It is International Women’s Day, and it is an election year—so take a three minutes to sign on to this petition for a  debate that speaks to issues, like equal pay, violence against women, missing and disappeared aboriginal women, affordable, high quality, childcare and others.  These issues impact families and communities.  They matter to Canadians from across the country.  And they are issues that we want to hear more about.

You can check out the last time federal leaders debated women’s issues here: 1984 Debate.

Up For Debate is calling for an all party nationally broadcast leaders debate on issues that are important to women and girls.  Sign the petition and take action.

Up For Debate is an alliance of women’s organizations, community groups and international organizations from across Canada. Over 130 groups have joined Up for Debate because they have one thing in common: they believe in equality between men and women, and they want every Canadian to know where our political leaders stand on gender equality.