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City Starts Ends Event
Toronto Oct 9, 7:00pm Oct 9, 7:00pm Solidarity with Palestine! Book Launches
Toronto Oct 9, 9:00am Oct 9, 11:59pm Ryerson University Social Justice Week
Toronto Oct 13, 7:00pm Oct 13, 7:00pm Performance: 'Dance is a weapon in the revolutionary class struggle'
Ottawa Oct 13, 7:00pm Oct 13, 7:00pm Ottawa book launch of 'After the Sands' by Gordon Laxer
Vancouver Oct 14, 6:00pm Oct 14, 6:00pm Make Some Fracking Noise: Community Noise Demo
Toronto Oct 15, 7:00pm Oct 15, 7:00pm How to align and unite activists using Theory U
Oct 15, 7:00pm Oct 15, 7:00pm Basic income Toronto election forum
Toronto Oct 15, 7:00pm Oct 15, 7:00pm Toronto book launch of 'After the Sands' by Gordon Laxer
Toronto Oct 15, 6:30pm Oct 15, 8:30pm Toronto launch of 'Flight and Freedom: Stories of Escape to Canada'
Vancouver Oct 16, 7:00pm Oct 16, 10:00pm Room Magazine Fall Launch: Issues 38.2 & 38.3
Toronto Oct 18, 7:00pm Oct 18, 7:00pm Book Launch – Dirty River: A Queer Femme of Colour Dreaming Her Way Home
Winnipeg Oct 21 (All day) Oct 21 (All day) Book launch and community symposium for 'Poor Housing: A Silent Crisis'
Waterloo Oct 21, 7:00pm Oct 21, 10:00pm Cinema Politica Waterloo: Omar Khadr 'You don't like the truth: 4 days inside Guantanamo'
Toronto Oct 22, 7:00pm Oct 22, 7:00pm Film: Degrees of Incarceration
Toronto Oct 23, 5:15pm Oct 23, 7:00pm Info sessions for folk wanting to do a graduate degree in adult ed/community devlop at OISE/UT
Toronto Oct 21 (All day) Oct 25 (All day) 16th Annual Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival
Windsor Oct 23, 7:00pm Oct 25, 12:00pm ImagiNations: Reframing Our Collective Future
Waterloo Nov 18, 7:00pm Nov 18, 10:00pm Cinema Politica Waterloo screening of 'Concerning Violence'
Toronto Oct 15, 7:00pm Dec 13, 10:00pm Dissident Family: New and existing works
Vancouver Oct 19, 8:00pm Oct 20, 10:00pm Dear Armen in Vancouver