Aborginal Women Protest Dump Site 41

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8 people arrested today, one directly from the site. Very few left at the site, looking for bodies immediately.


who's doing the intimidating !?

and the Orillia Packet article quoted the MPP that county councillors didn't even know about the injunction order in the first place !

this whole mess looks like instigation.

the OPP and the court should back off until the democratic process is clarified, and until the scientific evidence is clarified.

on the latter, it's not the first time computer models have ignored key variables.

aside from the fact that water molecules bound to soil particles migrate in directions depending upon many factors, including pressure gradients, precipitation, and temperature.  further, there is no hard and fast distinction between the aquitard and the aquifer;  connections abound. 

it's really good to see people in the community and more broadly supporting the efforts and courage of the protesters.

thanks for the updates here.


hope a lot of people show up at the bail hearing, and/or protest at the OPP.  this is completely ridiculous.


of course, i'm not one to talk, having just spent the last week enjoying clean water elsewhere, whilst people here were working hard to keep the groundwater safe...

but i will jot down some notes on the former.


Joey Ramone

Vicki Monague has been arrested, charged and released after signing an undertaking to stay at least 1 km away from the site.  Anne Nahuis has a bail hearing today.


listening to CBC radio just now, the warden of Simcoe County sounded like a bully, in tone and content.

he seems to think 'democracy' means himself and the deputy warden making decisions about landfills and water, without other councillors full knowledge and approval, let alone his constituents'.

the retired farmer interviewed had a lot better sense of order, and democracy, including the need for full disclosure of all studies, and a moratorium on further work on the dump site so that a proper discussion of outstanding questions can be held, without intimidating residents with arrests.




Joey Ramone

Anne Nuhuis has been released on bail on condition that she obey the injunction and not block the County's access to the site.  Evidently Danny Beaton refused to agree to this restriction and will spend the weekend in jail.

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Barrie Examiner wrote:

Cops raid Site 41
Protesters flee campsite

TINY TWP. - Ontario Provincial Police swooped down on protesters at Site 41 Friday night in an apparent search for people on a list of those to be charged with mischief for blockading landfill entrances.

An interim court injunction issued at Simcoe County's request prohibiting people from being in front of or blocking the landfill entrances, allows people to protest opposite Site 41.

Police cruisers reportedly blocked access to Concession Road 2 in Tiny Township. There was also a heavy police presence on County Road 6 in the Wyevale area and surrounding roads.

A number of people reportedly fled the First Nations' campsite on the Parnell farm, which is adjacent to Site 41.

Police reportedly cleared chairs, tents and other items at or near the entrances to the landfill. The gates were opened and a number of trucks entered the property.

Early reports indicated there had been no arrests.

Nine people have been charged with mischief so far, including one man who will remain in custody until Monday as he awaits a bail hearing.

Friday night's police raid was launched around dinner time.

http://www.thebarrieexaminer.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=1690976 for the full article

They waited until there were only just over a dozen protestors left, and only a few non natives were there. The protestors were 1/3 children and 1/3 women and 1/3 men. It was reported to the camp by supporters that the road was being blocked on 2nd line and that there were a dozen cop cars, two patty wagons and a few police vans ready nearby. With no back up coming and the camp filled with families and Caledonia on the mind the decision was made that for everyones saftey the camp needed to be vacated to avoid the violence that the cops were bringing to the site.  The men left with each group of women to where they were seeking safety to ensure their protection away from what the cops wanted to become ground zero.

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So they are intent upon destroying the water, in order to be able to profit from garbage.


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Protestors are at camp today, the gates are open but so far no movement in and out. Still looking for support and people to come to the camp while regrouping to fight the dump

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"So they are intent upon destroying the water, in order to be able to profit from garbage."

Destroying the water means destroying the people. Destroying the people means destroying the country. So there are quite happy (as always) with destroying the country in order to profit themselves. Capitalism at it's finest.


Nothing to add, just thanking everyone, including Refuge and Joey Ramone, for keeping us updated on what's happening.

