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City Starts Ends Event
Vancouver Jan 23, 8:00pm Jan 26, 10:00pm 6th International Che Guevara Conference: "Cuba: A Socialist Project in Progress"
Ottawa Jan 28, 3:30pm Jan 28, 3:30pm No Easy Walk to Freedom: Film screening and discussion
Collingwood Jan 28, 6:30pm Jan 28, 6:30pm Growing Cities: Be The Change Documentary Film Series
Toronto Jan 28, 6:30pm Jan 28, 6:30pm Book discussion: 'Mornings in Jenin' by Susan Abulhawa
Ottawa Jan 28, 7:30pm Jan 28, 7:30pm A Crisis in Jerusalem: Presentation by Dr. Jeff Halper
Vancouver Jan 29, 5:30pm Jan 29, 5:30pm Rape & Redemption: The Changing Landscape of Gendered Discourses in Contemporary India
Toronto Jan 29, 7:00pm Jan 29, 7:00pm In Search of the Steadfast Olive: A Journey of Hope to the Holy Land
Halifax Jan 30, 7:00pm Jan 30, 7:00pm Saint Mary's Reading Series: Alistair MacLeod Tribute
Ottawa Jan 16, 6:00pm Jan 30, 7:00pm Men's Hand Drumming Circle
Various Jan 31, 1:00pm Jan 31, 1:00pm United in Peace & United in Compassion: Canadian Muslims for Peace Gatherings
St. Catherines Jan 31, 8:00am Jan 31, 6:00pm 8th Niagara Social Justice Forum 2015
Halifax Jan 29 (All day) Feb 1 (All day) StART Festival
Toronto Feb 1, 2:00pm Feb 1, 4:30pm Environmental justice, the tar sands, and Indigenous rights
Toronto Feb 3, 6:00pm Feb 3, 8:30pm Out in the Night: Cinema Politica season opener with special guests
Ottawa Feb 4, 6:00pm Feb 4, 6:00pm Octopus Book Club: Clearing the Plains
Toronto Feb 4, 8:00pm Feb 4, 10:00pm Toronto Author and Storyteller Paul Dore Launches Debut Novel, The Walking Man, with Musical Guest Star Arlene Paculan
Ottawa Feb 5, 6:30pm Feb 5, 6:30pm Lecture by Russell Diabo: Federal Comprehensive Claims Policy vs. Aboriginal Title
Winnipeg Feb 6, 2:30pm Feb 6, 4:30pm A better approach to economic security in Manitoba
vancouver Feb 6, 7:00pm Feb 6, 10:00pm Grand Mamas Fundraiser
Vancouver Jan 20 (All day) Feb 8 (All day) PuSh International Performing Arts Festival
Toronto Feb 8, 3:30am Feb 8, 5:30am 'The Great Black North': Contemporary African Canadian Poetry Book Launch and Reading
Ottawa Feb 10, 7:00pm Feb 10, 9:00pm Libya, Pan Africanism, African Unity and the quest for peace with Professor Horace Campbell
Montreal Feb 14, 3:00am Feb 14, 3:00am Annual Memorial March for Missing & Murdered Women / Marche commémorative en hommage aux femmes disparues et assassinées
Toronto Feb 13, 7:00pm Feb 15, 12:00am Winterfolk XIII Blues and Roots Festival
Whitehorse Feb 6, 7:00pm Feb 15, 8:00pm Available Light Film Festival
Montreal Feb 16, 6:00pm Feb 16, 6:00pm Discourses of race: The United States, Canada, and transnational anti-Blackness
Ottawa Feb 18, 7:00pm Feb 18, 7:00pm Book launch: 'Indigenous Healing -- Exploring Traditional Paths' with Rupert Ross
Ladner Feb 21 (All day) Feb 22 (All day) Ladner Seedy Saturday and Garden Expo 2015
Vancouver Feb 28, 5:59pm Feb 28, 5:59pm Recharge 2015
Vancouver Mar 21, 1:00pm Mar 21, 1:00pm 8th Annual Community March Against Racism
Montreal Mar 25, 7:00pm Mar 25, 9:00pm Book Launch: "The Heavy Radicals: The FBI's Secret War on America's Maoists"
Toronto Mar 26, 7:00pm Mar 26, 9:00pm Book Launch: "The Heavy Radicals: The FBI's Secret War on America's Maoists"
Vancouver Apr 26, 12:00pm May 3, 5:00pm EAT! Vancouver Food and Cooking Festival
Toronto Oct 13, 5:30pm Jun 13, 5:30pm Toronto WordSmiths 2014-2015 Cycle