Akwesasne Border Crossing Closed

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Akwesasne Border Crossing Closed

Border Authorities Shut Down Akwesasne Crossing


Mohawks March Against Militarized Border Crossing


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If anyone knows someone on the ground there who'd like to write or blog about this for rabble, please drop a line to editor AT rabble DOT ca


This is from Mohawk Nation News:



THERE WILL BE NO GUNS!  “YOU ARE ON INDIAN LAND”  - 1968 FILM ABOUT AKWESASNE BORDER BLOCKADE – June 1 CBSA guards will try to carry 9mm Berettas 


MNN.  May 27, 2009.  “If the colony of Canada wants to arm their border guards, then move it out of our community”, is the reasonable decision of Mohawks and our friends and supporters. 


It was a bitterly cold day on December 20, 1968.  Over 500 Mohawks stood at the Canada Customs and blocked the international bridge on Cornwall Island in the St. Lawrence River.  This border crossing is right in the middle of the populous Haudenosaunne community of Akwesasne [at the convergence of Ontario, Quebec and New York State].  This 41 year old film records the violations of our sovereignty which continue to this day.  The people who took part in the 1968 resistance are just a little older.  We have never lost our spirit.  We always kept up our vigilance over colonial Canada’s abuse of power and our rights. 


At Akwesasne there are escalating brutal attacks by the CBSA Canada Border Services Agents.  These maniacs constantly racially profile and provoke us.  We have to cross many times a day to carry on our normal lives.  On June 1 2009 these goons will try to carry 9 mm Beretta guns.  They could instigate violence and death.  This border crossing must be removed.  We object to putting deadly guns in the hands of these openly racist border guards.  http://intercontinentalcry.org/you-are-on-indian-land/


Guns are for killing people.  We would appreciate your help by signing the following petition!  http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/NoGunsForCBSA/index.html


The Mohawks are asking for worldwide support.  On May 26th Cornwall city council passed a resolution that no guns should be given to the CBSA guards.  They are peace officers, not war zone combatants.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants to militarize the border.  The RCMP must complete a 16 week firearms course.  Border guards are only required to take a 3 week course.         


Contact:  Nona 613-551-5421 613-938-8145 nbenedict@akwesasne.ca; Karla 613-575-2348 kransom@akwesasne.ca;  More info www.akwesasne.ca;  Chief Wesley Benedict 613-551-2573; Larry King 613-551-1930; Chief Joe Lazore 613-551-5292.  Next unity march is May 30th.  Meet at the tent at the cross roads on Cornwall Island at 10:30 am.  March starts at noon.  www.nationtalk.ca


Kahentinetha MNN Mohawk Nation News, www.mohawknationnews.com kahentinetha2@yahoo.com  Go to MNN “BORDER” category for more stories; Supporters may contact:  Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace, London, SQ1A UK; President Barack Obama, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20500, http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/ Comments: 202-456-1111, Switchboard: 202-456-1414 FAX: 202-456-2461; The Governor General of Canada, M. Michaelle Jean, 1 Rideau Drive, Ottawa info@gg.ca; Alain Jolicoeur, President, CBSA, Ottawa, ON K1A 0L8, 613-952-3200, 613-957-0612; General inquiries CBSA-ASFC@canada.gc.ca; Lance Markell, District Director, Northern Office – Customs, St. Laurent Blvd., Ottawa Ont. K1G 4K3, CBSA 613-930-3234, 613-991-1214, General inquiries CBSA-ASFC@canada.gc.ca; Secretary Janet Napolitano, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Washington, DC 20528, Operator Number: 202-282-8000, Comment Line: 202-282-8495, Jayson P. Ahern, A/Commissioner, U.S. Customs, 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20229 Chief Counsel (202) 344-2990; Marco A. Lopez, Jr., Chief of Staff, U.S. Customs, 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20229; Prime Minister Stephen Harper; House of Commons, Ottawa, harper.s@parl.gc.ca; Hon. Stockwell Day, Minister of Public Safety, House of Commons, Ottawa; Hon. Robert Douglas Nicholson, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, 284 Wellington St., Ottawa, ON K1A 0H8; Attorney General of Ontario, 720 Bay St., 4th Floor, Toronto, ON M5G 2K1; Hon. Yvon Marcoux, Minister of Justice and A.G.O., Louis-Phillipe-Pigeon Bldg., 1200 Rue d l'Eglise, 9th Floor, St. Foy G1V 4M1; Hon. Chuck Strahl, Minister of Indian Affairs, 10 Wellington St., Hull, Que. K1A 0H4 Strahl.c@parl.gc.ca; Premier Dalton McGuinty, Province of Ontario, Queens Park, Toronto ON; Premier Charest, Province of Quebec, Legislature, Quebec City; British High Commission, 80 Elgin St., Ottawa, ON K1P 5K7; Canadian Human Rights Commission, 344 Slater St., 8th Floor Ottawa, ON K1A 1E1; United Nations, 405 E 42nd Street, New York, NY 10017; The Hague, Anna Paulownastraat, 103, 251 BBC, The Netherlands; Coalition for the International Criminal Court, c/o WFM, 708 3rd Ave., 24th Floor, New York, NY 10017 Supporters of Mohawks:  MPs Jean Crowder, Indian Affairs critic crowdj@parl.gc.ca ; Anita Neville nevila@parl.gc.ca ; Marc Lemay lemaym@parl.gc.ca ; Sen. Nancy Green; Sen. Gerry St. Germain



Regular Updates on the Akwesasne situation can be found at:






The Canada Border Services Agency union created trouble to get guns in the hands of the border guards.  Their strategy was to make trouble for the Mohawks. The aftermath is that it’s illegal and we don’t forget how brutally we’ve been treated. 


