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Photo: First Minister of Scotland/flickr
Nov 4 2015 | Tom Cooper | The living wage isn't a cure-all, but across the globe it is one important way in which progressive employers and communities can help stem the tide of low-wage work.
Photo: Council of Canadians
Nov 4 2015 | Brent Patterson | TransCanada's move to suspend its controversial Keystone XL pipeline proposal has elevated the Energy East pipeline plan to the top of Canada's political agenda.
Photo: Intiaz Rahim/flickr
Nov 4 2015 | Keith Reynolds | Plans for new Senate appointments claim to be based on "merit" chosen by "a non-partisan panel of distinguished Canadians." How likely is that to happen?
Nov 4 2015 | Doreen Nicoll | A fundraiser aimed at eliminating the barriers to post-secondary success for Indigenous women in Hamilton.
Nov 4 2015 | Cathy Edwards, Meg Borthwick | Tomorrow is the deadline for Canadians (that's you) to tell the CRTC how it should update its local and community TV policy. TV? Who watches TV anymore?
Photo: flickr/canada
Nov 4 2015 | Karl Nerenberg | In naming an equal number of males to females to his cabinet the new prime minister did not have to compromise on competence. Now the new ministers will have to deliver.
Nov 4 2015 | rabble staff | Watch a live panel on Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions with Gabor Mate, Mira Sucharov and more.
New justice minister and former First Nations chief Jody Wilson-Raybould
Nov 4 2015 | Pamela Palmater | The very act of being in cabinet sets the minister directly against First Nation interests.
Paul Martin with Bill Morneau
Nov 4 2015 | Dru Oja Jay | Diversity in government is especially good if it can raise expectations and lead people to demand that government reflect society in other, more significant ways.
Nov 4 2015 | David Christopher | Here's a quick guide to some of those key ministers, and the key digital rights issues they're responsible for -- we'll be hearing these names a lot over the next four years.
Photo: Oxfam International/flickr
Nov 4 2015 | Ole Hendrickson | Election ads notwithstanding, monetary debt is not the real issue of our times. Our growing ecological debt is what politicians -- and everyone -- should be discussing.
Image: Alex LA/flickr
Nov 4 2015 | Wayne MacPhail | There's a smell of robot sex in the autumn air -- the smell of WD-40 and brow sweat. Is it only a matter of time before an AI housed in humanoid armature will become sexually attractive to humans?
Nov 3 2015 | rabble staff | What's the Future? Join Avi Lewis, Pam Palmater, Amira Elghawaby, Kim Stanton, Eric Pineault, David Climenhaga and Libby Davies to plan some progressive next steps.
Nov 3 2015 | J. Baglow | Halloween costumes, white privilege and the wonder of childhood, in one package. Oh, and a cop.
Photo: Jeff Milner/flickr
Nov 3 2015 | Stephen Kimber | Nova Scotia Community Services Minister Joanne Bernard says she knows the province's welfare system is "broken." That's why her government announced it is forking out $2 million to consultants.
Rabbi Wise talks about the middle east, fear and finding similarity.
Nov 3 2015 | Face2Face | Rabbi Wise talks about the Middle East, illogical fear, similarity through difference and interfaith dialogue.
Council of Canadians chairperson Maude Barlow visited Shoal Lake 40 First Nation
Nov 3 2015 | Brent Patterson | While Justin Trudeau made no specific budget pledge for First Nations water and wastewater in the Liberal platform, his five-year deadline is clear and undeniable.
Nov 3 2015 | Redeye Collective | Tim Duncan blew the whistle on the B.C. government after he was told to delete emails related to a Freedom of Information request. The emails concerned missing Aboriginal women.
Photo: Michael Coghlan/flickr
Nov 3 2015 | Kendra Milne | After an election campaign in which women's equality became a rhetorical tool, Canada has opted for a more hopeful federal government. But where does that leave women in B.C.?
Image: Flickr/Gage Skidmore
Nov 3 2015 | Gerry Caplan | Just when it seemed American politics couldn't get more meshuggah, who emerges but Bernie Sanders, The Donald and Dr. Ben Carson.