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City Starts Ends Event
North Bay Nov 30, 12:00pm Nov 30, 12:00pm Take back our hospitals! Northeastern Ontario rally
Surrey Dec 1, 1:00pm Dec 1, 3:00pm TRANS*/ILLUMINATION: Shining a light through the Structures of Hetero-patriarchal Violence
Toronto Dec 1, 7:00pm Dec 1, 9:00pm Global to Local: Climate Impacts and Solutions
Ottawa Dec 3, 6:00pm Dec 3, 6:00pm UNFPA Report launch: 2015 State of World Population
Ottawa Dec 3, 7:00pm Dec 3, 7:00pm Book Launch: Resilience and Triumph, immigrant women tell their stories
Ottawa Dec 3, 6:00pm Dec 3, 7:30pm Archaeology in the National Capital Region: Discovering our Past
Scarborough Dec 5, 12:00pm Dec 5, 12:00pm Take back our hospitals! Scarbough/Durham rally
Toronto Dec 6, 3:00pm Dec 6, 5:30pm Paris Calling: Climate Progress Report from COP21
London Dec 7, 6:30pm Dec 7, 9:00pm Cinema Politica London presents This Changes Everything
Ottawa Dec 8, 7:00pm Dec 8, 8:00pm History of the Ottawa River Watershed: a lecture by Peter Di Gangi, Research Director for Algonquin Nations Secretariat
Toronto Dec 12, 8:30pm Dec 13, 8:30pm Songs in the Key of Cree
Toronto Oct 15, 7:00pm Dec 13, 10:00pm Dissident Family: New and existing works
Oshawa Feb 10, 6:30pm Feb 10, 9:00pm Emancipating the municipality: Community-directed development and the structural reform of goverance
Ottawa Dec 10, 5:00pm Feb 29, 5:00pm Resilience/Ruin in Nature: Holiday Art Sale and Exhibition
Vancouver Nov 12, 7:00pm Mar 31, 5:00pm Heroine of a Thousand Pieces: The Judith Mosaics of Lilian Broca