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Why is Simcoe County building a dump site on pristine water?


Find out how to stop this environmental destruction on Thursday, Aug. 13th at 7pm

University of Toronto Medical Sciences Building, Macleod Auditorium Room 2158

Entrances off Kings College Circle (College St) and also Queens Park Circle nearest the Queens Park Subway




Call (416) 979-5554 for more information

Speakers include:


Dale Goldhawk
David Crombie
Former Toronto mayor, former federal cabinet minister
Sandy Hudson
University of Toronto Student Union President
Meera Karunananthan
Council of Canadians Water Campaigner
David Ladell
Federation of Tiny Township Cottager Associations (FTTSA)
Vicki Monague
Spokesperson for The Anishinabe Women, Keepers of the Water from Christian Island
Mary Muter
Georgian Baykeeper for Georgian Bay Forever
Stephen Ogden
Resident of Simcoe County & member of the Community Monitoring Committee

Please check out the Facebook Event Page:

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Court is tomorrow and Friday at 9:30 in Barrie. The town of Midland and Barrie are the two latest to call for a moratorium on the dump until the environmental issues can be looked at. Ralph Nader stopped by the site Monday and the radio says that he has added his voice to the fight.

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The parties came to an agreement. Vikki will not fight the injunction and the County Council is being forced to bring up the injunction and the morotoriam at the next meeting. If it is moved and seconded it will be debated and voted on on the meeting that is to start on the 25th. I am not clear if the injunction will be pursued by Ann or not as it was not made clear in court.

Joey Ramone

Here's a summary of what happened in Court today. Vicki and Anne say they consider today's agreement at the courthouse a major victory.  The issues will now, finally, be debated and voted on by the County Council. http://stopdumpsite41.ca/

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Sigh! but yet everyone is supposed to believe the dump would be safe.

Interestingly, seems Nader cares more about this issue than most  here do. Cuedos to his actions.

And thanks Refuge and Joey for your cointinued information and actions on this.

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Toronto Star wrote:

Protesters of Elmvale landfill say they won't give up
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Aug 13, 2009 07:22 PM
Trevor Pritchard

ELMVALE, Ont. - Keith and Ina Wood don't look like your average criminals.

Most criminals don't shuffle from place to place with the aid of a cane, like 82-year-old Keith does.

Nor do they often knit hats for their newborn grandchildren, like Ina, 76.

But that's how the Woods, retired dairy farmers married for 57 years, now describe themselves. Last week, they and a handful of others were arrested for protesting the construction of a 20-hectare landfill about 40 kilometres northwest of Barrie, Ont., known locally as Site 41.

The landfill is being built on central Ontario's Alliston Aquifer, which the site's vocal opponents claim is one of the most pristine sources of groundwater in the world. Its construction has been a contentious issue for decades, but opposition has swelled over the summer, after the Ministry of the Environment allowed excavation work to begin in earnest.

Premier Dalton McGuinty has stood by the site's construction, saying he believes the scientific experts who feel the aquifer won't be contaminated. Simcoe County says the site meets standards set out by the ministry, and argues it needs to be built since the area has been without local trash disposal options since the 1980s.

But the protesters - who include farmers, Simcoe County residents, and members of the nearby Beausoleil First Nation - say they don't buy the science the government is relying on.

In July, a blockade went up outside the landfill. The Woods admit they took part, taking shifts sitting in front of one of the site's main gates.

On Aug. 4, Ina Wood was at home when she got a call from the local provincial police detachment. An officer asked the couple to come down to the station, to be charged with mischief.

If they didn't, the officer said, the charges would become more serious.

Ina laughs when she recalls how she felt.

"I'm a 76-year-old grandmother. What would they do with me anyway? So I wasn't going to get too upset about it."

Her husband, however, takes a more cynical view.

"I felt I was targeted," he says. "I was one of the oldest protesters. And I figure they just picked me out. I wouldn't fight. They were just going to pick out a few of us old guys, scare the heck out of us, and get the road cleared out."

