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Aug 27 2012 | Muna Mire | My friend Abdulle Elmi was killed in July, a victim of one of shootings in Toronto this summer. He was a fierce and eloquent advocate for political issues that often go unnoticed.
Aug 26 2012 | Ethan Cox |'s Quebec correspondent sits down for an extended feature interview with the co-spokesperson for Quebec Solidaire.
Aug 26 2012 | rabble staff | Thousands turned out for this year's Pride parade in Montreal. Here are some photo highlights from the day.
Aug 25 2012 | John Bonnar | Dozens of residents and supporters, wearing “Save the School House” stickers on their shirts, have gathered for a community meal before marching north to help save a men's shelter from closing.
Aug 25 2012 | John Bonnar | Listen to a speech by Mark Carney, Governor, Bank of Canada to the delegates at the CAW-TCA Convention in Toronto.
Aug 25 2012 | John Bonnar | Listen to a speech by Julia Pope, Strategic Communications & Special Projects, LeadNow to the delegates at the CAW-TCA Convention in Toronto.
Aug 24 2012 | Ethan Cox | @frogsarelovely, who live tweets most demonstrations, has been arrested on a charge of uttering death threats.
Aug 24 2012 | Toby Sanger | Kudos to Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney for raising the profile of the over $500 billion Canadian corporations are holding in excess cash surpluses and not investing in the economy.
Aug 24 2012 | Emma Gilchrist | Last Saturday, Dave Shortt emerged from 10 days of filming in the northern B.C. bush, found a wi-fi connection at the Kitimat library and happened upon a story online about Enbridge.
Aug 24 2012 | David Lundy | Lately we have been reading and hearing a lot of noise about a particular secret trade negotiation, entitled CETA, the Canada Europe Trade Agreement.
Aug 24 2012 | John Bonnar | One year later, hundreds walked or cycled into Nathan Phillips Square to celebrate the life of a man who devoted himself to social justice, fairness and equality. The man known to everyone as Jack.
Aug 24 2012 | Emma Lui | Today is the last day for ENGOs to submit comments on the Project List Regulations, a list found in one of three regulations that stem from the new Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.
Razor wire wall, Occupied Palestine. Photo: Scott Weinstein
Aug 24 2012 | Rick Salutin | I'd like to congratulate members of the United Church on the decision to take a very mild position on Israeli settlements in occupied territories, as the main cause of Mideast conflict.
Aug 24 2012 | Krystalline Kraus | Whispers in the wind are of an Occupy fall.
Photo: carnifex82/Flickr
Aug 24 2012 | Jim Stanford | It seems almost pointless to even worry about labour costs when the broader policy framework that is so essential for industrial success is glaringly absent.
Aug 24 2012 | Ramsey Hart | Stephen Harper's annual trip north has again put the northern territories in a spotlight on the national agenda (at least for this week).
Aug 24 2012 | Adam Bemma | #CityTalk hears from Amy Barrington, the organizer of a weekly public mini-market downtown Montreal. Marche Locale offers local organic produce grown within a 100-mile radius.
Aug 24 2012 | AIyanas Ormond, Jannie Leung, Yuly Chan | People's Health Radio looks at the history of the struggle for medicare and the class politics of the current attempts to dismantle it.
A blogger used this image to highlight the hypocrisy of the proposed Charter.
Aug 24 2012 | Trevor Hanna | It's clear that both the PQ and the CAQ deserve to be accused of pandering to a part of the electorate that can most kindly be described as misguided.
A mass meeting of workers at the Marikana mine in South Africa.
Aug 24 2012 | rabble staff | A mass meeting of workers at the Marikana mine in South Africa earlier this month. (Photo: