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City Starts Ends Event
Toronto Apr 28, 12:00pm Apr 28, 1:30pm National Day of Mourning
Vancouver Apr 28, 7:00pm Apr 28, 9:02pm Workers' struggles in North America: Book launch and panel
toronto Apr 29, 7:00am Apr 29, 7:00am Public forum with leaders of Mexican social uprising - Ayotzinapa to Toronto
Toronto Apr 29, 6:00am Apr 29, 9:00am 2015 KAMA Reading Series
Toronto Apr 29, 8:30pm Apr 29, 8:30pm Music For Memory Project
Toronto Apr 29, 6:00pm Apr 29, 8:30pm Inanna Publications Spring Book Launch No. 1
Toronto Apr 29, 6:00pm Apr 29, 9:00pm Media Works launch party
Vancouver Apr 30, 7:00pm Apr 30, 9:00pm #FierceVoices: Amplify! Making media work for women and girls
Waterloo Apr 30, 6:30pm Apr 30, 9:00pm From Ayotzinapa to Ottawa Caravan Speaker Tour
Toronto May 1, 8:00am May 1, 9:00am Solidarity rally with Crown Holdings strikers
Vancouver May 1, 7:00pm May 1, 7:00pm May 1: International Workers Day in Vancouver
Ottawa May 2, 11:00am May 2, 11:00am Authors for Indies Day
Toronto May 2, 6:00pm May 2, 11:30pm May Day 2015: Let's Move to the Left!
Toronto Apr 30, 9:00am May 3, 12:00am Sovereignties and Colonialisms: Resisting Racism, Extraction and Dispossession
Vancouver May 2, 10:00am May 3, 10:00am Got Craft? Spring Edition
Vancouver Apr 26, 12:00pm May 3, 5:00pm EAT! Vancouver Food and Cooking Festival
Toronto Mar 3, 6:00pm May 3, 8:30pm Born in Gaza: Toronto premiere with guest speakers
Toronto May 4, 6:30pm May 4, 6:30pm Rowers Reading Series: May 4
Ottawa May 6, 6:00pm May 6, 6:00pm Octopus Book Club: Legacy by Waubgeshig Rice
Various May 7, 11:59pm May 7, 11:59pm Butterfly Voices: Call for Submissions from Migrant Sex Workers Worldwide
Halifax May 9, 1:00am May 9, 4:00am Celebrate International Migratory Bird Day at Wolfville Ridge
Toronto Apr 16, 7:30pm May 10, 7:30pm Hooked
Vancouver May 11, 7:00pm May 11, 7:00pm Muslim Women Between Fiction & Reality
Toronto May 12, 7:00pm May 12, 7:00pm Unsettling Canada: A National Wake-Up Call with Art Manuel, Grand Chief Ron Derrickson, Naomi Klein
Ottawa May 13, 7:00pm May 13, 7:00pm Chris Hedges speaks about Wages of Rebellion
Ottawa May 13, 7:00pm May 13, 7:00pm Chris Hedges: Wages of Rebellion
Toronto May 14, 6:00pm May 14, 10:00pm Women Building Connections Gala Dinner
Toronto May 21, 9:30am May 21, 4:00pm Chris Hedges Speaks at The 3rd Annual Tommy Douglas Institute: Education & Activism: Rethink Resist Reclaim"
Toronto Mar 21, 10:00am May 21, 4:30pm Socialism and Social Movements: One Day Educational Conference
Ottawa May 23, 4:00pm May 24, 3:00pm Walk or Run for Biodiversity: Fundraiser for Farmers in Ethiopia
Toronto Oct 13, 5:30pm Jun 13, 5:30pm Toronto WordSmiths 2014-2015 Cycle
Halifax Jun 18, 7:00pm Jun 18, 9:00pm Nature Trust major conservation announcement and 2015 conservation showcase
Toronto Jul 10, 12:00pm Jul 26, 10:00pm 27th Beaches International Jazz Festival