The austerity measures in Greece have meant that Greek unemployment stands at 25%, among 16-24 year olds it is an almost unimaginable 50%, hospitals are running short of medicines and basic supplies, old people’s homes are running short of food and fuel.  Read more about the heartbreaking impact of six years of harsh austerity on the health of people in Greece here and about the recent “no” vote against further austerity measures here.

Greece is at the centre of the European crisis, but also provides the greatest potential for pursuing an alternative set of policies. Syriza was elected to help develop an alternative to austerity, however, over the next few months decisions are being made which will either force Greece to adopt deeper austerity and make the situation worse for Greece’s people, or which will allow the new government to implement its proposals and Greece to start recovering from this manmade catastrophe.

Let’s take action support Greece in developing a future instead of relegating the country to depression.

1) Jubilee and Global Justice UK campaign:  Organizations from around the world are working with Jubilee to support initiatives like the Greek Debt Audit, which provides hope for making democratic decisions on debt.  It also allows for the creation of a more humane and rational economic policy.  Support the campaign here.

 2) Greek Bailout Fund, Indiegogo Campaign: Thom Feeney, a Londoner, made a simple calculation.  If each European gave 3 euros, we could raise the 6 billion euros Greece needs (if the world acts it would be about a euro each).   In 8 days the campaign, over 100,000 ordinary people from 182 countries raised almost €2million for the people of Greece.  However, he made a mistake in formating the Indiegogo campaign as a campaign with a target of 6 billion euros and did not reach his target so he had to give the money back (the problem with Indiegogo)!  Yesterday he relaunched the campaign it as a flexible campaign.  He has already raised over 70,000 euros in one day.  Click here to contribute.