The rabble podcast network is always looking for new people!

There are a few ways to get involved with the rpn.  You can:

a) Do your own podcast – the rabble podcast network is a curated collection of podcasts from across Canada.  We even have a few international ones.  Submit your podcast idea, and we’ll go from there.  If you do your own podcast, you do it all from soup to nuts.  We are here to set you up, and to help promote your podcast and to support you in any way we can.

b) Be a contributor and/or volunteer to’s in house podcasts (rabble radio, Needs no Introduction, rabble docs and more)  – We need interviewers, editors, people to record talks and special events, to help us with graphics and publicity.  Join the rpn podcast team!

c) Internships – the rabble podcast network provides experience in audio publishing twice a year.  We usually put out our call for application in September (for fall and winter) and in May (for summer)


Contact Victoria Fenner, the rabble podcast network’s executive producer at [email protected]