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City Starts Ends Event
Ottawa Oct 20, 7:00pm Oct 20, 7:00pm Lecture: Sudan and South Sudan's Bitter and Incomplete Divorce by James Copnall
Ottawa Oct 21, 7:00pm Oct 21, 7:00pm Visitor, My Life in Canada: Book launch with Anthony Stewart and Priscilla Walton
Toronto Oct 22, 5:30pm Oct 22, 5:30pm Turnout Toronto: A City of Mayors
Vancouver Oct 22, 7:00pm Oct 22, 7:00pm Panel Discussion: Red Skin, White Masks: Rejecting the Colonial Politics of Recognition
Halifax Oct 23, 5:30pm Oct 23, 5:30pm Nature Trust Annual Dinner and Auction – 20th Anniversary Celebration
Ottawa Oct 23, 7:00pm Oct 23, 7:00pm From Hiroshima to Fukushima to You: Book launch with Florian Oelck
Toronto Oct 25, 11:00am Oct 25, 11:00am NO TO GMO: Perspectives on Food Security in Africa and the Caribbean
Ottawa Oct 25, 6:30pm Oct 25, 6:30pm Glenn Greenwald speaks in Ottawa
Eganville Jul 15, 1:00pm Oct 26, 1:00pm Musical promotes rural community values in face of global greed and cheap junk
Ottawa Oct 29, 7:00pm Oct 29, 7:00pm Ottawa Food: 'A Hungry Capital' book launch at West End Well
Ottawa Oct 30, 9:00am Oct 30, 9:00am Women's Forum des femmes 2014
Toronto Oct 30, 6:30pm Oct 30, 6:30pm Nahla Abdo Book Launch for 'Captive Revolution'
Ottawa Nov 1, 4:00pm Nov 1, 4:00pm 'Clearing the Plains' book launch: James Daschuk in conversation with Rick Harp
Vancouver Nov 2, 10:00am Nov 2, 4:00pm G Day for Girls
Ottawa Nov 5, 7:00pm Nov 5, 7:00pm Rethinking Southern African Liberation: Author John S. Saul in conversation with Blair Rutherford
Ottawa Nov 7, 7:00pm Nov 7, 7:00pm 'Undocumented: The Architecture of Migrant Detention' with Tings Chak
Toronto Nov 7, 6:00pm Nov 7, 9:00pm Canadian Voice of Women for Peace: Informal Dinner and Music Night
Toronto Nov 8, 9:30am Nov 8, 5:00pm Canadian Voice of Women for Peace: Annual General Meeting
Toronto Nov 8, 6:00pm Nov 8, 9:30pm Canadian Voice of Women for Peace Awards Gala Dinner
Toronto Nov 9, 9:30am Nov 9, 5:00pm Conflict and Climate: Changing Course NOW! Conference
Nov 7, 10:00am Nov 10, 5:00am Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 2014: Opportunities for Peace Building in a Time of Global Insecurity
Ottawa Nov 11, 7:00pm Nov 11, 7:00pm 'Money Logging' book launch with author Lukas Straumann
Toronto Nov 13, 8:00am Nov 13, 8:00am Global Citizenship & Equity Education Professional Network Forum
Halifax Nov 13 (All day) Nov 16 (All day) Waves of Change: Sustainable Food for All National Assembly
Toronto Oct 13, 5:30pm Jun 13, 5:30pm Toronto WordSmiths 2014-2015 Cycle