Cross-Canada actions: Solidarity with Swamp Line 9 blockade

Cross-Canada actions: Solidarity with Swamp Line 9 blockade
Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 12:01am - 11:59pm

It’s Sunday afternoon, and the Swamp Line 9 blockade is in its fourth day of stopping work on Line 9. For now at least, Line 9 is sitting empty, with critical upgrades stopped part way. As long as we’re here, our watersheds are safe from Tar Sands oil. 

But the more time passes, the more pressure comes to bear on us here, and we are very aware that without outside support, we’re at risk of being cleared off in the coming week.

With this in mind, we want to continue finding ways to up the pressure on Enbridge and help the movement against Tar Sands pipelines in this area grow. We are calling for solidarity actions this Tuesday, June 25, to show support for the blockade, to oppose the Tar Sands, and to stop Line 9!

Is there an Enbridge facility near where you live? Where does Line 9 cross streets in your community? Consider leafleting, pickets, temporary blockades, banner drops, or educational events to help build momentum in your own community and show us support out here in the swamp.

Let us know before hand about the action you’ve planned - we can help with flyers and promo!

If you’re going to organize something, let us know before Tuesday at (please also cc so that we can co-ordinate promotion and provide you with some resources. And be sure to send us some pictures afterwards. 

Let’s keep up the pressure! This Tuesday, pull off an action in your community and help stop Line 9!

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