MNN.  June 1, 2009.  At 10:00 pm last night, May 31, the chief was coming through Cornwall Island Canada Customs.  He was served with a letter from Peter Van Loan, Canada’s Public Safety Minister informing us that “There will be guns” on June 1st 2009. 


The Canada Border Services Agents CBSA were to be armed at midnight last night.  Instead they walked off.  The two bridges to Cornwall Island have been closed.  The north span by Cornwall police and the south span by New York State Police.  There are native guards in the customs buildings.  There has been an RCMP buildup in the area over the last few days.


The people met all day yesterday to get a peaceful resolution to all aspects of the issue.  They selected four men to be peace keepers.  Canada says they want to meet with the leaders.  They were told the people are the leaders and will decide what to do.  So far no action is being taken.  The Men will protect the people.  They are at points on each bridge and adjacent to the customs.     


Canada is escalating the issue by blocking us in.  We are now closed in and being held hostage.     


The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne passed resolution #318 on February 28, 2008 forbidding firearms to be carried by Canada Customs Border Service Agents in the Mohawk community.  According to their own legislation, that is the law on the territory.  According to the will of the people based on the Great Law of Peace, our constitution, our position is against guns.   


International law supports the Mohawks.  It forbids unilateral impositions without full consultation and consent of the majority of the people concerned.   Canada must abide by our decisions according to the international conventions they’ve signed.    


ISSUE:  In a democracy government doesn’t tell police what to do.  Otherwise it’s a dictatorship.  The agents have made a demand they will not work unless they have guns.  The CBSA management says it’s out of their hands.  The guards dispute is with management.  Management and government have no control over them.  The guards think they can do what they want because they are protected by their union, acting like a law onto themselves.


What ideological group has taken over the union?  Obviously they are anti- Mohawk, anti-democracy and anti-American. 


514-269-1400.  Contact Chief Nona Benedict 613-551-5421 613-938-8145 nbenedict@akwesasne.ca, go to www.akwesasne.ca.  Chief Wesley Benedict 613-551-2573; Larry King 613-551-1930; Chief Joe Lazore 613-551-5292.  


Kahentinetha MNN Mohawk Nation News, www.mohawknationnews.com kahentinetha2@yahoo.com  Go to MNN “BORDER” category for more stories;



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Sigh! Thanks stargazer for the updates.


MNN June 1, 2009.  Bully Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, is trying to start an argument with the Mohawks to bring in paramilitary forces at Akwesasne.  On May 26, 2009 he signed into law the Shiprider Agreement, a cross border law between Canada and U.S.  The effect is those who stand up for their rights or criticize Canada are terrorists and the government can sue them and seize all their property.  This is meant for us.   


A few years ago a plan was hatched.  Prime Minister Harper was friendly with the American real estate people in New York City.  They wanted him to change the laws so that Indigenous territories in Canada can be seized by outside interests for non-payment of false fines and criminal convictions.  Their interest is primarily in Iroquois territories in southern Quebec and southern Ontario.  They also wanted to seize Indigenous property and resources in Alberta and elsewhere.  A campaign to discredit us was started. 


A huge article appeared in the New York Times about us being terrorists.  Then the Center for Public Integrity of Washington DC published a series of 12 untruthful articles in the Montreal Gazette that hooked us up with bikers and other gangs. 


Harper announced it on Sunday, May 31st, in Toronto to the Canadian Jewish Congress.  Opposition leader, Michael Ignatief, and many real estate promoters were there.  It was another piece of the puzzle being fitted together.  He will remove the protection so that his US friends and their Canadian partners can grab billions of dollars of prime Indigenous territories in urban Ontario and Quebec.  In exchange they will deliver Ontario to his party in the next election. 


A Mohawk Band Council Resolution forbids guns at the border.  Peter Van Loan, Minister of Public Safety, said the guns are going to be given to the border guards.  So far they have not. 


The border was shut down by the Cornwall city cops and NYS police, not the Mohawks.  We can’t drive on or off the Island.  If we do, we can’t go home.   Grandmothers, grandfathers and children have been branded as terrorists to force us to submit to their demands.        


Who’s really behind this?  Are they foreign elements who have taken power over the military, para military and peacekeeping forces in Canada? 


It seems decisions are being made by some secret entity with a totalitarian agenda.  Could it be the international banksters and multinational corporatists? 


