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Rosia Montana Valley. Photo: BAS Photography on Pbase.
Sep 8 2013 | Payal Sampat | Gabriel Resources has been trying for 15 years to impose a huge open-pit gold mining project on Romanians.
Sep 8 2013 | Eva Bartlett | News from the ground in Gaza suggests life is harder in the strip than it was in 2007.
Sep 7 2013 | Jiselle Hanna | Interview with George Kotsakis of Migrante Australia about Filipino workers on 457 visas in Australia.
Sep 7 2013 | various | Making waves was written on the basis of listening to what many people are saying about the state of progressive forces.
Sep 7 2013 | Raul Burbano | A delegation from Canadian will be heading to Honduras to support the electoral process and to witness first hand how Canadian investment and trade impacts local communities and human rights.
Sep 7 2013 | Raul Burbano | Nationwide Agrarian Strike Against the 'Free Trade Agenda Rocks Colombia
Photo: Jenn Farr/flickr
Sep 6 2013 | Joyce Arthur | Has Canada's anti-choice movement been gaining the upper hand in the last few years? It might seem that way sometimes. But there's another way to look at it, taking into account pro-choice victories.
Sep 6 2013 | John Bonnar | On September 12, No More Silence and Families of Sisters In Spirit will launch their new community-run database honouring missing and murdered Indigenous women.
Sep 6 2013 | John Bonnar | Following the election of the Unifor officers and the inaugural speech, Jerry Dias held his first press conference as the inaugural Unifor National President.
Sep 6 2013 | Jay Pitter | This week millions of Canadian students are returning to high school but they aren't all young people. A large number of adults will also be returning to high school.
Sep 6 2013 | Medea Benjamin | There is little time left to stop this new, mad rush to war. At both the Senate and House hearings, officials mentioned that their constituents were overwhelmingly opposed to intervention.
Sep 6 2013 | rabble staff | All eyes are on the G20 in Russia this week in hopes of real progress on finding a political solution to the Syria crisis.
Photo: flickr/ctrouper
Sep 6 2013 | Lucia Lorenzi | Tuesday marked the first day of classes for colleges and universities across Canada. It also marked the first day of Frosh Week -- when the likelihood of being sexually assaulted remains the highest.
Sep 6 2013 | Jeh Custerra | Last month, in the mountains of Chiapas Mexico, the Zapatistas hosted over 1700 supporters for the inauguration of their escuelita, or little school, to study freedom.
Doug Griffiths
Sep 6 2013 | David J. Climenhaga | Who knows, maybe voters will like Alberta Municipal Affairs Minister Doug Griffiths’ language? And he did say he was sorry…
Sep 6 2013 | Stuart Trew | This #FIPAFriday campaign is inspired by a #TPPTuesday Twitter action that began in the United States to expose the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations but that has since gone international.
Sep 6 2013 | David Christopher | These are worrying times for privacy in Canada. We want to hear your thoughts about how best to protect our privacy.
Sep 6 2013 | H.G. Watson | It's official -- last weekend the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada (CEP) merged to become the biggest private union in Canada.
Sep 5 2013 | Camille Crowther | CSEC spying on Canadian Internet users is a violation of how their private online information is handled.
Sep 5 2013 | Jon Queally | New poll numbers show that the American public simply doesn't want to wage war against Syria.