Book lounge

Want to get your read on?'s book lounge is where rabble users can come to enjoy our multifaceted book-related coverage!

The book lounge provides a vast range of areas to explore the Canadian book world and beyond -- book reviews to get inside information on the latest political releases or hidden fiction gems, book it events to find out about book launches and author talks, the Bound but not gagged books blog to read about happenings in the Canadian literary scene, the babble book club to read and discuss books with fellow rabble members, and so much more!

With an emphasis on the fantastic work by Canadian authors and Canadian small presses, the book lounge strives to provide interesting content from a variety of voices and perspectives that will engage all our rabble readers.

Here's what you'll find in rabble's book lounge:

book reviews

rabble publishes a featured review every Thursday in the book lounge that is either an original review from a fabulous rabble reviewer, a reprint from a fellow independent media outlet, an interview with an author about their latest book, or an excerpt from a great book and great publisher. We focus on providing a range of genres -- from political non-fiction to Canadian new fiction -- and a diverse range of voices to present and review those books.

Anyone interested in writing a review or pitching a book may contact's books coordinator.

Bound but not gagged

Bound but not gagged is the rabble book lounge books blog where you'll find news and views about progressive authors, publishers, bookstores and just about anything books! We also update information on babble book club selections and discussion highlights and we are hoping to expand our coverage to include reprints from other great Canadian book blogs about the wild and crazy world of books! Check out the books blog also located in the blogs section to get an idea of what it's all about.

Anyone with an idea for a great books blog pitch or article reprint idea may contact's books coordinator.

babble book club

The latest addition to our book lounge coverage is's own book club where rabble users can select, read and discuss books with fellow members. The babble book club is a user-generated online book club that meets once every month and a half in's babble discussion board to decide which books to read, and then discuss them together and with maybe an author too!

Free and easy to join, the babble book club is a great way to get exposed to new books and authors and meet some fellow rabble book junkies as well.

Let us know your ideas for upcoming selections in this babble thread.

indie bestsellers

Each week you'll find out what the five bestselling books have been in the preceeding week at an independent bookseller somewhere in Canada. Writers, publishers, or readers with recommendations may contact the books editor.

book it

A special subset of rabble's what's up national events listings, book it is a calendar of readings, book launches, literary festivals, small-press fairs and other book-related events Canada-wide. These listings, which also appear in what's up, are all about books, all the time and appear in an easy-to-read, city-by-city format.

Check out book it listings or post a free event listing now! Go to our events page and remember to check the "book-related event" check box.

babble book lounge

Read it, love it, talk about it. rabble's over 15,000 babblers keep dozens of vibrant, thoughtful, fun and insightful discussions going every day and book topics are no exception. Come discuss everything book related with other babblers who share a progressive mindset and aren't really interested in all that vampire nonsense. There are no judgements in the babble book lounge, but be prepared to defend your recommendations if necessary! Find those threads and more on babble. Babble now!

radio book lounge

Particular in your podcasts? If you want to tune your radio listening in to books, the radio book lounge is for you, with author interviews and readings as well as audio reviews and stories for kids and grown-ups. Close your eyes and relax with a good book as you tune into the lounge between your ears. Take me to the radio book lounge now.

The book lounge portal is a unique resource for readers, writers and publishers. An alternative to corporate online bookstores, the book lounge is one stop on the Internet for progressive book reviews, discussion, events and much more. Bound but definitely not gagged.