Why is a standoff being created between Canada and the U.S. with us in the middle?  Is there a rift between two long time allies, or is something else really going on?


It’s beginning to look more like a police state situation where more are going to be uniformed, carrying guns and deadly tasers.  Everyone coming from the US is going to be facing an armed guard at the border.  The U.S. citizens might think they are surrounded by enemies.  The police control the politicians in Canada and the US.   They are dictating their need for weapons.  Their hidden agenda is to transform these two colonies on Great Turtle Island into police states.     


The US has always been worried that Canada was going to become an enemy and vice versa.  That’s why Fort Drum Army Base was put 40 miles south of the Canadian border with 90,000 soldiers ready to march in.  The Canadian police agencies have been undermined by somebody.  What about the Northcom Agreement which is integrating all policing in US and Canada?   They want to contain people and to stop freedom of travel.


There is no safety issue.  Terrorists will not come through the US to Canada.   The US is not threatening Canada.  In Akwesasne there are around 20 policing agencies.  There is no danger whatsoever.  


Throughout history the Mohawks have always been the peace makers between all the competing parties.  We do not become involved in these conflicts between greedy colonial powers that are fighting for control of the world.  We learned how to be peacemakers from Dekanawida.   


Peter Van Loan said, “It’s no use for the Mohawks to resist”.  A whole community being held hostage for being “Indian” hasn’t happened for a while.  In 1990 three Mohawk communities were surrounded for 78 days by the army.  This might go on indefinitely.  We are patient and always willing to talk



You can see a convergence of interests here between Canada, the US, and Israel. Harper's provided fanatical support for Israel's crimes in Gaza and Lebanon is precisely because he has a thousand Gazas of his own right here. All the settler fascist states support each others' apartheid policies and brutality.

I remember well the 1990 situation. I was in the military then, and the prevailing sentiment among the "defenders of freedom" was to go in and "kill them all". I have no doubt that should Harper give the word, our police and military would destroy Akwesasne without any qualms, and the media and the people of Canada would praise the "heroes".



That makes me ill Jingles, because I know you are right.

Charter Rights

Jingles wrote:

You can see a convergence of interests here between Canada, the US, and Israel. Harper's provided fanatical support for Israel's crimes in Gaza and Lebanon is precisely because he has a thousand Gazas of his own right here. All the settler fascist states support each others' apartheid policies and brutality.

I remember well the 1990 situation. I was in the military then, and the prevailing sentiment among the "defenders of freedom" was to go in and "kill them all". I have no doubt that should Harper give the word, our police and military would destroy Akwesasne without any qualms, and the media and the people of Canada would praise the "heroes".

The difficulty with your scenario is that the army might kill a few Mohawks by invading Akwesasne but the scorpion's tail would have a more devasting effect on us than we would of them. Don't forget that 80% of native people live off reserve and a show of force against any First Nations would likely draw an urban response.

Regardless it is useless to dicuss a military option since sending in the troops would serve to confirm what the Mohawks have been saying all along. Countries do not invade themselves - only foreign nations - or through genocide destroy segments of their own society based on racial lines. Any kind of violent action would find UN and world-wide condemnations.

The reality is that the Mohawks are justified in keeping armed foreign workers off their territories.


Jingles wrote:

I remember well the 1990 situation. I was in the military then, and the prevailing sentiment among the "defenders of freedom" was to go in and "kill them all". I have no doubt that should Harper give the word, our police and military would destroy Akwesasne without any qualms, and the media and the people of Canada would praise the "heroes".


Harper would never do that.  He's more intelligent than that!  Kill all the Indians in Akwasne??  Now that would start a war for sure.


We've seen in the last few years a definite trend of states attacking their indigenous populations, often using extreme violence, and often with the support of the dominant group. In Sri Lanka, Gaza, China, Georgia, Pakistan, India, Columbia, and a few other smaller scale places, we've seen an alarming increase in violent response to indigenous claims. States are losing any (pardon the pun) reservations they may hold about unleashing the full force of their security and military apparatuses, and do so without hesitation when they think that the public's response can be managed in their favour.

I have no doubt at all that Harper and his crew of brownshirts are emboldened when they see actors like Israel get away scott-free with mass murder on an industrial scale, while her citizens make a spectator sport out of the savagery. I also have no doubt that Harpers ignorant and reactionary supporters would likewise cheer on any assault on the people of Akwesasne (or any First Nation) as a righteous response.

Canadians are no different from any other people. And I know that given the right circumstances, and the right conditioning, it can happen here.

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Yes, it's high time that we started a BDS campaign against Canada.

Settler people need to understand that one day children will be asking their parents "how could people have just let that happen" and they will be asking about us.




there is indeed a convergence as previously stated. See my remarks on the CJC 90th anniversary thread. And no doubt the legislation just announced by Harpo will be used as a weapon against Indigenous protests and the organizations that mount them.


I feel the hysteria in the last few posts.  I really doubt that Harper if "given the chance" would commit genocide.  You people need to move forward into the 21st century. 

