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City Starts Ends Event
Toronto Nov 21, 12:00pm Nov 21, 12:00pm Giant rally at Queen’s Park to STOP private clinics in Ontario
Toronto Nov 21, 12:00pm Nov 21, 1:00pm National Housing Day Rally (Toronto): housing is a human right!
Toronto Nov 21, 12:00pm Nov 21, 1:30pm STOP private clinics SAVE our local public hospitals
Winnipeg Nov 21, 1:30pm Nov 21, 4:00pm National Housing Day in Canada
Toronto Nov 21, 12:00pm Nov 21, 5:00pm National Housing Day Rally & Right to Housing Forum
Vancouver Nov 21, 8:30am Nov 21, 5:00pm A Good Jobs Economy in B.C.
Ottawa Nov 21, 6:00pm Nov 21, 6:00pm Trans Activism in Canada: Book launch with Dan Irving
Toronto Nov 23, 3:30pm Nov 23, 3:30pm United Against Raids & Detentions: Rally in Solidarity with Migrant Detainees
Toronto Nov 22, 10:00am Nov 23, 4:00pm The Office of Divestment with Sarah Lazarovic
Ottawa Nov 26, 7:00pm Nov 26, 7:00pm Indivisible: Indigenous Human Rights -- Book launch with Mary Eberts and Paul Joffe
Victoria Nov 26, 7:00pm Nov 26, 7:00pm LNG, fracking and B.C.'s energy future
Toronto Nov 26, 6:30pm Nov 26, 9:00pm Huicholes: The Last Peyote Guardians, film premiere and speaking tour
Ottawa Nov 27, 7:00pm Nov 27, 7:00pm Threatening Democracy: Book launch with Normand Landry
Toronto Nov 27, 7:00pm Nov 27, 9:00pm Endless War? The Middle East and Canada's New Militarism
Mississauga Nov 28, 7:00pm Nov 28, 9:00pm Line 9 Mississauga: Worth the risk?
Toronto Nov 29, 1:00pm Nov 29, 1:00pm Book launch: A Line in the Tar Sands: Struggles for Environmental Justice
Victoria Nov 29, 10:00am Nov 29, 4:00pm Annual Fair Trade Fair
Toronto Nov 30, 11:00am Nov 30, 11:00am The future of progressive media with Judy Rebick and Rick Salutin
Toronto, ON Dec 1, 6:15am Dec 1, 8:45am Rowers Reading Series
Ottawa Dec 2, 9:30am Dec 2, 12:00pm Disabling Poverty, Enabling Citizenship Forum
Toronto Dec 2, 6:15pm Dec 2, 8:30pm Gulabi Ganga: Toronto premiere with director Nishtha Jain in attendance
Toronto Dec 4, 6:00pm Dec 4, 8:00pm Book Launch: Mirrors and Mirages by Monia Mazigh
Ottawa Dec 5, 7:00pm Dec 5, 7:00pm Celia's Song: Lee Maracle in conversation with Waubgeshig Rice
Toronto Dec 6, 7:30pm Dec 6, 9:30pm Cantores Celestes Choir celebrates an Appalachian Christmas
Ottawa Dec 10, 7:00pm Dec 10, 7:00pm Your Water Footprint book launch with Stephen Leahy
Toronto Oct 13, 5:30pm Jun 13, 5:30pm Toronto WordSmiths 2014-2015 Cycle