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Feb 29 2012 | Michael Laxer | The Occupy movement has been an inspiration in the way it has put inequality back on the agenda. But its core slogan is badly flawed, obscuring a real understanding of how capitalism works.
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Feb 29 2012 | Kelly Bronson | Given a lack of political and social commitment to creating adequate accessible spaces for kids of all kinds, we are contributing to the reproduction of social inequality.
Feb 28 2012 | John Bonnar | Inspired by the Occupy Movement, Occupy Gardens Toronto represents the next step in a stand against inequality, corporate corruption, greed and growing hunger.
Feb 28 2012 | Ashley Titterton, Michael Welch, Mitch Podoluk |'s Lindsey Pinto on Harper's online spying bill, columnist Tom Walkom on Ontario's Drummond report and professor David McNally on the rise of Communist China as a state capitalist power.
Photo: Stefan Christoff
Feb 28 2012 | Stefan Christoff | Thousands of students in Québec are protesting tuition fee hikes by the Québec Liberal government.
Feb 28 2012 | Ellen Russell | Iceland is a great example of people who fought for civility in the face of capitalism run amok. They took a stand when all of the forces of international capital were allied against them.
Feb 28 2012 | Pierre Beaudet | Progressives in English Canada lack in their understanding of Quebec. This has serious consequences for the NDP leadership race.
Feb 28 2012 | Eric Martin | There are more than 65,000 students on strike in Québec. Students are walking out of classrooms to reverse the 75 per cent raise in tuition over five years announced in the last provincial budget.
Feb 28 2012 | Kaitlin McNabb | With the closing of the Oscars and Black History Month, the ABWH released an alternative reading list on Black History in the South to expose audiences to the realities 'The Help' ignores.
Photo: Stefan Christoff
Feb 28 2012 | Stefan Christoff | Tens of thousands of students are on the streets protesting moves by the Québec Liberal government to inflate post-secondary tuition fees by $1,625 in the next five years.
Paul Dewar
Feb 28 2012 | babblers | Yesterday,'s online discussion forum, babble, hosted MP for Ottawa Centre and NDP leadership candidate Paul Dewar for an interactive interview.
Feb 28 2012 | David McNally | It is a truism to say that democracy began with the Greeks -- less so to say that it originated in popular rebellion against debt and debt-bondage.
Feb 27 2012 | Kristy Hutter | jhr international contributor Kristy Hutter files a report from London, U.K., on the movement to certify flowers as fair trade.
Paul Dewar
Feb 27 2012 | Babble forum | Paul Dewar answers your questions on his candidacy for NDP leader, live today, 8 p.m. EST/5 p.m. PST, on babble!
Feb 27 2012 | rabble staff | Hot on the heels of NDP leadership candidate Brian Topp's interactive interview on babble, we'll be hosting NDP leadership candidates Paul Dewar and Peggy Nash.
In January 2010, Canadians demonstrated by the thousands in defence of democracy, when Harper prorogued Parliament.
Feb 27 2012 | Karl Nerenberg | Canada has a rich history of political scandal, mostly revolving around good old-fashioned greed. The current robocall scandal is the first that is all about undermining basic democratic rights.
Feb 27 2012 | Gerry Caplan | The entire world seems to be one huge advertisement for The Shock Doctrine.
Feb 27 2012 | Mandy Hiscocks | It seems like an appropriate time to talk about how the state uses the criminal justice system and the prison-industrial complex to rip apart families in poor, marginalized and targeted communities.
Feb 27 2012 | Murray Dobbin | Our own finance minister, Jim Flaherty, along with Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of Canada, recently came out strongly in opposition to a modest proposal to regulate the U.S. banking system.
Feb 27 2012 | Adrienne Silnicki | Whew, what a ride this whole Drummond frenzy has been! Starting months ago, speculation began on what the report would contain.