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CalypsoGold wrote:

I feel the hysteria in the last few posts.  I really doubt that Harper if "given the chance" would commit genocide.  You people need to move forward into the 21st century. 

Hi CalypsoGold! A few things.

First, using the term "hysteria" is sexist, and is best avoided.

Second, Harper, and every PM before him have contributed to ongoing genocide of the Aboriginal people who were here longer than any invaders / thieves / squatters arrived from Europe. If you disagree with this, you may be at the wrong website.

Third, "you people"? Really? Tee hee, CalypsoGold funny.


Maysie wrote:

CalypsoGold wrote:

I feel the hysteria in the last few posts.  I really doubt that Harper if "given the chance" would commit genocide.  You people need to move forward into the 21st century. 

Hi CalypsoGold! A few things.

First, using the term "hysteria" is sexist, and is best avoided.

Second, Harper, and every PM before him have contributed to ongoing genocide of the Aboriginal people who were here longer than any invaders / thieves / squatters arrived from Europe. If you disagree with this, you may be at the wrong website.

Third, "you people"? Really? Tee hee, CalypsoGold funny.

#1. I fail to see how using the "hysteria" is sexist??  Are you implying this word belongs to one particular sex?  If so, then it is YOU who are "sexist.

#2.  Harper is contributing to the "ongoing genocide" of aboriginal people?  Would you care to explain that?  How is he doing that? That's an hysterical remark if I ever heard one.

#3.  Why am I at the wrong website?  Because I have an opinion different than yours?  I think YOU are the one who is really funny.


MNN June 3 2009.  As long as we stand up for peace, democracy, human rights and sovereignty, we will win.  We can’t be enslaved, even if the colonist war lords put guns to our heads.  Historically, millions of us were killed for resisting subjugation.     


We will not let them put guns in the middle of Akwesasne.  Because we are standing up to tyranny our community is being held hostage.  It’s still closed down.  We still can’t get on or off unless we walk.  A few cars are let through the police blockades. 


War lords think all they have to do is hire heavily armed guards and police to beat us into submission.  It’s not working on us or anyone else.  Everyone is starting to stop bending to these monsters.  The colonists have seen their bosses give themselves million dollar bonuses and raises.  The whole capitalist machine is coming to a grinding halt.   


We Indigenous have to be treated respectfully.  If not, we will fold our arms, cross our legs, sit down, do nothing and say, “I’m not going to be moved”.  For hundreds of years our colonial visitors have been watching us resist abuse.  At first they were scared and resented us.  They couldn’t stand to see us running around free and suffering the consequences. They wanted us to be in the cage with them.  They learned we can’t compromise our will.  Even they are starting to take on this spirit.  “Treat me right or else”. 


Megalomaniacs beating their employees doesn’t work anymore.  They are going to lose everything, businesses, properties, companies and whatever.   


Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper made a promise in the last election to give border guards guns, to toughen laws against child molesters and keep young people in jail longer.  He’s going to make everybody tow the line, so he thinks. 


Harper is finding out that if he has no compassion, no one will back him up or work hard for him.  It’s like beating a slave.  If they refuse to obey, Harper says, “Put them in jail, take all their money and give it to the rich”.


He’s imitating Obama, who says, “If you can’t cut it, then starve to death”.  If you’re poor, it’s your fault. 


In the US, if you make it big, you can stomp everybody.  Pop culture reflects this mentality.  It’s fire them, kill them or knock them off the boat or island to drown in the water.  Survival of the fittest and to hell with the losers!  This self-centered attitude is destroying them. 


The poor are starting to say, “I’m not moving”.  No matter how hard you beat me, you can only kill me once.  Our colonial visitors are getting stubborn like us against their oppressors.  Rich guys’ factories are closing down, cars can’t be built and sweat shops are being closed. 


GM, the largest company in the world, is going bankrupt.  The workers refuse to be slaves anymore.  They would-be slave owners did away with many unions so they could take advantage of the poor. People are not spending money, mostly because many don’t have it. 


Like the Depression, the poor in the US and some parts of Canada are living in tent cities, slums and alleys.  They are out of work with gaunt faces like a third world country. 


Harper wants to import this social and economic disaster into Canada.  Canadians think differently.  They’ve been influenced by the Indigenous egalitarian philosophy in which people don’t threaten one another, try to work things out and help each other.  In Canada there are more social programs and medicare. 


A top Canadian Border Services Agency official has allegedly agreed to meet with us.  They found they can’t dictate to us.  Their union ordered the guards to walk off the job on June 1.  Both US and Canadian border crossings have been shut down.  It is so peaceful on Cornwall Island.  Maybe it will stay that way for good.  They think we are suffering because they cut us off from them.  We don’t miss them at all! 


CBSA president Stephen Rigby is still saying they intend to arm the guards no matter what.  The Mohawks say never.


CBSA officers are willing to take cultural sensitivity training.  We will teach them how to work without guns, how to smile at us and keep their slimy hands off us.  Some guards at the customs building are "hotheads" and racists against us who try to provoke us into confrontations. Guards with guns will make some of them even more dangerous than they already are.


