MSS in Hamilton invites you to a peer support discussion about TRUST

MSS in Hamilton invites you to a peer support discussion about TRUST
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm


McMaster University
1280 Main Street West
Hamilton, ON
43° 15' 41.0436" N, 79° 55' 1.2252" W

Where? McMaster University. Email for details.

Who? Students from any college, university, or adult education course/program (and people planning to return to school including secondary/high school students transitioning to other educational programs) with personal experiences of psychiatric systems, madness, mental illness, mental health disability, emotional or spiritual distress, etc.

· As Mad students, how do we trust others after experiencing misunderstanding, discrimination, violence, loss of relationships, labelling, shaming, judgments, pity, fear, blame, breach of privacy, denial of rights, undesired “care”, or involuntary treatment as a result of madness or psychiatric disability?

· Do you find it difficult to trust yourself sometimes as a Mad person after absorbing society’s negative attitudes towards madness and exclusionary ideas of “normal”/ “sane”/“healthy”/“good”, experiencing extreme states, living in alternative realities, having trouble with your thoughts, behaving in ways you later regret, making poor decisions, or feeling deep shame?

· How do we restore trust in ourselves and others?

· What strategies do we use to protect ourselves and reduce harm when complete trust isn’t an option?

· Who do we trust most (or least)? Why is that?

Join your peers on April 23rd for an informal conversation about TRUST. We welcome new members, frequent faces, and folks we haven’t seen in a while.

Can’t make the meeting? Looking for other support? Join our active email discussion listserv to continue this and other conversations. The listserv is a private place for members to talk about our lives, support each other, ask questions, discuss ideas, share info/resources/events/news, arrange local gatherings wherever we happen to be, etc.

Questions? Directions? Nervous? Need Something? For further info, location details, to join the listserv, or if you have accommodation needs, want someone to meet you at the bus stop, or would like to chat/meet with a member before the meeting, please email Alisa at

More about us: Mad Students Society (MSS), created in 2005, is a community of students who are attending or planning to attend post-secondary or adult education institutions and have personal past/present experiences with psychiatric/mental health systems. We meet monthly (in Toronto and Hamilton) and communicate through an email listserv to support each other, discover tools for self-advocacy, and connect with our history and broader social movements. Visit our website at or find us on Facebook.

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