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City Starts Ends Event
Toronto May 26, 7:00pm May 26, 7:00pm The BJP and the Crisis of Liberal Democracy in India
Toronto May 27, 7:00pm May 27, 7:00pm Play: 'Tennis in Nablus' by Ismail Khalidi
Toronto May 27, 9:00pm May 27, 10:00pm CBC Ideas presents Imprisoned by Profit: Media and Democracy with Palagummi Sainath
Charlottetown May 28, 12:30pm May 28, 5:00pm Mass Blanket Exercise: Charlottetown
Montreal May 28, 10:00am May 29, 5:00pm Montreal's Anarchist Book Fair
Toronto May 30, 1:30pm May 30, 4:00pm Mass Blanket Exercise: Toronto
Ottawa May 30, 6:00pm May 30, 6:00pm Octopus Book Club: Debt The First 5,000 Years by David Graeber
Guelph May 30, 5:30pm May 30, 10:00pm Living Small Fundraiser for Yorklands Green Hub
Ottawa May 31, 7:00pm May 31, 7:00pm Kamal Al-Solaylee In Conversation with CBC's Adrian Harewood on Brown: What Being Brown in the World Today Means (for Everyone)
Ottawa May 31, 5:30pm May 31, 7:30pm Mass Blanket Exercise: Ottawa
London May 31, 7:00pm May 31, 9:00pm What's On Your Plate? Food and Trade Symposium
Toronto May 31, 6:30pm May 31, 10:00pm Shab-e She'r Poetry Night XL
Toronto Jun 1, 11:30am Jun 1, 11:30am Injured Worker Rally and March: Stop the Cuts to Workers' Comp!
Regina Jun 1, 2:30pm Jun 1, 5:00pm Mass Blanket Exercise: Regina
Victoria Jun 2, 11:30am Jun 2, 1:00pm 94 Calls for Justice! The Journey to Reconciliation starts here
Edmonton Jun 2, 6:00pm Jun 2, 8:00pm Mass Blanket Exercise: Edmonton
London Jun 2, 6:30pm Jun 2, 9:00pm Free screening of We Were Children
Peterborough Jun 2 (All day) Jun 3 (All day) Sexual Consent Conference
Vancouver Jun 3, 8:00pm Jun 3, 8:00pm Rae Spoon* LAL* ESL*
Jun 4, 10:00am Jun 4, 12:00pm Mass Blanket Exercise: Winnipeg
Vancouver Jun 4, 10:00am Jun 4, 2:00pm Spring Bazaar
Calgary Jun 5, 6:30pm Jun 5, 8:00pm Fracking Moratorium: Lessons and Opportunities for Action
Toronto Jun 4, 1:00pm Jun 5, 9:00pm Field Trip Music & Arts Festival
Toronto Jun 1, 6:00am Jun 6, 12:00am aluCine 16th Latin Film+Media Arts Festival
Toronto Jun 6, 6:30pm Jun 6, 8:30pm June Rowers Reading Series
Toronto Jun 9, 6:30pm Jun 9, 9:30pm 22nd Annual Barbra Schlifer Tribute
Halifax Jun 13, 7:00pm Jun 13, 7:00pm Nature Trust Conservation Showcase
Vancouver Jun 15, 7:00pm Jun 15, 9:00pm Sexual Assault on Trial: Ghomeshi, Survivors, Media and the Law
Toronto Jun 26, 12:00pm Jun 26, 10:00pm Special Pre-Festival Launch Party!
Toronto Jul 9 (All day) Jul 10 (All day) Salsa on St. Clair street festival
Toronto Jul 4 (All day) Jul 17 (All day) Salsa in Toronto
Montreal Aug 12, 7:30pm Aug 12, 7:30pm NCS Peoples University: American Dreams with Thomas Hellman
Montreal Aug 9, 2:00am Aug 14, 11:00pm World Social Forum 2016
Halifax Nov 3, 5:30pm Nov 3, 9:30pm Nature Trust 19th Annual Dinner and Auction