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City Starts Ends Event
Vancouver Feb 6, 7:00pm Feb 6, 9:00pm Grand Mamas: Artists and activists talk about their grandmothers, mothers, sisters, daughter and chosen family
Toronto Feb 7, 7:00pm Feb 7, 9:00pm Reconciliation and Independent Nations: Connecting Canada
Ottawa Feb 8, 7:00pm Feb 8, 7:00pm Panel Discussion: Balancing press freedom and national security
Ottawa Feb 9, 7:00pm Feb 9, 7:00pm A Basic Income Guarantee For All: The Time Has Arrived with Robert Rainer (Community Classroom)
Oshawa Feb 10, 6:30pm Feb 10, 9:00pm Emancipating the municipality: Community-directed development and the structural reform of goverance
Calgary Feb 11, 12:00pm Feb 11, 1:00pm We Are All Treaty People
Toronto Feb 12, 8:00pm Feb 13, 8:00pm The Vagina Monologues
Vancouver Feb 13, 8:00pm Feb 13, 8:00pm The 16th Annual People's Prom
Vancouver Feb 13, 8:30pm Feb 13, 8:30pm FAST TIMES AT SAD MAG HIGH: the HIGH SCHOOL issue launch!
Toronto Feb 10, 9:00am Feb 15, 11:00pm Toronto Black Film Festival
Toronto Feb 16, 7:00pm Feb 16, 7:00pm The Ottawa Shootings that Led to Bill C-51
Vancouver Feb 16, 6:30pm Feb 16, 9:00pm Ravens, Eagles, Polka Dots: A Reg Davidson/Dahlia Drive Collaboration
Edmonton Feb 17, 1:00pm Feb 17, 1:00pm Rae Spoon: Bodies & Gendering
Vancouver Feb 20, 11:00am Feb 20, 3:00pm Vancouver Transcendental Meditation Centre Grand Opening
Ottawa Feb 23, 7:00pm Feb 23, 7:00pm Max Blumenthal: The 51 Day War - Ruin and Resistance in Gaza
Feb 23, 6:30pm Feb 23, 10:00pm Shab-e She'r Poetry Night XXXVII
Ottawa Feb 23, 7:00pm Feb 23, 10:30pm The Ottawa Zine Off! (Winter 2016)
Feb 24, 6:00pm Feb 24, 6:00pm 2016 Kama Reading Series: Home and Away
Ottawa Feb 25, 4:28pm Feb 25, 4:28pm Claude Lacaille: Rebel Priest in the Time of Tyrants
Ottawa Dec 10, 5:00pm Feb 29, 5:00pm Resilience/Ruin in Nature: Holiday Art Sale and Exhibition
Toronto Mar 3, 7:00pm Mar 3, 9:30pm Jewish Women Choosing Justice: Book Talk & Conversation with Penny Rosenwasser
Ottawa Mar 6, 6:00pm Mar 6, 6:00pm Octopus Book Club Celebrating Women and Literature!
Toronto Mar 9, 6:00pm Mar 9, 8:00pm International Women's Day Lecture Islands of Decolonial Love: Exploring Love on Occupied Land with Leanne Simpson
Vancouver Mar 13, 5:00pm Mar 13, 11:00pm Rae Spoon Album Release in Vancouver
Toronto Mar 18, 2:00pm Mar 20, 5:00pm Toronto ComiCon
Vancouver Nov 12, 7:00pm Mar 31, 5:00pm Heroine of a Thousand Pieces: The Judith Mosaics of Lilian Broca
Toronto Jun 4, 1:00pm Jun 5, 9:00pm Field Trip Music & Arts Festival