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Barack and Michelle Obama walk the parade route.
Jan 22 2013 | rabble staff | Barack and Michelle Obama walk the parade route after yesterday's Inaugural Address. (Photo: afagen / flickr)
Jan 22 2013 | Michael Laxer | Conspiracy theories and thinking, as well as mechanistic visions of society, inhibit real efforts to build serious movements against capitalism.
Ezra Levant
Jan 22 2013 | David J. Climenhaga | Given the CRTC's recent history, we can't count on broadcast regulator not to agree to put the Tory back into regulatory.
MLK Poor People's Campaign of 1968 by Kofi Bailey.
Jan 21 2013 | Josh Mandryk | King was killed just weeks before the Poor People's Campaign was set to launch, in Memphis, Tennessee where he was supporting striking public sanitation workers.
Jan 21 2013 | Bill Quigley | The U.S. spends more on its military than the next 10 countries combined. More than China, Russia, UK, France, Japan, Indian, Saudi Arabia, German and Brazil together.
Jan 21 2013 | Bill Henderson | There is no effective action possible in our present petrostate except for, maybe, the Idle No More style campaign envisioned.
A map of the Toronto purchase. 1860. City of Toronto Archives, James Salmon coll
Jan 21 2013 | Mick Sweetman | This process of thieving colonialism is still playing out today and the righting of historical wrongs doesn’t go far enough if we don’t learn from our past mistakes and not repeat them.
Jan 21 2013 | John Bonnar | Over 100 people gathered at St. James Park and marched to the Toronto Sun to demonstrate against the newspaper's 'unfair' and 'unbalanced' reporting of First Nations peoples.
Photo: Revolt! Puppy/Flickr
Jan 21 2013 | Matthew Behrens | While Canadian churches have a long and conflicted history, they now have a unique opportunity to provide sanctuary and thereby live out Martin Luther King's call for relevance and witness.
Jan 21 2013 | rabbleTV | In the aftermath of apartheid Israel's most recent attack on the people of Gaza, over 3000 delegates travelled to Porto Alegre, Brazil to participate in the World Social Forum - Free Palestine.
Jan 21 2013 | rabble staff | C-Span footage of Cornel West explaining why it bothers him that Obama will be taking the oath with MLK's bible.
Jan 21 2013 | Krystalline Kraus | This day of action will peacefully protest attacks on Democracy, Indigenous Sovereignty, Human Rights and Environmental Protections when Canadian MPs return to the House of Commons.
Jonathan Denis
Jan 21 2013 | David J. Climenhaga | Alberta’s solicitor general has demonstrated that operating your mouth in public without engaging your brain can create a problem.
French soldiers patrol streets. Photo: Ian Glover/Flickr
Jan 21 2013 | Gerry Caplan | Another interminable foreign war by the white world against another group of Muslims is certain to fuel even more extremism, to provoke retaliation and to exacerbate the humanitarian disaster.
Jan 21 2013 | Stuart Trew | If you thought the FIPA with China was bad, you'll want to take a close look at what Canada and the EU are concocting for CETA.
Jan 21 2013 | Karl Nerenberg | The government has not appeared to welcome Kevin Page's dedication to openness, transparency, and -- frankly -- the truth.
Jan 21 2013 | Adrienne Silnicki | We applaud the premiers for coming together and finding a way to make generic drugs more affordable for Canadians. However, we want to see this go much further.
Jan 21 2013 | Michael Stewart | Scrabble is facing accusations that its rules are out of date -- but this debate ignores the dirty secret Scrabble has been hiding for years.
Photo: Voice of Democracy, Heather Stilwell and Oudom Tat.
Jan 21 2013 | rabble staff | Garment workers in Cambodia protest abuses by Wal-Mart supplier. (Photo: Voice of Democracy, Heather Stilwell and Oudom Tat)
Jan 21 2013 | Karl Nerenberg | Those who were expecting soaring rhetoric were disappointed in 2009. Obama’s tone was cool, cautious and pragmatic. What a difference four years makes.