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May 24 2013 | The F Word | Interviews with poet and carpenter Kate Braid and with photo-based artist SD Holman.
Confederation Building in St. John's. (Photo: Mark Plummer)
May 24 2013 | Cory Collins | The government of Newfoundland and Labrador has continued to decline in popularity over the past few months and its latest budget faces low approval, recent polling suggests.
May 24 2013 | Medea Benjamin | After I interrupted the President's foreign policy speech yesterday, CODEPINK has been getting tremendous media attention and an outpouring of appreciation.
Image: Jared Rodriguez / t r u t h o u t; Adapted: Señor Lebowski - 1, 2, Tim Do
May 23 2013 | Amy Goodman | Close to 12 years later, the 2001 AUMF act remains in force, giving the Obama administration and the Pentagon carte blanche to wage war, to occupy nations and to kill people with drones.
Conrad Black
May 23 2013 | David J. Climenhaga | So irascible has become Lord Black's incessant columnizing that one keeps expecting him to heap vitriol on restaurants too dimly lit to read the menu.
Photo: Gary A. K./flickr
May 23 2013 | Seth Klein | Here are a few of the initial lessons I draw from the election, and what it means for a progressive research institute like the CCPA -- because I do think our work matters, more than ever.
Photo: Mando Gomez/flickr
May 23 2013 | Adrienne Silnicki | The Fraser Institute claims to examine the Swedish health-care system and in the end concludes that Canada should scrap the Canada Health Act and privatize, privatize, privatize.
Photo: leliebloem/flickr
May 23 2013 | Brent Patterson | The Council of Canadians and the Blue Planet Project stands with the more than 200 communities and civil society organizations in Peru who are demanding an end to destructive mining practices.
May 23 2013 | rabble staff | Democracy Watch argues that a proper public inquiry will be required.
May 23 2013 | Stuart Trew | On May 17, the Council of Canadians hosted a live broadcast from Lima where trade justice activists were attending a 17th round of Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations that continue in the Peru.
May 23 2013 | Michael Stewart | The Vancouver Rent Assembly, "A gathering of renters in a time of siege," examines and analyzes the concept and legitimacy of rent.
May 23 2013 | Karl Nerenberg | What did Harper know and when did he know it? Our parliamentary reporter looks at this and five other key points in the growing Senate expense scandal.
May 23 2013 | John Bonnar | Allan Sheppard Sr. gave a short statement and raise serious questions and concerns about the handling of his son’s case by Special Prosecutor Peck.
May 23 2013 | Lauren McCauley | Tens of thousands of activists are uniting in a global day of action to "take back the food supply," in a worldwide March Against Monsanto Saturday.
The Purple Thistle's logo.
May 23 2013 | Tania Ehret | With Vancouver's condo-friendly landlords seeing dollar signs and not the public good, the fight for community venues seems much more like class war.
May 23 2013 | Grahame Russell | Notwithstanding the intervention of the Constitutional Court, the genocide trial against former dictator Rios Montt is worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize.
Photo: Ontario Chamber of Commerce / flickr, Creative Commons
May 22 2013 | Dave Coles | While Hudak claims to be promoting "worker choice,” attacking unions' financial security is designed to weaken a civil society critic and empower big business.
May 22 2013 | Krystalline Kraus | On May 22 at 5 p.m., a powerful renaming ceremony will take place in British Columbia. Name and Blood both hold important power of identity for First Nations communities.
May 22 2013 | David J. Climenhaga | Unfortunately for the PM's "reform" talk, the only way to fix the Senate that will actually work is to abolish it.
May 22 2013 | Stuart Trew | A broad-based coalition of Peruvian civil society launched a campaign and petition against the Trans-Pacific Partnership as a 17th round of TPP negotiations began in the capital city of Lima.