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Oct 5 2015 | Alex Hemingway | Three key insights from Monia Mazigh's analysis of Bill C-51 should give us all pause about this unprecedented legislation.
Oct 4 2015 | Lewis Rifkind | The Conservatives have treated Yukon First Nations with scorn, contempt and slight regard. Election day, October 19th, will be payback time.
Anybody But Harper
Oct 4 2015 | Christopher Majka | Albert Einstein famously said that the definition of insanity was "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." On that basis Canadians have an insane electoral system.
Oct 3 2015 | Redeye Collective | In September, Naomi Klein launched the Leap Manifesto, outlining a bold new vision for a just and sustainable future. Seth Klein has done an economic analysis to show how the Leap can be funded.
Oct 3 2015 | Michael Laxer | The NDP tried to stop Jason Kearey-Moreland from running. They failed. Here he outlines what his vision of "Cooperative Interdependence" is all about.
Michael Cooper
Oct 3 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Michael Cooper has received the full endorsement of the radical Campaign Life Coalition for opposing women's reproductive rights.
Oct 2 2015 | rabble staff | Spend your Friday with rabble as we cover the second French-language debate of the 2015 federal election. It's gonna be great. We swear.
Image: Chiefs of Ontario facebook page
Oct 2 2015 | Roshini Nair | The issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women needs to be addressed immediately. Since the current federal government plans to do nothing, the Chiefs of Ontario launched the Who is She? campaign.
Photo: flickr/ Michael Scott
Oct 2 2015 | Gina Starblanket | Federal parties are proposing policies to address what are perceived as the main issues for Indigenous communites. The dollar amounts are not only not enough, they fail to address underlying causes.
Rob Merrifield
Oct 2 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | A graceful departure would have benefitted former Alberta trade representative Rob Merrifield's reputation as well as the province he had been generously paid to serve.
Oct 2 2015 | Doreen Nicoll | The Income Support Program is the only program to claw back child support. So, children living with a parent on social assistance are losing their basic human right to support from both parents.
Photo: flickr/ Daily Xtra
Oct 2 2015 | Nora Loreto | Jason Kenney was quick to demand an apology from a Liberal candidate, but were the candidate's comments totally off-base or did they contain some truth?
Oct 2 2015 | Yves Engler | Since the mid-2000s Canada's special forces have steadily expanded because these elite units have close ties to their U.S. counterparts and the government is not required to divulge information.
Oct 2 2015 | Scott Vrooman | Rights are to public opinion what Rob Ford's behaviour is to public opinion: irrelevant.
Oct 2 2015 | rabble staff | Tonight hangout with rabble as we cover the second French-language debate for the 2015 federal election.
Credit: Darren O'Donnell
Oct 2 2015 | June Chua | Toronto-based artist Darren O'Donnell spoke to about his summer stay at a refugee holding centre in Hemsbach, Germany and how the art project informed his ideas of migration and integration.
Photo: Michael Fleshman/flickr
Oct 2 2015 | Murray Dobbin | The message of a new report is as unambiguous as it is surprising. For all the talk about what will grow the economy, the key component to future economic growth is rising wages and salaries.
Photo: Vik Approved/flickr
Oct 2 2015 | Rick Salutin | A country that gets so careless and/or confused about its most basic right -- citizenship -- probably deserves to have an election about it.
Photo: flickr/ Jorge Andrés Paparoni Bruzual
Oct 1 2015 | Emmet Livingstone | In 2014, the Venezuelan government prohibited exchanging Venezuelan currency into foreign denominations. Well into 2015, Venezuelan students in Toronto are still bearing this impact.
Photo: pmwebphotos/flickr
Oct 1 2015 | Angella MacEwen | Along with investments in early childhood education and care, repairing the funding gap to First Nations schools would go a long way to eliminating that social debt for future generations.