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Jan 23 2014 | Michael Butler | The Ontario government has approved plans for another decade of clearcut logging in Grassy Narrows Territory against the will of this Indigenous community.
Jan 23 2014 | Noushin Khushrushahi | Net neutrality is the idea that you -- and not your Internet provider -- should decide what you read and access online.
Jan 23 2014 | rabble staff | A standing room only crowd gathered at Trinity St. Paul United Church in Toronto on January 22, for the launch of Olivia Chow's new book, My Journey.
Photo: flickr/David Stanley
Jan 23 2014 | rabble staff | The Vital Statistics Agency of BC recently supplied the names of all Aboriginal children who died between 1917 and 1956. We speak with Justice Murray Sinclair about the significance of this event.
Jan 23 2014 | Democracy North | A weekly independent Canadian and global grassroots news hour, featuring the week’s top grassroots headlines and interviews produced by our team of journalists this week on Media Mornings daily show.
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Jan 23 2014 | Amy Goodman | Before Edward Snowden made "NSA" and "mass surveillance" household terms, Aaron Swartz was speaking out against the National Security Agency's bulk collection programs.
Photo: flickr/The City of Toronto
Jan 23 2014 | Haseena Manek | Why have organizations representing students not addressed the issues of islamophobia and sexism at York University? Sexism is sexism and Islam is not sexist, refusing to work with female peers is.
Photo: flickr/Πρωθυπουργός της Ελλάδας
Jan 23 2014 | Alex Neve, Béatrice Vaugrante, Yonatan Gher | Harper's recent spectacle seemed to cement his relationship with Israel during his recent visit. How disappointing that Israel's human rights shortcomings did not make it to the show.
John O'Connor
Jan 22 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Putting the timorous behavior of northwest Alberta oil-patch physicians in the context of the war of vilification against outspoken rocker Neil Young.
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Jan 22 2014 | Adrienne Silnicki | The Health Council of Canada (HCC) released a new report this week showing that Canadians' views on access to health care and its quality vary greatly depending on where they live.
Photo: Ontario Chamber of Commerce/flickr
Jan 22 2014 | Kayle Hatt, Trish Hennessy | Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak has a new jobs plan to create a million new jobs over the next eight years.
Figure 1. Inflation and average real wages, 2010-2013. Source: Statistics Canada
Jan 22 2014 | Michal Rozworski | The past 18 months have seen real wages increase in Canada. These real wage gains, however, are not that surprising once we take a look at the behaviour of inflation since the crisis.
New York Rent strike, 1919
Jan 22 2014 | Michael Stewart | In a city where 55 per cent of residents are tenants, it's high time rent became central to the political discussion in Vancouver.
Jan 22 2014 | rabble staff | Read all you want, watch all you want, listen all you want, discuss all you want. We have no limit on how much you use, we won't cut you off or charge you.
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Jan 22 2014 | rabble staff | Jessica Bell explores the critical question of how can we help folks in social movements do what they say they are going to do.
Jan 22 2014 | Scott Neigh | Sylvia McFadden and Carla Bergman talk about The Purple Thistle Centre, a youth-run arts and activism space in Vancouver.
Photo: flickr/David A. Riggs
Jan 22 2014 | H.G. Watson | Is minimum wage bad for your health? A report found that amongst people who made less than $40,000/year, only 40 per cent said they lived in good health.
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Jan 22 2014 | Cory Collins | The fate of Labatt brewery workers in St. John's, Newfoundland remains uncertain as the strike by its approximately 50 employees (NAPE Local 7004) has dragged on since April.
Photo: flickr/Melody Ayres-Griffiths
Jan 22 2014 | Alex Grant, Mike Palecek | Cuts at Canada Post may well become the symbol of Stephen Harper’s austerity. The anger and discontent that has built up within Canadian society needs to be organized into a mass movement.
Graphic by Wade Thompson
Jan 21 2014 | rabble staff | Imagine how pleased we were when H.G. Watson, who's been working at on a labour writing internship, was selected for an award at the Canadian University Press's NASH conference.