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City Starts Ends Event
Toronto Jul 4, 12:00pm Jul 5, 8:30am Salsa on St. Clair Street Festival: July 4 and 5
Toronto Jul 5, 1:00pm Jul 5, 1:00pm March for Jobs, Justice and the Climate
Toronto Jul 2, 12:00pm Jul 9, 12:00pm Salsa In Toronto Festival Week: July 2-9 2015
Toronto Jul 9, 3:30pm Jul 9, 5:30pm Right to the City/Right to Landscape
Toronto Jul 11, 10:00am Jul 11, 1:00pm Encounters with Aesthetics, Ethics and the Political
Shelburne County Jul 11, 10:00am Jul 11, 5:00pm Bon Portage Island clean-up
Toronto Jul 10, 7:00pm Jul 11, 9:00pm Toronto Peoples Social Forum
Vancouver Jun 5, 5:00pm Jul 17, 8:00pm #saltandwater: The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
Toronto Jul 18, 11:00am Jul 18, 2:30pm Rocking Mantra Meditation down Yonge!
Toronto Jul 18, 10:30am Jul 18, 8:30pm Festival of India-Ratha Yatra
Toronto Jul 19 (All day) Jul 19 (All day) Yoga Meltdown
Toronto Jul 7, 7:00pm Jul 19, 9:00pm Theatre performance: 'The Watershed'
Toronto Jul 25, 1:00pm Jul 25, 4:00pm Diwa ng Kasarinlan: A free cultural event!
Toronto Jul 10, 12:00pm Jul 26, 10:00pm 27th Beaches International Jazz Festival
Toronto Aug 6, 4:30pm Aug 6, 9:00pm Ground Zero to Global Zero: Hope After 70 Years
Toronto Aug 7, 4:00pm Aug 9, 6:00pm Queer West Film Festival August 7-9, 2015
Yarmouth Aug 15, 1:00pm Aug 15, 4:00pm Rare plant hike
Vancouver Jun 16, 5:30pm Aug 18, 9:00pm Skool's in for Summer
Toronto Aug 23, 9:00am Aug 23, 9:00am Run for Palestine: 7th Annual Charity Run
Vancouver Aug 13, 7:00pm Aug 23, 11:00pm Vancouver Queer Film Festival
Toronto Aug 27, 7:00am Aug 27, 9:00am Reception for Depth and Perception: New work by Blake Ward
Toronto Aug 28, 1:00am Sep 19, 6:00am Depth and Perception: New Work by Sculptor Blake Ward
Toronto Aug 28, 1:00am Sep 19, 6:00am Depth and Perception: New work by sculptor Blake Ward
Toronto Sep 19, 11:00am Sep 20, 5:00pm Go Global Expo 2015
Hants County Sep 27, 1:00pm Sep 27, 4:00pm Herbert River Paddle