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Apr 23 2014 | Redeye Collective | Mohammed Morsi became Egypt’s first civilian president in 2012. He was ousted in a coup the following year. Now more than 500 of his supporters have been sentenced to death.
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Apr 23 2014 | rabble staff | A digital journalist is still a journalist and must be doing the same work as a print journalist. So why is one employee paid less just because his or her work doesn't end up as ink on cellulose?
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Apr 22 2014 | Duncan Cameron | A new direction for Canada means rebuilding the inter-generational bargain between young and old; focusing spending on improving social determinants of health; and making the economy climate-friendly.
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Apr 22 2014 | Naomi Klein | We are suffering from a terrible case of climate-related mistiming -- because the climate crisis hatched at a time when conditions were uniquely hostile to a problem of this nature and magnitude.
Ken Hughes
Apr 22 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Whether the government wants it or not, health care and the catastrophic role of Alberta Health Services is going to be an issue in the next election -- bad news for leadership candidate Ken Hughes.
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Apr 22 2014 | Stephen Kimber | Crime and the young. It's complicated, far more so than any tough-on-crime Tory politician could -- or would probably want to -- capture.
A herd of buffalo at  Arrowwood National Wildlife Reserve, North Dakota.
Apr 22 2014 | Sara Stratton | In March I travelled to Edmonton for the last National Event of the TRC. I am on a journey of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, which is also a journey of reconciliation with the land.
Apr 22 2014 | David Suzuki | The latest chapter of the IPCC Fifth Assessment says there's still time to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. The good news is that there are many benefits to taking action.
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Apr 22 2014 | Ellie Ng | Pro-democracy leaders from Hong Kong ask Canadian politicians to help safeguard elections and democratic freedom in Hong Kong.
Apr 22 2014 | Josh Tabish | This is a crucial week for negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Groups from across the political spectrum have launched the online Stop The Secrecy campaign.
Apr 22 2014 | Tania Ehret | Evan Greer and Anne Feeney travel through Cascadia to sing energetic songs of protest. Come out to the Heartwood Community Cafe this Saturday afternoon, April 26, for their matinee show!
Apr 22 2014 | Meghan Murphy | Meghan Murphy speaks with Abigail Bray about her new book, 'Misogyny Re-loaded,' which has been described as 'an explosive manifesto against the resurgent sexual fascism of the new world order.'
Apr 22 2014 | rabble staff | Author and activist Steve D'Arcy explains how social movements can use militant protest to strengthen democracy.
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Apr 21 2014 | Murray Dobbin | Is Stephen Harper just a useful idiot to the U.S. -- ranting and raving about Russian expansionism and imperialism so that the U.S. position looks more reasonable by comparison?
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Apr 21 2014 | Ralph Surette | Finally, unease about the Halifax convention centre -- which will cost taxpayers nearly $400 million over the next 25 years -- has a chance to come to proper public attention.
Apr 21 2014 | Lauren Corman | The animal industrial complex offers a tradeoff between more affordable and widely available meat and dairy products and the welfare of animals whose existences necessarily become more invisible.
CANSIM Table 282-0010
Apr 21 2014 | Angella MacEwen | Aside from outright discrimination, occupational segregation and unpaid care demands contribute significantly to women's lower wages.
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Apr 21 2014 | Brent Patterson | The 4,400-kilometre pipeline would transport 1.1 million barrels per day from northern Alberta to New Brunswick and markets beyond.
Justin Trudeau
Apr 21 2014 | Geoffrey Stevens | Trudeau's popularity has lasted long beyond the honeymoon phase, because he has has established himself as a serious politician and a genuinely likeably person -- unlike Stephen Harper.
Harper and Netanyahu: Foreign Policy as BFFs
Apr 21 2014 | Gerry Caplan | Harper has turned Canada's foreign policy in to a joke -- half bewildering, half tragic. And now, says Gerry Caplan, he is flouting the call for needful action in the Central African Republic.