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Mar 31 2014 | rabble staff | The Canada Health Accord ends today. Ottawa used to pay for 50 per cent of the money spent on medicare. That percentage could drop to 14 per cent by 2037 if current trends continue.
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Mar 31 2014 | rabble staff | Dimitri Soudas has been forced out as the executive director of the Conservative party after interfering with his fiancee's nomination bid.
Mar 30 2014 | Jiselle Hanna | In this episode, an interview with John from the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions about organizing conditions in Hong Kong for cleaners and security guards.
Mar 30 2014 | Karl Nerenberg | The Progress Summit brought together a high-powered group of progressives from Canada and other countries. Some of their advice would be useful to folks carrying out current campaigns.
Mar 30 2014 | Redeye Collective | A recent UN report says the energy sector has great political clout but water lacks any influence. It's this lack of influence that Maude Barlow has been fighting to address for more than a decade.
Mar 29 2014 | Members of the Left Front | A new Vancouver collective comprised of a broad group of activists from diverse organizations is proposing a number of exciting policies at today's policy convention for COPE.
Mar 29 2014 | Linda Leon | In her latest letter to Yukon MP Ryan Leef, Linda Leon calls the Conservatives' defence of the Fair Elections Act an insult to our intelligence.
Mar 29 2014 | Pier Moro | This episode of Asia Pacific Currents features an interview with 'Tony,' a community activist living in Thailand, about the political instability in Thailand.
MP James Bezan
Mar 28 2014 | Christopher Majka | In criticizing MP Megan Leslie, MP James Bezan appears to believe that supporting freedom of expression implies that one also supports the content of what is said, a logical and democratic fallacy.
Mar 28 2014 | The F Word | The F Word airs lectures by Devaki Jain and Andrea Smith from the Breaking Cycles plenary at Women s Worlds 2011 in Ottawa, unceded Algonquin territory.
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Mar 28 2014 | Ole Hendrickson | Fructose is produced in huge amounts and added to a wide range of processed foods and drinks -- and thousands of studies now point to it as the main culprit in multiple diseases.
Mar 28 2014 | Donald Gutstein | Andrew Coyne tries to swat down those who advocate for decent government programs. He's not always successful.
Mar 28 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | What an irony if it turns out Alberta's PCs would have done better in the next election led by Alison Redford, for all her troubles, than with whomever they choose to replace her!
Mar 28 2014 | Tanya Hill | Nora Loreto is an activist, writer and musician based in Québec City. She spoke about the challenges youth face when engaging and organizing.
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Mar 28 2014 | H.G. Watson | Why are Canadian media unions concerned about the potential watering down of CRTC regulations? Why, they're worried about protecting jobs of course!
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Mar 28 2014 | Rick Salutin | All bookstores, big and small, face the tech challenge. Books as we know them won't be around forever, even if it used to seem they had and would.
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Mar 28 2014 | Camilo Cahis | Instead of supporting the Conservative demonization of the revolution, the NDP should be working to inform the rest of the labour movement of the Venezuelan revolution's successes.
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Mar 28 2014 | Roger Rashi | The 2014 People's Social Forum aims to be the launching point for building an extra-parliamentary opposition that will endure long after the conference has ended in August.
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Mar 28 2014 | H.G. Watson | Boom! C-4 Budget bill ends up in court thanks to Public Service Alliance of Canada who announced Thursday that they are mounting a legal challenge.
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Mar 28 2014 | rabble staff | When attacks from the Pakistani Taliban moved from 'possibility' to 'real life' journalists and editors scrambled to define what this mean for reporting on extremists and the safety of their writers.