Big Rally with Jack Layton in Toronto

Big Rally with Jack Layton in Toronto
Wednesday, March 30, 2011 - 4:30pm


Wychwood Barn
601 Christie St
Toronto M6G 4C7
43° 40' 46.92" N, 79° 25' 26.76" W


Jack Layton is coming to Toronto on Wednesday for one of the biggest election rallies in New Democrat history.

Jack will be introduced by Parkdale-High Park candidate Peggy Nash and the event will be MC'd by Davenport candidate Andrew Cash.

Special Guests:

Members of the GTA New Democrat Team

Over the last 5 years, Stephen Harper has ignored healthcare, made your life more expensive and failed to clean up Ottawa. In fact he's made it worse.

That's why in this election, we want you to help us defeat Stephen Harper.

Come be a part of it.