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City Starts Ends Event
Toronto Aug 2, 9:00pm Aug 2, 9:00pm 70 years in the fight for public health care
Vancouver Jul 19 (All day) Aug 3 (All day) Vancouver Pride
Edmonton Aug 8, 6:30pm Aug 8, 6:30pm Research presentation: Why so many Somali Canadian youth who go west end up dead
Shelburne County Aug 9, 9:00am Aug 9, 11:00am Hemeon’s Head Guided Walk – Shorebirds and Shore Plants
Sherbrooke Aug 9, 1:00pm Aug 9, 4:00pm NOVA SCOTIA NATURE TRUST: Property Celebration on the St. Mary’s River
Various Aug 10, 9:00am Aug 10, 11:00am Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora Volunteer Monitor Training
Ottawa Aug 10, 2:00pm Aug 10, 5:00pm Prisoners' Justice Day 2014
Vancouver Aug 10, 12:00pm Aug 10, 8:30pm Third Annual Salish Sea Summer Gathering
Vancouver Aug 12, 7:30pm Aug 12, 7:30pm Living Consciously: Reinventing Democracy to Save Canada
Toronto Jul 15, 6:00pm Aug 12, 9:00pm Radical democracy series
Toronto Aug 7, 9:00am Aug 15, 6:00am Toronto Queer Arts Festival
Ottawa Aug 21, 5:00pm Aug 21, 5:00pm Celebrating indie media and activism with Linda McQuaig
Ottawa Aug 21, 9:00am Aug 22, 6:00pm 5e Université populaire d’été des Nouveau cahiers de socialisme!
Ottawa Aug 21, 9:00am Aug 22, 6:00pm Rattling the Cage! 5th annual people's university
Aug 22, 4:00pm Aug 22, 6:00pm People’s Tribunal: The Harper Government stands accused of scuttling the employment insurance program
Ottawa Aug 23, 9:00am Aug 23, 12:00pm Canadian Imperialism and Militarism: Fighting Back -- an event at the People's Social Forum
Ucluelet Aug 22, 5:00pm Aug 23, 11:00pm 2014 Otalith Music Festival
Ottawa Aug 21 (All day) Aug 24 (All day) Peoples Social Forum: 'Build together, win together! The Future is Ours!'
Vancouver Aug 14 (All day) Aug 24 (All day) Vancouver Queer Film Festival
Ottawa Aug 15 (All day) Aug 24 (All day) Capital Pride in Ottawa
Ottawa Aug 24, 1:00pm Aug 24, 1:00pm Ottawa Pride Parade
Montréal Aug 26, 10:00am Aug 28, 10:00pm Eating Innovation: the art, culture, science and business of entomphagy
Surrey Sep 6, 12:00pm Sep 6, 12:00pm Surrey Community Forum on Immigration
Halifax Aug 28 (All day) Sep 7 (All day) Atlantic Fringe Festival
Vancouver Sep 4 (All day) Sep 14 (All day) Vancouver Fringe Festival
Ottawa Sep 17, 7:00pm Sep 17, 9:00pm To the Cloud: Big Data in a Turbulent World -- book launch with Vincent Mosco
Ottawa Sep 18, 7:00pm Sep 18, 9:00pm Book launch: Mirrors and Mirages, Monia Mazigh in conversation with Adrian Harewood
Ottawa Sep 23, 7:00pm Sep 23, 9:00pm Building Sanctuary: The Movement to Support Vietnam War Resisters in Canada, 1965-73
Ottawa Sep 26, 7:00pm Sep 26, 9:00pm Drives all Night: Book reading and musical performance by Jamie Andersonder
Ottawa Oct 3, 8:30am Oct 3, 8:30am National Forum on Clean Energy and Industry
Halifax Oct 23, 5:30pm Oct 23, 5:30pm Nature Trust Annual Dinner and Auction – 20th Anniversary Celebration
Eganville Jul 15, 1:00pm Oct 26, 1:00pm Musical promotes rural community values in face of global greed and cheap junk