What's up lists events staged by social justice & arts organizations in your community. Click on the column titles to sort the events. Please note that due to the large number of events posted on rabble, it may take up to two weeks for your event to be displayed on the website.

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City Starts Ends Event
Toronto Jun 26, 12:00pm Jun 26, 3:00pm Beach Picnic Canadian Voice of Women for Peace
Toronto Jun 26, 3:00pm Jun 26, 3:00pm Pick Up Your Microphone!
Toronto Jun 26, 12:00pm Jun 26, 10:00pm Special Pre-Festival Launch Party!
London Jun 29, 6:30pm Jun 29, 10:00pm Free screening of Girls Rock
Toronto Jul 9 (All day) Jul 10 (All day) Salsa on St. Clair street festival
West Vancouver Jul 8, 5:00pm Jul 10, 8:00pm Squamish National 28th Annual Youth Powwow 2016
Toronto Jul 4 (All day) Jul 17 (All day) TD Salsa in Toronto
Toronto Jul 11, 9:00am Jul 17, 1:00pm Toronto Mad Pride Week 2016
Toronto Jul 11, 9:00am Jul 17, 1:00pm Toronto Mad Pride Week 2016
Montreal Aug 12, 7:30pm Aug 12, 7:30pm NCS Peoples University: American Dreams with Thomas Hellman
Toronto Aug 12, 7:00pm Aug 14, 10:00pm Toronto Queer West Film Festival
Montreal Aug 9, 2:00am Aug 14, 11:00pm World Social Forum 2016
Toronto Sep 24, 11:00am Sep 25, 5:00am GO GLOBAL EXPO 2016
Toronto Sep 26, 8:00am Sep 30, 12:00pm Community Change Institute
Halifax Nov 3, 5:30pm Nov 3, 9:30pm Nature Trust 19th Annual Dinner and Auction
Toronto Dec 6, 6:30pm Dec 6, 8:30pm Burstow Takes on Psychiatry: A Special Talk at the Toronto Reference Library