Full Story


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The water that flows freely out of the aquifer for the first time since I have been at the site and from what the farmers say the first time they have ever seen it is no longer running clear.  Yesterday it was cloudy and today it continues to be cloudy.  The damage has started.  If it is stopped now there may be a chance that it is reversable but I fear about the consequences if the work on the dump continues and damage the garbage that will be placed ontop of the aquaifer will do.

Four people were arrested while in front of the gate today.  It was reported that there was a ceremony taking place when they were arrested.

Edited to add : It was 6 people, four men and two women.

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Toronto Sun wrote:

Six protesters upset with the development of a new garbage dump in Simcoe County were arrested this morning.

For the past 100 days, both native and non-native protesters have camped out near a 20-hectare site, known as Site 41, that Simcoe County is planning to turn into a dump.

The six arrested this morning - three native and three non-native - thought they were waiting for a meeting with someone representing Simcoe County, according to witnesses.

"We thought, in all honesty, we were sitting there waiting and thinking there was going to be a meeting with a county official," said Cathy Ritchie-Kerr, adding they were told by the OPP the meeting was going to happen. "I was always raised to respect the police and that they were here to protect us but they totally set us up today."

Full Story

Joey Ramone

Lots of developments reported on here: http://stopdumpsite41.ca/

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Wow, entrapment now, eh?  And yet Ontarians are all about their Liberals.

Joey Ramone

Ontario's Information and Privacy Commissioner has issued a second, very strongly worded order demanding that the County release key technical data related to the safety of the dump.  http://stopdumpsite41.ca/

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Micheal Schmidt has chained himself to the gate.

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The cops have blockaded the road on either side of the site.

North Shore

The cops have blockaded the road on either side of the site.



...Oh, the irony.Frown

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Council voted 22 - 10 in favour of a one year moritorium.

The workers have to go home!

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Fucking awesome.  Well done women of Beausoleil First Nation.


Thanks for all the updates Refuge.



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Awesome just awesome, and now what is going to happen to those who were charged?

And does this have anything to do with them being forced to release the information about the study's findings?

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Those facing criminal charges are still facing the charges on Oct 8, I don't know what the result will be but there is speculation the judge may take into consideration the moratorium in October.

I am not sure if the decision was partly because they are being forced to release the model but I do know there were several issues that were discussed at council.

Joey Ramone


Wins on several issues today.  Most important, Simcoe County Council voted by a large margin (22-10) for a one year moratorium on the dump.  This is a big win for grassroots activists (First Nations and non-Aboriginal local farmers etc...) In addition to the moratorium, Council voted to end the most offensive part of the legal action undertaken against the dump opponents.  The claim for damages is gone.  The claim for an injunction against the anti-dump blockade remains, but it is probably moot after today's vote for a moratorium.  This certainly isn't over, but today's wins are pretty big. 

North Shore

Wow!  Congratulations to all involved.  Thank-you for your hard work.

Joey Ramone

Another big win today.  Simcoe County Council voted by a wide margin to permanently abandon the dump.  There is still the issue of criminal charges against 17 protesters, but there is hope that the Crown will now withdraw most, if not all, of the charges. Lots of celebrating going on tonight.

martin dufresne

From www.stopdumpsite41.ca

Internal memo shows reasoning behind stopping DS41, keeping C of A
September 22nd, 2009 Simcoe County Council took one step forward today in its plans for Site 41 when it voted 93-13 (weighted vote) in favour of Adjala-Tosorontio Deputy Mayor Doug Little's motion to discontinue construction and future development.
But, in a move that was very disappointing to the 250 people who turned out to pack the council chamber, they took two steps backwards - voting down 28-8 an amendment proposed by Collingwood Mayor Chris Carrier to request the Province of Ontario to revoke the Site 41 Certificate of Approval. (...)



Joey Ramone

I would hardly call that "two steps backwards".  The C of A is virtually worthless without support from the County Council for the dump.  The dump is dead.

