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Dec 21 2012 | Derrick O'Keefe | @PMHarper has been completely silent about Chief Spence and Idle No More, while cracking jokes about everything from the CBC to Chinchillas.
Dec 21 2012 | rabble staff | Some say it is a political winter, but we see opportunities for change -- change we want and need to keep reporting on. Please help us do that with your donation today.
Dec 21 2012 | Riaz Sayani-Mulji | Shannon Kornelson discusses the fur trade in Canada in the lead up to the largest national anti-fur demonstration in Canadian history this Saturday.
Dec 21 2012 | rabble staff | Three Little Birds is a fusion of three distinct women who candidly sing their minds on social and political issues.
(Tim Groves, Media Coop)
Dec 21 2012 | rabble staff | It's a big day for Indigenous rights in Canada -- check out this map of the movement's spread. (Tim Groves, Media Coop)
Dec 21 2012 | rabble staff | A statement from Deepa Naik, as part of the Idle No More solidarity action today outside Buckingham Palace in London, U.K.
Indigenous peoples from across Canada marched on Ottawa today.
Dec 21 2012 | rabble staff | Indigenous peoples from across Canada joined with allies, marching through the snow in Ottawa today. (Photo: Isabeau Doucet)
Dec 20 2012 | Laura Bowman, Pro Bono | There has been much discussion recently about conflict of interest rules, what is and isn't a conflict of interest, and whether there can be degrees of conflicts of interest.
Dec 20 2012 | Jim Stanford | I had a good old-fashioned knock-em-down drag-em-out debate with Ian Lee from Carleton University on CBC's Power and Politics about Bill C-377.
Dec 20 2012 | Steffanie Pinch | Inspiring actions have touched communities and emboldened movements with historic victories.
Dec 20 2012 | rabble staff | With thousands expected to join a rally Friday in Ottawa, the Idle No More movement for Indigenous rights is spreading rapidly across Canada and beyond.
Doug Horner
Dec 20 2012 | David J. Climenhaga | So, seriously, how stupid is this? Of course we've got a freaking revenue problem! We don't collect enough taxes.
Photo: BC Gov Photos/Flickr
Dec 20 2012 | Marc Lee | I am writing as an economist and lead investigator for the Climate Justice Project of the CCPA, but also personally as a past recipient of subsidies from the LiveSmartBC Energy Incentive Program.
Dec 20 2012 | Lindsey Pinto | Copyright crackdowns and threats on a global scale are threatening free expression and access to information on an open Internet.
Dec 20 2012 | rabbleTV | On Dec 15, 2012, as Canada implements laws that will see more immigrants locked up in jail, past and current immigration detainees share their stories.
One of the creative signs at yesterday's Idle No More march in London, Ontario.
Dec 20 2012 | rabble staff | One of the creative signs at yesterday's Idle No More march in London, Ontario. (Photo: marygkosta)
Dec 20 2012 | rabbleTV | Toronto Pig Save shared more than 50 vegan coconut bacon BTLs with drivers, including a couple of pig transport truck drivers at their morning vigil on December 18.
Dec 20 2012 | rabble staff | It's been a busy year in the lounge! Here is a month by month look at rabble's top reviews from 2012.
Image: Stifts- och landsbiblioteket i Skara/Flickr
Dec 19 2012 | Thomas Ponniah | Jean-Jacques Rousseau's ideas, whether acknowledged or not, have permeated Western counter-hegemonic, progressive thought -- modern and postmodern -- for the last 250 years.
Handgun deaths
Dec 19 2012 | Christopher Majka | With almost 9 guns for every 10 people, USA gun ownership is off the rational scale. Handgun homicides are off the charts. Is there a connection? Will it ever change or will the carnage continue?