Statement on trans rights and harm done statement on trans rights and harm:

Throughout’s 19 years of production, we've remained dedicated to our core mission of progressing human rights, social and economic justice and an equitable future for all. We have worked together with voices across the LGBTQ2IA+ community towards a common vision for equity and progressive social change. We believe in trans rights. And that it’s time for us all to be stronger, louder allies to create a more inclusive, accepting society for all.

In the past we published work by a writer who has since shown that they do not share these values or vision of inclusion. We understand the hurt and anger caused by having historically published this writer on rabble and we wish to apologize unreservedly for harm done.

We do not share the views of this writer. As we expressed in 2015 (see, their writing on trans issues did not meet our editorial standards and we have not published their work since that time, nor will we publish their work in the future.

Our journalistic standards mandate us to provide content that represents multiple perspectives. Our contributors have the freedom to explore different causes through their own unique lens, but they must do so with accuracy, integrity, fairness, and balance. rabble has chosen to leave the articles by this writer in our archives to align with industry ethics which discourage the unpublishing of work unless in extreme circumstances. Our journalistic standards mandate us to provide content that represents multiple perspectives, noting that rabble does not share the views of all writers. rabble's statement on the work this writer previously published on rabble can be found here:  

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