Moving Towards Wholeness: Preparing victims, offenders, and communities for restorative processes

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - 8:30am - 4:00pm


Bronson Centre 211 Bronson Ave, Ottawa K1R 6H4

"Moving Toward Wholeness" is a daylong workshop to be hosted by the Church Council on Justice and Corrections during National Victims of Crime Awareness Week (April 24, 2013).  Through a keynote talk by  Wilma Derksen, presentations by specialists, and group discussions, we will explore the preparations necessary for restorative processes.

Speakers will address the spiritual and interpersonal preparations that allow (a) victims of crime, (b) offenders, and (c) communities to become ready to engage in restorative processes. 

We will explore how to foster the involvement of victims, offenders, and communities who want to engage in restorative processes to achieve closure and healing from the impacts of crime.

Early registration is recommended.
Please contact Schuyler Playford or visit

Click here for event agenda.  To read about the keynote speaker and other presenters, click here.

*Admission to the play “Forgiven, Forgotten” is included with the participation fee.  

A stranger in need, a community in turmoil, an offender in their midst. ”Forgiven/Forgotten” is a thought provoking drama that follows a churches response to finding out an offender will be serving his parole in their midst.