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2013 Medicare Anniversary calendar/CCPA Saskatchewan Office
Jul 12 2012 | Ian Johnson | On June 29, Nova Scotia's Minister of Health and Wellness released for public input proposed new legislation to replace the outdated Health Services and Insurance Act.
Jul 12 2012 | Coalition large de l’ASSÉ (CLASSE) | We are daring to call for a different world, one far removed from the blind submission our present commodity-based system requires.
Jul 12 2012 | Lindsey Pinto | Last week, over a thousand pages of petition signatures were delivered to the TPP negotiations in San Diego.
Jul 12 2012 | Wayne MacPhail | My students at the University of Western Ontario culled video, audio, text and stills from the mediaverse that is and created an interactive, rich media book exclusively for iPad.
Land surface temperature observations taken of Spain. Photo: NASA GSFC/Jacques Descloitres and Ana Pinheiro/Flickr
Jul 12 2012 | Amy Goodman | As Spain's prime minister announced deep austerity cuts Wednesday in order to secure funds from the European Union to bail out Spain's failing banks, the people have taken to the streets once again.
Protesters have been demanding the expulsion of South American Silver from Bolivia. (Photo:
Jul 11 2012 | rabble staff | After weeks of protests, which included one death, the Bolivian government has announced it will nationalize a Canadian-owned mining project in Mallku Khota.
Jul 11 2012 | David Suzuki | Spending $50 million to close the world-renowned Experimental Lakes Area will leave Canada poorer in many ways.
Jul 11 2012 | John Bonnar | On June 12, his badly decomposed body, partially covered with a blanket and buried under garbage bags, was discovered in an alcove near a stairwell at Parliament and Shuter streets.
Edmonton Journal Editor Lucinda Chodan
Jul 11 2012 | David J. Climenhaga | If another recession hits, it's hard to see how the newspaper business as we have known it can survive for long.
Jul 11 2012 | Tyler McCreary | On July 6, the panel reviewing the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline announced it was moving the community hearing in Hazelton to another town because of security and safety concerns.
Jul 11 2012 | John Crump | More than a thousand people, many carrying signs and wearing white lab coats, escorted a black coffin and the Grim Reaper to mark the Death of Evidence.
Jul 11 2012 | rabble staff | We extended our members "thank you" gift offer of a free magazine subscription until Friday, July 13th. That's right, Friday the 13th, no triskaidekaphobia for us.
Jul 11 2012 | Fred Wilson | Community support and global labour solidarity were on the side of workers in a crucial fight in Alma, Quebec.
Jul 11 2012 | Ben Powless | Yesterday, a large rally was held in Ottawa, with around 2,000 people showing up to mourn the "Death of Evidence" in Canada. This was my speech to the crowd.
Jul 11 2012 | Agencia Boliviana de Información | South American Silver, headquartered in Vancouver, described the Mallku Khota mine as "one of the world's largest undeveloped silver, indium and gallium deposits."
Jul 11 2012 | Stuart Trew | They say all news is good news but this week’s back-to-back negative press on Harper’s NAFTA-plus free trade deal with the European Union surely breaks that rule.
The children of Susiya. (Photo:
Jul 11 2012 | Smadar Carmon | A small village in the West Bank is about to be demolished -- again. Canada is heavily implicated in these human rights abuses as a result of our unconditional support for Israel.
Mario Balotelli. Photo: massimo ankor/Flickr
Jul 11 2012 | Thomas Ponniah | In soccer, the contemporary player who most refuses to be regulated is Mario Balotelli. Nicknamed "Super Mario," Balotelli is one of the first black players to represent Italy.
Leaders of the Tsleil-Wauthuth and Squamish First Nations signed the Save the Fraser Declaration over the weekend. (Photo: Ben West)
Jul 10 2012 | Derrick O'Keefe | The debate around Enbridge and Kinder Morgan is actually a debate about what direction Canada will take over the next generation, and about if there will be restitution and justice for First Nations.
Jul 10 2012 | Dave Coles | The province of Saskatchewan has become the main Canadian battleground for those who want to turn the clock back on workers' rights.