Cinema Politica UofT - IdleNoMore - Kanawayandan d'aaki - Protecting Our Land (short film) & Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance

An image from Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance
Thursday, March 21, 2013 - 8:00pm - 10:30pm


OISE - room 5150
252 Bloor St W
Toronto , ON
43° 40' 4.4004" N, 79° 23' 54.1392" W

Cinema Politica UofT - Kanawayandan d'aaki - Protecting Our Land (short film) & Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance


**Kanawayandan d'aaki - Protecting Our Land**

Kitchenuhmaykoosib Inninuwug (KI) has governed and cared for their Indigenous Homeland, Kitchenuhmaykoosib Aaki, since time before memory. In 2008, KI's Chief and five community leaders were jailed for refusing to allow mining exploration which threatened KI's water supply. The remote First Nation community succeeded in fighting off mining exploration by Platinex Inc. but now other companies are staking claims within KI territory. KI's pristine waters, their sacred landscape, and the lake trout they depend on are at risk. More detailed description and trailer:

**Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance**

On a hot July day in 1990, an historic confrontation propelled Native issues in Kanehsatake and the village of Oka, Québec, into the international spotlight and into the Canadian conscience. This documentary takes you right into the action of an age-old aboriginal struggle. More detailed description and trailer:

**Stick around for a discussion about indigenous sovereignty following the screenings.**

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Cinema Politica UofT is an initiative of the Graduate Students' Union, University of Toronto. We screen films that challenge conventional narratives and that explore under-represented stories. Our film screenings aim to engage students and the community in critical issues surrounding equity and environmental justice. We seek to accomplish this by following each screening with a discussion about how the content of the film relates to our own experiences and what action we can take collectively.

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