laws making war illegal. Why are they being ignored by Harper and others?
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Oct 24 2014 | Joyce Nelson | There's a little cognitive dissonance happening in the tar sands discussion, so let's set the record straight: tar sands are dirty oil and Harper does not have an adequate environmental plan.
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Oct 24 2014 | Al Engler | Why do the B.C. and federal governments and corporate media continue to promote LNG as the key to future employment and increased public revenues? The profitability is dubious at best.
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Oct 24 2014 | Ella Bedard | Not sure which candidates are the most labour-friendly? Never fear, Ella Bedard has created a handy list of endorsements by labour unions. Happy voting everyone!
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Oct 23 2014 | Marc Lee | The B.C. government's proposed carbon pollution benchmarks for LNG plants leave much to be desired. The package is an impressive display of cognitive dissonance.
Oct 23 2014 | Angela Giles | This past Friday marked the one-year anniversary of the RCMP raid on the 134 encampment in Rexton, N.B., close to the Elsipogtog First Nation.
Oct 23 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | On Wednesday, a deranged man killed a single father, terrorized Parliament and a city, and traumatized a country. But is it now time to restrict our liberties?
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Oct 23 2014 | Elizabeth May | After yesterday's unprovoked killing of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at the War Memorial in Ottawa, we must ensure that this appalling act of violence is not used to justify a disproportionate response.
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Oct 23 2014 | Matthew Behrens | The tragic events in Ottawa give us an opportunity to examine our addiction to violence as the solution to conflict. Will we use the chance to disengage from our increasingly militarized culture?
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Oct 23 2014 | Linda McQuaig | For years, the pro-war right has suppressed any meaningful discussion of the "root causes" of terrorism, limiting our focus to the horrific nature of terrorist acts in order to rouse us to go to war.