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Apr 29 2001 | Parker Barss Donham | The Wall of Shame was a repugnant departure from the democratic norms that Canadians pride themselves in, an unwelcome intrusion of Indonesian crowd control into a country with a deep tradition of ci
Apr 28 2001 | Tony Tremblay | Cultural studies professor Tony Tremblay toiled away in happyobscurity until he wrote an academic paper on <i>Survivor</i>. That's when TV cameras came swarming like deadly snakes in the outback.
Apr 28 2001 | Rick Salutin | Playwright and columnist Rick Salutin chooses a pivotal moment to return to Quebec City, the launch pad three decades ago for his career as a writer. Amid the turbulence, tear gas and water-cannon fi
Apr 27 2001 | Todd Scarth | How was your Earth Week? If you barely even noticed the occasion, you're not alone. Tim Brandt thinks that's a problem, and he's leading a campaign in Manitoba to make Earth Day a real holiday - a ho
Apr 27 2001 | Rick Salutin | Two guys who inspired one columnist to be a columnist.
Apr 26 2001 | Donna Lypchuk | Unfortunately, privatization plus deregulation plus globalization plus turbo-capitalism also equals poverty, pollution, war and the withholding of the right to hold a peaceful assembly in front of a
Apr 26 2001 | John Lucas and Deena Cox | <i>The Georgia Straight</i>'s reviews oHgr, D:Fuse and DJ Mark Farina
Apr 26 2001 | Angela Baldassarre | A movie by a man who says, "To write good women, strong women effectively you have to sort of learn how women feel about themselves. I'm not saying I know everything, but if you listen you might lear
Apr 26 2001 | Judy Rebick | The rule of law broke down. A significant and important part of the population withdrew their consent to be governed. The state was reduced to what Karl Marx called its essence - an armed body of men
Apr 25 2001 | Heather Robinson | He outlined what the Black Bloc was planning to do when it reached the perimeter. He spoke of the anticipated police reaction when the group got there. He told me about the risk I was in by walking w
Apr 25 2001 | Deconstructionist Institute for Surreal Topology | Following yet another nabbing of Jaggi Singh (this time, at the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City), and his court appearance today on charges for possession of a weapon (a humongous catapult), th
Apr 25 2001 | Parker Barss Donham | The Nova Scotia NDP is not a philosophy club, a reading circle, or a discussion group. It is a political party, one that, in the two years before MacDonald assumed its leadership, had seriously chall
Apr 24 2001 | Sara Ahronheim | On Friday night we ended up under siege in our medical clinic as the cops advanced down Cote D'Abraham, firing rounds and rounds of tear gas. The air was so contaminated that we had to breathe throug
Apr 24 2001 | Bruce Campbell | The promise of free trade in North America was prosperity for all; "a rising tide lifts all boats." But most workers, having no boats, have been swamped by NAFTA. This is a cautionary tale about free
Apr 23 2001 | Parker Barss Donham | A handful of police reinforcements arrived and fired tear gas, firmly implanting the idea of leaving in the protesters' minds. But the gas soon dissipated and the protesters returned.
Apr 23 2001 | Linda McQuaig | What's new about the trade deals today isn't that they promote trade. What's new is that they promote trade (and investment) - at the expense of everything else.
Apr 22 2001 | Sierra Bacquie | rabble's intrepid reporter gets the goods on Monday's fearless launch of "audio testosterone - the aural fix Toronto has Been Waiting For." Mojo Radio claims to be "the world's first Talk Radio stati
Apr 22 2001 | Jessie Smith | Anti-FTAA activists weren't just in Quebec City. At the Washington-B.C. border, demonstrators could kick back and have a good time. Call it a millennial Be-In.
Apr 22 2001 | Judy Rebick | Some demonstrators fought police. Others didn't. It made little difference. When people sang and held up peace signs, riot police approached from two sides, trapping the group. After only one warning
Apr 22 2001 | Judy MacDonald | Saturday, police arrested one news photographer, and levelled a rubber bullet at another's chest.