In the lead up to the World Social Forum 2016 (WSF 2016), there was a call for more of a focus on next steps and coordinating action.  The organizers of WSF 2016 did organize an Agora des Initiatives at Parc Jarry in Montreal on Saturday 13 August.  Despite the terrible weather, people came out and 22 plans were presented.’s Emily Blake also pulled together a great series of blogs using Storify emphasizing actions that people are taking and our podcast editor Victoria Fenner was on the ground coordinating a team of podcasters covering the event in the Ears to the Earth series.  

These few links are a start and there will undoubtedly be more plans and action coming out of an event that brought together 35,000 activists and progressives. will continue to cover what it can.  Tell us more about what is happening and what you are planning by emailing [email protected] 

One of the most disgraceful things at the World Social Forum was the fact that people who wanted to participate from around the world, and particularly Africa, were denied visas by Canadian embassies.  Demand an explanation for these denials here