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Oct 29 2012 | rabble staff | We're partnering with our friends at Public Response to raise awareness about the demand for a national anti-bullying strategy.
Oct 29 2012 | April Diamond Dutheil | We resume our 'Made on Haida Gwaii' series with a profile of Kiefer Collison, a youth worker, filmmaker and an emerging community leader from Old Massett on Haida Gwaii.
Oct 29 2012 | Matthew Adams, Meagan Perry | From zombie ideas, to the ruling on Khadr, to the sexualization of girls, there is plenty to give a good fright. For treats, we have a story on theatre and physics, plus a song about F-35 planes!
Oct 29 2012 | rabble staff | Much of the East Coast is shut down today as residents prepare for Sandy, a massive storm that could impact up to 50 million people from the Carolinas to Boston.
Oct 29 2012 | Ethan Cox | Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois delivers a stirring, brave denunciation of capitalism at Powershift 2012 in Ottawa.
Oct 29 2012 | Lori Theresa Waller | Canada has almost become a plantation economy where all conversations are about the production and export of oil. If you're opposed to that agenda, you're a radical and unpatriotic.
PowerShift protest takes over the streets of Ottawa today. (Photo: Cameron Gray)
Oct 29 2012 | rabble staff | Today's Powershift protest outside the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers. (Photo: Cameron Gray)
Oct 28 2012 | rabble staff | At the Council of Canadians AGM in Nanaimo, BC, hundreds protests against pipelines. (Photo: Council of Canadians)
Today's Powershift protest will demand an end to subsidies to Big Oil.
Oct 28 2012 | rabble staff | Today's Powershift protest on Parliament Hill will demand an end to subsidies of Big Oil. (Photo: cameronsgray / flickr)
Stephen Carter
Oct 27 2012 | David J. Climenhaga | With Stephen Carter at the helm of Christy Clark's campaign, watch for an unexpected poll that puts Clark in a much stronger position that anyone had expected.
Oct 27 2012 | John Bonnar | University and community college students from across the GTA spent the night in a plywood cabins outside Ryerson University to demonstrate the need for affordable housing in Toronto.
Oct 27 2012 | Stuart Trew | This Sunday, CBC’s Cross Country Checkup is asking “Is foreign investment good for the economy.” Host Rex Murphy will take calls and emails starting at 4 p.m. ET on Sunday, October 28.
Oct 27 2012 | Brent Patterson | It’s wrong to dismiss concerns about Chinese corporations using the new China-Canada investment pact to challenge Canadian regulations and policy… About a third of all investor-state disputes...
Oct 27 2012 | Brent Patterson | The Council of Canadians Mid-Island-Nanaimo chapter organized a terrific protest march on the streets of downtown Nanaimo this afternoon.
Photo: dawn paley/Flickr
Oct 26 2012 | Rick Salutin | I keep hearing people ask about the Globe and Mail. Their questions are like: What's with the Globe? Who does it think it is? What's it trying to be?
Oct 26 2012 | Brent Patterson | Comox Valley and Campbell River chapters protest pipelines and tankers
Oct 26 2012 | Stuart Trew | Keep sending letters to the editor of your local papers about the China FIPA.
Oct 26 2012 | Maude Barlow | Day 3 of our ‘no pipelines, no tankers’ tour started with a run by the lovely Thompson River in Kamloops and a drive with BC-Yukon organizer Harjap Grewal and energy campaigner Maryam Adrangi
Oct 26 2012 | David J. Climenhaga | If a billionaire wants to buy an election, why the heck shouldn't he? Isn't that what the Alberta Advantage is supposed to be all about?
Oct 26 2012 | Brent Patterson | To take action with the Council of Canadians ACTION ALERT against the Canada-China FIPPA, please go to