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A protester bangs on a pan during a Quebec student protest
Jun 1 2012 | rabble staff | Many blogs about les Casseroles! The Yukon, Stephen Harper, and clowns also make an appearance in this week's round-up!
Jun 1 2012 | Ethan Cox | Talks between the Quebec government and striking students came to a sudden end Thursday evening as the government walked away from the table after refusing to make more than cosmetic concessions...
Casseroles 26 mai, Place Emilie Gamellin. Photo: scottmontreal/Flickr
Jun 1 2012 | Hennessy's Index | This month, the Hennessy Index looks at the effects of austerity measures on youth and unemployed Canadian workers.
Jun 1 2012 | Jamie Kneen | Every one of the federal government’s claims regarding the new Environmental Assessment Act is specious, disingenuous, or plain old horse exhaust.
Maternal death clock unveiled in New York, 2010. Photo: Amnesty International/Flickr
Jun 1 2012 | Joyce Arthur | Anti-choice researchers recently published a dangerously flawed study that concluded -- incredibly -- that the legal status of abortion has no influence on maternal deaths in Chile.
Jun 1 2012 | Jamie Biggar, Tria Donaldson | All over the country Canadians are standing against the "Black Mark Budget." Join them this Saturday for a day of action!
Jun 1 2012 | Iglika Ivanova | Low tuition fees do not mean that those who benefit from education get a free ride (they don't!).
Barong mask
Jun 1 2012 | Holly Adams | Using Balinese ideas as springboards for creating or reflecting on performance pieces.
Jun 1 2012 | AW@L Radio, Dan Kellar | Interviews with Haudenosaunee elder Ruby Montour and SPIRG rep James Cook on the ongoing blockade against a proposed sludge-to-fertilizer plant in Dundalk, Ontario.
Jun 1 2012 | Riaz Sayani-Mulji | I speak with executive member of Afghans for Peace Samira Sayed-Rahman on their role in the protest against the NATO summit in Chicago.
Jun 1 2012 | Adam Bemma | Montreal artists Shauna Janssen and Kathleen Vaughan discuss their interpretive walk of vanished neighbourhood: Goose Village.
Jun 1 2012 | Roger Annis | Following the collapse of negotiations, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois of the CLASSE association immediately launched an appeal to students to deliver in the streets a message to the government.
Teamsters rally on Parliament Hill earlier this week. (Photo: Karl Nerenberg)
Jun 1 2012 | Meg Borthwick | The federal government has decided, after only a week of striking, that rail engineers and conductors perform an essential service, much like nurses, doctors, firefighters and paramedics.
Photo: Sierra Club of Canada
May 31 2012 | rabble staff | Opposition leader Thomas Mulcair makes a much anticipated visit to Alberta today, amidst a frenzy whipped up by boosters of the tar sands.
May 31 2012 | rabble staff | A powerful slideshow of the more than 70 actions across Canada and around the world. Produced by East Van Solidarity.
May 31 2012 | rabble staff | The CBC we want: please join us for this important web event right here today from 4 to 6 pm EDT.
May 31 2012 | Friends of the CBC | Tune in live today from 4 to 6pm EDT for a live, interactive webcast on the Future of the CBC. Hosted by Friends of the CBC.
Pots and pans solidarity from way up in Dawson City, Yukon. (Photo: Wanda Roe)
May 31 2012 | rabble staff | A day after Casseroles for Quebec students were held in 70 cities and towns - including Dawson City, Yukon - the Charest government has called off talks.
May 31 2012 | rabble staff | Maude Barlow is joined by Thom McClenaghan, President, Friends of the Coves Subwatershed and Patrick Donnelly, Urban Watershed Program Manager, as part of the Great Lakes Need Great Friends tour.
Manif casseroles in London
May 31 2012 | The Indignants | People of London gathered at Victoria Park to peacefully assemble and rally. The video explains some of the Quebecois chants.