There are suggestions that the check points could be moved off Cornwall Island.  Good idea!  


Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan, whose oversees the border crossing, said arming of the guards will go as planned when the Mohawks agree to peacefully allow armed goons onto their territory.  We know it’s all a Trojan Horse.  They come in and sit inside the walls.  While we’re asleep, the soldiers will come in and kill us.  These people have already shown how much they hate us.  Hundreds have been brutalized.  How can anybody have that much hatred?  It’s not our way.   


Canada knows they can come over and talk to us anytime.  Those affected by the bridge closing and the general public on both sides of the border see that the Mohawks are right.  Canada doesn’t see that we represent all those everywhere who are standing up to tyranny.  They are applauding us.    




I am applauding Stargazer. Smile

Many years ago Dr. Art Blue, who began the Native Studies Department at Brandon University, said," this land is native and is changing the people who live on it."  That thought has stayed with me as a question and over the years as I have thought about it I have felt the truth of it.

I hope that the rights of the Mohawk people are respected and there is a peaceful conclusion to this situation.


Me too ennir but I have zero faith in our government and it's agents. Let's just hope this doesn't end death.

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Thank you stargazer, and thank you Akwesasne Mowhawk, may your words resound across Canada!


#1. I fail to see....

Yes, yes you do.

Here's a hint. look up "hysteria" in wikipedia.




MNN.  June 3, 2009.  Canada has always known that we were against putting guns in the hands of the border guards in the middle of our community.  The US and Canada have abandoned their border checkpoints at Cornwall Island in the St. Lawrence River.  The New York State Police and Cornwall City Police have closed down the bridges.  We can’t easily get on or off the island or go about our normal lives.  In fact we are imprisoned. 


Canada created propaganda against us to provoke a confrontation and then an assault.  Then the guns were to be put into the middle of our community.  We think  other indigenous communities might be next.  Prime Minister Harper just announced a policy that he was going to generously fund those Indigenous who cooperate with resource development and extraction.  The rest  of us will just have to sink or swim.   


We are being isolated on the island.  Our trade and commerce with each other is being deliberately crushed.  This is having a dire impact on our ability to feed our families.    


About $100 million worth of construction is planned around Cornwall and on the island for a humongous international commercial transport depot.  We would never approve this. 


Respondents around us think that the customs facility should be moved off Cornwall Island.    Others think a joint Canada-U.S. customs facility should be built on the south side.  People on the US side like to have guns to control and scare people.  Canadians generally don’t the same necessity for them.  Those CBSA guards who are being given guns have made it clear that they don’t like us.  They are dangerous.     


Both the US and Canada have set up tribal and band councils in our communities.  In this case these councils have turned out to be loyal to us.      Canada would like to bull doze an agreement with them.  They refuse to sign any agreement because they know how it will hurt us and our families.  This issue has brought everybody together.   


We are standing together against our oppressors.  Their idea of cooperation is to co-opt our so-called leaders.  When Champlain first met us, he shot our Royaner and Otiyaner without any questions asked.   In 2009 these bullets never disconnected us from our land.


The Two Row Wampum agreement is being violated.  There are two paths that shall never cross.   In any negotiation the colonists would have to be truthful and honorable with us. 


Canada’s battleship diplomacy is intimidation with the threat of military deployment.  They have put an embargo on us to starve us out and make us surrender.  This approach will not lead to a lasting settlement.  Canada wrongly thinks they can only use force and threats.  After 500 years we’ve never violated who we are.  They don’t want to sit down with us.  They are afraid to see our full valid legal position that we never surrendered our sovereignty or identity on Great Turtle Island. 


Armed force is building up and to make us give in.  Slimy Canada is provoking the stalemate on behalf of their international bankster bosses.  Their hired public relations guns are creating the myth that we are dangerous.  Racial taunts, assaults and interrogation of our youth, some as young as 18 months old by the guards, have escalated. 


We are a communal people and have no leaders.  We have to consult each other and everyone.  Secret agreements are forbidden and cannot be supported by us.    When we are threatened, there can be no negotiation.  The British knew this.  This was the blueprint for the Royal Proclamation of 1763 and all treaties on Great Turtle Island. 


We never jump into negotiations.  We always went for a long lasting agreement which would stand for hundreds of years.  We made sure both sides understood each others position.  Sometimes we said nothing for weeks or months at a time.  Then we  talk.  Otherwise negotiations are flawed.       


Every time these invaders came to us, they had guns or something to take our lives.  In Akwesasne, there is nothing to negotiate.  To put the guns to our heads or not to put the guns to our heads, is the question before the colonists.  Threats of force are being hurled to make us give up freedom and our land in order to stop them from harassing or killing us.


Our neighbors agree with us.  The US and Canada created this demilitarized zone that we are caught in.    They can open it or keep it closed.  The guns issue is a cover.  Canada’s institutions and para military organizations have been infiltrated.   Canada wants to cut the Mohawk Nation down to size because we are standing up against the US takeover. 


