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Jan 26 2015 | Murray Dobbin | The exceptionally successful neoliberal campaign to change the "ideological fabric" of society has put western civilization on a track to irreversible collapse. How can we shift course?
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Jan 26 2015 | Ralph Surette | Thanks to the Harper government's expertise in propaganda and manipulation, the rodent-like gnawing at democratic process and our legal structure has been under the radar. Are we going to catch on?
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Jan 26 2015 | Karl Nerenberg | Harper now says falling oil prices are good for the rest of the economy, yet, Joe Oliver is still delaying his federal budget report. What gives?
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Jan 26 2015 | Michael Laxer | The victory of Syriza, while being clearly a victory within the specific Greek context, still stands as a challenge to the bankrupt narrative of social democratic acceptance of austerity.
Link Byfield
Jan 26 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Despite winning an Alberta Senate election, Prime Minister Stephen Harper passed over Link Byfield for a Senate seat -- evidence of how far his views were from the mainstream.
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Jan 26 2015 | Brendan Haley | The ideal policy response to Canada's regional diversity involves implementing geographically specific clean energy transition policies. It does not involve giving up on national carbon pricing.
Jan 26 2015 | Brent Patterson | Following Newfoundland's discontent, all provincial premiers and territorial leaders should also be thinking through the implications of CETA's investor-state provision on their provincial budgets.
Jan 26 2015 | Jesse McLaren | Rather than blaming a family for their tragedy, we should be collectively working to improve determinants of health, so that we can treat and prevent cancer and stop the cancerous system driving it.
Jan 26 2015 | Cathi Bond | True Love is a great new queer chick flick about a May-December romance between a 60-year-old widow and a bed-hopping 37-year-old gay woman.
Danielle Smith
Jan 25 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Danielle Smith is right about one thing: Whatever progressive instincts the PC Party had are now deader than the proverbial mackerel.
Robert Burns
Jan 25 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | If the authorities actually comprehended what Robert Burns's poems were saying, they'd send in robotic sniffers to render the haggis harmless!
Photo: flickr/Stephen Harper
Jan 25 2015 | Karl Nerenberg | Prime Minister Harper now says falling prices in the oil and gas sector are good for the rest of the economy. Still, Finance Minister Oliver has postponed his budget because of market uncertainty.
Rob Anders with Stephen Harper
Jan 24 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Even the foundering Wildrose Party, at death's door since the defection of 11 members to the PC caucus last year, doesn’t want Rob Anders hanging around!
Fred Horne
Jan 24 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Former health minister Fred Horne's signal accomplishment was the complete destruction of the fairy tale Alberta Health Services operated at arm's length from the government.
Jan 24 2015 | Redeye Collective | Canada is a world leader in the market for public-private partnerships. But when Bonnie Lysyk looked at 74 projects under Infrastructure Ontario, she found a huge cost associated with P3s.
Jan 24 2015 | Redeye Collective | When food banks first appeared in Canada almost 30 years ago, there was a vigorous public debate about them. Now they are a familiar institution and food poverty has gotten worse.
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Jan 23 2015 | Ella Bedard | Snow is piling up in the streets after municipal workers were locked out by the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay.
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Jan 23 2015 | Left in Love | Autumn and Fabian share everything from an interest in community gardening to crystals to dessert. Will their common interests kindle a spark? Find out in the latest Left in Love!
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Jan 23 2015 | Rick Salutin | The time is always ripe for a dirge led by the literati over the dire downfall of culture wrought by the Internet. The latest is in the New York Times Book Review by Leon Wieseltier.
Doug Horner
Jan 23 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Given the shabby treatment the former minister of finance has received from Premier Jim Prentice, it’s hard to see how Doug Horner had much choice.