From the ballot box to the street: Exploring the tensions between electoral politics and social movements

Thursday, August 8, 2013 - 6:30pm - 8:30pm


Halifax North Memorial Public Library
2285 Gottingen St.
Halifax, NS
44° 39' 14.2524" N, 63° 35' 10.2948" W

In the lead up to the upcoming provincial election, Solidarity
Halifax invites you to a panel discussion exploring how the left, and in
particular the anti-capitalist left, should orient itself towards electoral
politics in these times of crisis.

Roger Rashi, Québec solidaire
Jackie Barkley, Solidarity Halifax

Roger Rashi is a founding member of the political party Québec solidaire and
sits on the steering committee of the riding of Mercier which first elected
Amir Khadir to the Quebec National Assembly in December 2008 and reelected
him with a bigger majority in 2012. The party, which was formed in 2006,
currently holds two seats in the Quebec legislature. 

Jackie Barkley is a long time activist and member of groups working against
racism, poverty and capitalism over a 45 year period - while continuing to
work in electoral politics as part of that struggle. She is a founding
member of Solidarity Halifax.

The tensions:
While systemic change rarely comes from elections, is there still a need for
radicals to participate in electoral politics? Can electoral politics be
used to shift public debate toward an anti-capitalist analysis? Are social
movements and revolutionary politics fundamentally at odds with electoral
politics? Or can political parties or left groups with political wings still
be used to grow social movements and our ability to take collective action?