Our question is when will the colonists become human beings?  If you can’t talk fairly with us, you should immediately return everything you took from us?  You should take your guns, leave us alone and stop trying to be like violent Americans?


Contact:  Rotiskenekete 514-269-1400; Chief N. Benedict 613-551-5421 613-938-8145 nbenedict@akwesasne.ca, go to www.akwesasne.ca.  Chief Wesley Benedict 613-551-2573; Larry King 613-551-1930; Chief Joe Lazore 613-551-5292.  



The death toll from a bloody clash between Peruvian police and [url=http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/world/la-fg-peru-riots7-2009jun0... protesters[/url] over the rights to natural resources rose to at least 31 Saturday, including nine police officers reportedly taken hostage by demonstrators at an oil pumping station.

According to official sources, 22 police officers and nine protesters were killed Friday as security forces tried to clear a highway in the Amazon region of northeastern Peru that demonstrators had blocked on and off for weeks.

So it goes.

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Stargazer wrote:
Prime Minister Harper just announced a policy that he was going to generously fund those Indigenous who cooperate with resource development and extraction. The rest of us will just have to sink or swim. [/quote=Stargazer]



Phil Fontaine spoke out against this on Newman's Politics last week, and said he will bring this up with Strahl before he retires.


ETA: I'm having trouble editing with this new software, finally had to disable rich text.


MNN.  June 5, 2009.  Canada continues to prepare and initiate aggression against the Mohawk Nation at Akwesasne in violation of international treaties, agreements and assurances.  Canada is carrying out ill treatment of civilian residents on the illegally occupied territory of the Haudenosaunee.


No matter where the Canada-US border is relocated, it is still on Onwehonwe land.  The St. Lawrence Seaway Authority is making money out of illegally leasing out our land for the border facility.  According to the Jay Treaty 1794 between the U.S. and Britain, the border is meant for the colonists.  Not us.  Some suggest it be relocated somewhere in Europe.  If the colonists block the bridges to our community every time they want to scare or control us, is it time to build our own? 


Mohawks are being held hostage on Cornwall Island by Canada and the U.S. until we agree to let the gun toting border guards roam around the middle of Akwesasne.  The Minister of Public Safety won’t talk to us.  Why?  In the meantime boats and barges are shuffling kids, food and other necessities to us. 




The basis of the relationship between us and the colonists is the Kaianereh’ko:wa, the Great Law, which embodies the Two Row Wampum Agreement.  U.S. President George Washington agreed to the principle that our canoe and their sailing vessel are to travel side by side.  Each contains our people, language, form of government, laws, culture, traditions and ceremonies.  In our canoe are all the lands and resources of Great Turtle Island that the natural world has vested in us.  Accordingly we can only deal with the U.S. President or the Queen on any issue between our nations.  


These principles were implemented in the Treaty of Canadaigua 1794, Article VII.  There can be no interference with our birthright to travel and conduct commerce anywhere in the Western Hemisphere. 


The women are the progenitors of the soil of Great Turtle Island, the caretakers of the land, water and air. 


In 2003 a grandmother was going through the Cornwall Island checkpoint in the Indian lane.  She was waved through.  It was recorded on the CBSA video.  Later she was charged with running the border and arrested.  She put forward the following notice to the Queen for a dismissal of the bogus charge:


“1.Stop breaching the peace.  You are inflicting genocide upon us and our future posterity.


2. Our relations are based on equality and mutual respect as affirmed by the Kaianereh’ko:wa, our constitution.  Our relations with the colonists is defined by the Guswentah, the Two Row Wampum, also known as the Covenant Chain. 


3. We are the trustees of all of our land for the future generations of our People, including the part upon which your corporations and subjects are squatting. 


4. Your colonial successor states and corporations have carried out rape, pillage and pollution.  With your protection the squatters are stealing our resources and poisoning our land, water and air almost beyond repair.  They will soon kill themselves and injure our future generations.


5.Your justice system protects the squatters to keep the stolen property.  It incriminates us or kills us to stop us from making our demands for restitution and protection from the crimes of your agents.  To negotiate you must come to our table and talk to us.  Your one-sided decisions are not legal.

The demand is that:


6. You recognize that all your transactions as null and void, and that you must cease your illegal operations against us immediately.


7. You respect our inherent right to our land; and that our children will be born free from your bondage. 


8. You deal with us, the true Ongwehonwe, on a nation-to-nation basis and stop using your unlawfully imposed tribal and band councils.


9. You respect the “rule of law” that comes from Creation.  Foreigners such as you and your corporate entities respect the Indigenous law of our land.  You cannot legislate over or judge us.


“For 500 years we have resisted your brutal efforts to eliminate us and impose your unnatural institutions on us.  Your claims to jurisdiction over us, our land and resources are delusional.  We find you guilty of:  genocide; violations of our freedom and our inherent right to self-determination; theft of our lands and resources; and destruction of our environment.   Your subjects and corporations are inflicting ruthless violence on us.