Joey Ramone

Most people on this site seem to be more interested in whining and winging about bad stuff than they are in actual activism and learning the lessons of successful campaigns, but for the rest of us here's a bunch of news articles about this victory of grassroots activism: http://twitter.com/StopDumpSite41

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I think the article Martin is referring to is concerned because if the C of A is not revoked than there is still the possibility that the county can sell the land to a private company that can put in a dump because there is a valid C of A. Personally until it is shown otherwise I am going to go under the assumption that it is not going to happen.

Most of the farmers and native activists know that it is a possibility that it could happen but don't want to dwell on that because we have won in that there will be no dump right now. On the days when I was there and my friends stood at gate two and were arrested one by one this day it did not seem like it was going to happen. On the day that my partner stood in front of the truck and when asked "when can we get in?". And he responded "never" it was a matter of personal determination that made him say that, he was illegally stopping the truck and thought that to commit to that promise he would have to break more laws. Now we are free and able to say you are never getting in without having to face jail time and severe fines. The day the police came in to open up gate two and arrest people on their "hit list" and there were only a dozen of us in camp, mostly women and children, this day did not seem like it was going to happen. In the mornings the coffee man would show up with hot coffee for everyone and the iceman came to drop off ice for the coolers for everyday it seemed as if they would be coming every morning with no end, it did not seem like this day would come.

But now this day has come. We have won. There is no dump and hopefully the politicians motivation for ending the dump will effect any decisions they make to the land in the future. On site we talk about a labrotory to study water and traditional teaching lodge because we are hopeful this place of victory will remain as a place of truth, knowledge and wisdom and a source of strength for generations to come.

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On October the 8th the chargers were remanded to December 3.  It is hoped that they will be setting a trial date on the 3rd, or better yet dropping the charges completely.

There a small group who have decided to stay at the site until the C of A is revoked.  There is a meeting of the Council next month to make the decision to revoke the C of A or keep it in place.  If it is not revoked than the group has vowed to stay for the winter.

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Thanks for the update refuge, I applaud your and other's actions!

It is a testiment to what can be done if people bestir themselves to get involved directly.

Joey Ramone

More good news:  today the Crown stayed all criminal proceedings against those who allegedly blocked the site last summer, except against the elderly couple.  Their charges were fully withdrawn.  Kudos to all those who bravely faced charges and Peter Rosenthal who superbly represented them as legal counsel.

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I think that it is great they dropped the charges against Ina and Keith but I am a little skeptical about the charges being stayed against the others. If they decide to sell the site if the approval for the dump is not revoked and a private company decides to buy it and develop a dump (this is the only reason not to revoke the approval and the county has refused to revoke the approval) the people charged for the summer of 2009 protest could face more serious charges if they go back and protest any new dump on the site, which many have vowed they will.

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Refuge wrote:

 The day the police came in to open up gate two and arrest people on their "hit list" and there were only a dozen of us in camp, mostly women and children, this day did not seem like it was going to happen. 

...it did not seem like this day would come. But now this day has come. We have won. There is no dump and hopefully the politicians motivation for ending the dump will effect any decisions they make to the land in the future. On site we talk about a labrotory to study water and traditional teaching lodge because we are hopeful this place of victory will remain as a place of truth, knowledge and wisdom and a source of strength for generations to come.

This is great news.  Thanks for standing in the frontlines.

Joey Ramone

More good news.  We're getting very close to having the Certificate of Approval revoked outright, which would permanently kill the dump: http://stopdumpsite41.ca/?p=4848

This successful movement has been a great example of grassroots FN and non-FN people working together to defeat powerful political and business interests.

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Barrie Examiner wrote:

Site 41 has officially been dumped.

Simcoe County council decided Tuesday to ask Ontario's Ministry of Environment to revoke the Certificate of Approval necessary to operate the Tiny Township property as a landfill.

Its zoning will be returned to agricultural and the land is not to be used for waste management in the future, with the exception of septics.

rest of article

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We won! We won! We won!