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Apr 16 2014 | Kaitlin McNabb | Participating in the Vegan Challenge is a great way to evaluate my food consumption habits and subsequently embarrass myself because of my food consumption habits. Vegan Challenge, you are my Everest.
Apr 16 2014 | H.G Watson | Being vegan isn't a choice that values animals above humans. It’s actually about valuing food and where it comes from, rather than just believing it magically appears on our plates.
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Apr 16 2014 | rabble staff | Pro-Russia sentiment in eastern Ukraine, no doubt with chauvinist overtones, is mixed with opposition to the austerity, anti-people policies that Europe and the U.S. want to impose.
Apr 16 2014 | Don Kossick | There is a nationwide call asking President Obama to halt the mass arrests and deportation of undocumented immigrants. This video portrays the voices and commitment of people marching for justice.
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Apr 16 2014 | June Chua | More than 190 documentaries from 43 countries will be featured in this year's Hot Docs Canadian international documentary festival. Here are arts columnist June Chua's picks for docs to watch.
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Apr 16 2014 | Leila Gold | Rich Coleman has once again sent gossip of possibilities rippling through the community about the PHS. The question now circulating is whether certain programs will continue in the long term.
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Apr 16 2014 | Wayne MacPhail | A hapless programmer's little error has escalated to a cardiac arrest across the Web, has cost billions to fix and has potentially been used by a secretive and near-rogue government agency.
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Apr 16 2014 | H.G. Watson | A third candidate, Secretary-Treasurer Hassan Yussuff, has entered the race for the Canadian Labour Congress Presidency against Ken Georgetti and Hassan Husseini.
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Apr 16 2014 | Ole Hendrickson | Scientists are now exploring the ecological dimensions of sound in nature and investigating how the richness of a sound ecosystem serves as an indicator of environmental quality.
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Apr 16 2014 | Nick Fillmore | The sudden death of Jim Flaherty has resulted in hundreds of warm tributes. While Flaherty's humanity should be praised, his neo-liberal policies did not benefit the majority of Canadians.
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Apr 16 2014 | Hennessy's Index | Recognizing April 16, 2014 as Equal Pay Day is a step in the right direction. But what's still missing is a strategic plan to close the gender pay gap.
Apr 16 2014 | Scott Neigh | Zoe Blunt talks about the radical environmentalism and indigenous solidarity work of the Vancouver Island Community Forest Action Network.
Apr 16 2014 | David Swanson | Remy Nassar, President of Helm, a Montreal Lebanese gay rights group, shares his story about growing up as a sexually confused gay adolescent in the conservative country of Lebanon.
Apr 15 2014 | David Suzuki | When you factor in pollution-related illness and mortality, cars are a leading cause of death and injury. They're also a major contributor to climate change. Is it time to apply the brakes?
Apr 15 2014 | Dennis Gruending | Professor Heather Eaton says Canadians know little about the concepts or practice of nonviolence. She is organizing a conversation at Saint Paul University in Ottawa to change that.
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Apr 15 2014 | rabble staff | Pay equity is not about asking for special treatment. It is a human right. Here's how to close the gender pay gap in Ontario.
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Apr 15 2014 | Naomi Klein | The crisis in Ukraine is being used as a battering ram to knock down sensible restrictions on natural gas exports and push through a controversial free-trade deal with Europe.
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Apr 15 2014 | Duncan Cameron | With the defeat of the Parti Québécois government led by Pauline Marois, leading the Quebec Exodus from Canada has just gotten harder.
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Apr 15 2014 | Leilani Farha, Michele Biss | Conservative MP Peter Goldring introduced motion M-455, which seeks to develop a nationally shared definition of homelessness and a common methodology. The only problem is homeless counts don't work.
Screenshot: Secrets of the gender pay gap revealed
Apr 15 2014 | Ellie Gordon-Moershel | Pay equity is not about asking for special treatment. It is a human right. Here's how to close the gender pay gap in Ontario.