“You are hereby ordered to relinquish all your stolen money, trusts, lands, rights and possessions that were made or stolen from us and our lands.   You must disband all your foreign corporations and all foreign laws.  We shall return to the original legal nation-to-nation relationship between us, the land owners, and you, our visitors.  Your money was created from exploiting us, our land and our resources.  Restitution must be made to the Indigenous people of Great Turtle Island.”


Canada and the US are bound by international treaties on the laws of aggression.    Last week UN observers came.  They made a report.  Now it’s time for the Security Council to resolve this issue.  The Mohawks of Akwesasne need protection from the US, Canada and anyone else who wants to use us or take advantage us.   We don’t want a platoon of armed guards in the middle our neighborhood.  The UN must stop them.  These armed belligerents stationed around us – the NYS Police, Cornwall City Police and whoever else is behind them - must be removed immediately.



Lard Tunderin Jeezus Lard Tunderin Jeezus's picture

Stargazer - I see here a mistake that I've seen repeatedly. If you are dealing with the government of Canada on a nation-to-nation basis (as you have every right to do), then you must try not to complicate and distract from the matters at hand by invoking treaties and agreements concerning another, a third party. The treaty of Canandaigua signed with George Washington, as one example, binds the Canadian government to nothing. 

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Peter Van Loan was on CTV's QP today saying if the Mohawk community doesn't come around to the idea of armed border guards, then one option is to move the border crossing point elsewhere. No details were given on how to accomplish this.

Charter Rights

Boom Boom wrote:

Peter Van Loan was on CTV's QP today saying if the Mohawk community doesn't come around to the idea of armed border guards, then one option is to move the border crossing point elsewhere. No details were given on how to accomplish this.


I think that would be a good thing for the Mohawks of Akwesasne.

1. The US is unlikely to move their border station.

2. The Cornwall bridge (or the proposed low-level bridge) would still have to be in place which means the government would have to build another new separate bridge somewhere else that would have to span the entire St. Lawrence away from Cornwall Island or face the same issues.

3. A new customs building on the American side would still put the border guards in violation of Akwesasnes law in that if they can't have guns at the border station it is unlikely Akwesasne people would allow them to pass through the territory with guns. That is still a violation of their sovereignty.

4. Putting a new customs building in Cornwall might be an option, but it essentially leaves the border unguarded. People on Cornwall Island are a contiguous group with those on the American side and as such they have access to the US side and then to Quebec by land OR water without any interference.  If the transportation of tobacco or contraband was an issue now, it will amplify at the customs gets to Cornwall. After all customs cannot stop Akwesasne Mohawks from moving from one side to the other, in and out of Canada or the US at will.

I see what Peter Van Loan is doing is only trying to flex muscle against the Mohawks. Unfortunately all the muscle he has is behind his ears. He is hurting the Cornwall economy (and Massina, New York). I doubt the US or the politicians in Cornwall will stand for much more of his posturing and suspect that the US will open their side within another week.


Thanks Charter Rights. I hope you are correct re: Van Loan

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In that interview Van Loan said the policy right across Canada is for all border guards to be armed, and he is just enforcing a policy decision that is now the law of the land. I suspect if he were to make an extraordinary exception for this one border crossing it would be seen as a sign of weakness or giving preferrential treatment to one group. At any rate, he said he is determined to enforce what is now law, and if is necessary to move the border crossing entirely, then the inference I got from Van Loan in the interview was "then so be it`.

PS: Van Loan constantly repeats Conservative talking points - like the entire Conservative caucus - and comes across as a blathering fool.

Charter Rights

"Policy" is not "law". The Conservatives have often confused the two and since being in a minority position doesn;t permit them to make law on everything, they have opted for the policy route. Policy is also meant to be changed and adapted as the need arises. This is one of those needs.

One solution would be for the Border Station at Corwall Island to be manned by Mohawks from the Territory. That way the spirit of the Jay Treaty is upheld, Mohawks from the territory will not be harrassed or targeted by the racists who currently man the station, and there will be no need for guns, since the Akwesasne Police Building is right beside the station. That is called a "win-win".

Like all Conservative policy we should really be targetting Stephen Harper. He is the puppet master and Van Loan is just his patsy.



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The whole "one law" thing is how treaty violations are justified and supported by racist politicians and the majority of Canadians who have no clue about treaties and are horribly racist in their thought around Indigenous/settler issues.

Look for Canadian politicians and pundits using the whole "we can't change the law depending on your race" line lots if this thing heats up in the media.

What they don't tell us is that the Confederacy has never treated its sovereignty to either the US or Canada and that argument of "race-based law" sounds ridiculous to people who have not been indoctrinated like Canadians and USians. It would be like Canada trying to apply its laws to Chile and meeting Chilean'976s objections by repetitively blurting "YOU CAN'T HAVE DIFFERENT LAWS BECAUSE OF YOUR SKIN COLOUR!"
That's why Canada is a joke in the global human rights community - despite what we get taught in school.


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Charter Rights wrote:
One solution would be for the Border Station at Corwall Island to be manned by Mohawks from the Territory.

I love this idea. Has it been suggested at an official level yet.

