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Mar 27 2015 | Ella Bedard | Labour disputes are coming to a close but conservative policymakers keep us fighting.
Alberta Finance Minister Robin Campbell
Mar 27 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | The budget chickens will eventually come home to roost, but if Alberta voters are inattentive, the clucking won't be audible until after the election.
Mar 27 2015 | Brent Patterson | The Council of Canadians Game-Changers campaign was at Ryerson University in Toronto earlier this week, with Youth Vote campaigner Brigette DePape.
Mar 27 2015 | Gerry Caplan | Looking at Canada's expanded war in Iraq, what are the lessons of past Western interventions? Indisputably, Gerry Caplan argues, this war will be a disaster.
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Mar 27 2015 | Karl Nerenberg | The NDP's Tom Mulcair has just promised to eliminate the tax break on stock options. That is a CCPA proposal in its Alternate Federal Budget (AFB). There is much more in the AFB.
Mar 27 2015 | Tara Ehrcke | With newly introduced Bill 11, the B.C. government takes control of teacher professional development, further undermining the profession itself and the autonomy of teachers.
Mar 27 2015 | Michael Butler | March 31st, 2015, marks the one year anniversary of the expiry of the Health Accord.
Photo of Bassem Youssef by Hossam el-Hamalawy/flickr
Mar 27 2015 | Rick Salutin | Why does culture handle war so much better than politics? It's not just that art tells the truth and politics lies. Culture is where you let yourself hear the truth but only within limits.
Mar 26 2015 | Angel O | We need to push for an inquiry to bring awareness for our Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women in Canada.
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Mar 26 2015 | Cristina D'Amico | Make no mistake: academic continuity can guarantee completion of the school year only by robbing students of meaningful learning experiences.
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Mar 26 2015 | Adrienne Smith | The newly passed Bill C-2 will effectively block the establishment of new supervised injection facilities across Canada.
Image: People's Social Forum
Mar 26 2015 | Ella Bedard | Far-reaching anti-terrorist Bill C-51 could be used to muzzle labour and other activist groups, says CLC President Hassan Yussuff to Parliamentary committee.
Mar 26 2015 | Lauren Scott | Jesse Gilmour explores the father-son relationship in the most extreme of terms. What will a father do for a son, and what will a son ask of a father?
Jim Prentice
Mar 26 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | To most Albertans, Jim Prentice’s record is more important than his rhetoric! And that, of course, is precisely why they’re not likely to get the chance to judge the premier on his record.
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Mar 26 2015 | Stuart Trew | The Charlottetown Guardian reports the RCMP has arrested a Prince Edward Island man they suspect might carry out a terrorist offence. It's somewhat awkward for the government.
Image: Proposed Squamish LNG Plant on the Howe Sound's western shore. Image borr
Mar 26 2015 | Emma Lui | On Monday, the Council of Canadians made a submission to the B.C. Environment Assessment Office calling on the B.C. government to reject the Woodfibre LNG project.
Mar 26 2015 | rabble staff | and our partners Canadian Dimension Magazine are excited to announce what will be a landmark event toward a progressive victory in the 2015 federal election.
Mar 26 2015 | David Swanson | Former CBC host and founder of speaks with David Swanson about feminism in the age of Occupy, the evolution of gender rights and the importance of International Women's Day.
Mar 26 2015 | Celia Chandler, Pro Bono | The Canadian Bar Association has set targets for 2030 to equalize access to civil justice, but that's a long wait for large‑scale system change and to address the significant negative consequences.
Image: Lance Page / t r u t h o u t; Adapted: jamesomalley, The U.S. Army, Eddi
Mar 26 2015 | Amy Goodman | A new report asserts that up to 1.3 million people have been killed in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan in the first 10 years of the so-called war on terror.