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Le T wrote:
The whole "one law" thing is how treaty violations are justified and supported by racist politicians and the majority of Canadians who have no clue about treaties and are horribly racist in their thought around Indigenous/settler issues.

Especially by Chuck Strahl and his new policy of rewarding aboriginal communities that toe the Conservative line.




MNN.  June 9, 2009.  The cards have been thrown on the floor.  This is how they are landing, whether accidental or intentional.  It’s a businessmen’s war and they want to sacrifice the people.  


Mohawks telling the world to put their guns down is throwing a big monkey wrench into the works.  The capitalist war thugs are having a hard time calling us terrorists if we don’t want guns or bombs or the arms race. 


Canada’s Minister of Public Safety, Peter Van Loan, told the Mohawks of Akwesasne, “We won’t remove the blockade around you until you let us come in with our guns”.  Peter, you sound like the president of the National Rifle Association.  Why don’t you get a job selling guns at Wal Mart? 


There’s something odd going on here.  People are asking, “How many Canada Border Services Agents CBSA have been shot or killed?”  None!  How many Indigenous have been abused by border agents at Akwesasne?  Hundreds!       


We, the Haudenosaunee are the legal sovereigns of Great Turtle Island.  Canada has no jurisdiction over us or our territory.  It’s a nation-to-nation issue which they have to respect if they are to act legally. 


The US and Europe have always maintained their power through stealing the resources of other people.  Their decline is the result of losing their colonies.  They want to become world powers again by starting new colonial empires through selling sophisticated military equipment.  Control is by supplying armaments and technicians to military and para military forces in the worldwide market.   


The need for arms is being created by maintaining that there are terrorist threats around everywhere.  They don’t want harmony between nations.  US and Europe, the two main war economies, are competing for customers.


Trillions of dollars are at stake to build jets, tanks and armaments.  The US had a monopoly on making and selling arms around the world until their economic decline.  They are losing their clout, customers and credibility.  They can’t let anybody else sell war equipment to their cartels, especially in South America.  They’re struggling to maintain control over a high population of Indigenous who are resisting exploitation.     


The Germans went to South America about 150 years ago when Krupp went there to build railroad and steel works.  After WW II the Nazis fled there en masse.  Their protégés have formed a connection between Europeans and South Americans. 


Canada is being propositioned by many military hardware salesmen by offering incentives.  Buy one and get one free!  The Germans tried to cut in on the US arms market by bribing former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney to help them set up a factory in Nova Scotia to make armaments.  Mulroney double-crossed them.  


The French make the vaunted Exocet missiles and Mirage jets.  They work closely with the Germans and Canadians.  The French have a big share of the nuclear industry from uranium mining to nuclear waste management which is used in making weapons.  Canada’s a big target due to their need for uranium. 


Two former presidents, Bill Clinton and George Bush, recently showed up in Toronto to let the world know that the Israelis, Americans and Canadians are on one team. 


Canada wants guns at the border.  They’ll start with pistols, then bazookas and then tanks and surveillance towers.  1,500 armed soldiers could be put along the Canada/US border.   Supplying armaments and building walls on the borders is a multi billion dollar business.  It’s meant to create an atmosphere of fear between countries.   


Mohawks are caught in the middle.  It’s strange that our message that there shall be no guns is seen as repugnant.  It goes against their agenda to demonize us.


History repeats itself.  The colonists used the military to exploit us, kill us off and take everything we had.  Now they want to do it worldwide.  Natural resources are getting scare.  Any place they can find it, they will get it, by hook or mostly by crook. 


Anyone who criticizes these new world order scumbags is attacked by their agents.   


The two NWO camps, the US and Europe, are preparing to fight each other to make trillions of dollars, or to come to terms and work together. 


The Mohawks are true to the legacy and heritage of our people.  Long ago, Dekanawida, the peacemaker, brought a message to the Rotino’shonni:onwi to stop all warfare.  He was born into warring nations.  He helped bring the message of peace.   Mohawks are showing colonial society for what they are, a corrupt power that intimidates and has no compassion.     


They want a worldwide police state where only government agents, military and para-military forces have guns and military equipment to control and shoot people. 


Politicians in Parliament are chanting, “We want guns”.  “We want guns”!   


The Mohawks say, “There will be no guns.  There will be no guns!”.  So we are blocked in by armed force.   


Someone wants to make a barrier between Canada and US.  The border guards won’t go back to work.  They’re cracking up.  They will be replaced by hardened ruthless soldiers who are trained to create dangerous situations so they can shoot to kill.  This situation is created by the arms dealers who control the governments.  They are interested in selling guns. 


In the meantime, MNN is being attacked by German and French agents for putting out this message.  They think we are blocking the sale of arms and getting in the way of world domination by a few.  They are demanding that MNN post their messages or else!   


Kahentinetha MNN Mohawk Nation News, www.mohawknationnews.com kahentinetha2@yahoo.com  Go to MNN “BORDER” category for more stories


Lard Tunderin Jeezus Lard Tunderin Jeezus's picture

Stargazer - Thanks for the heads up on the Shiprider Agreement

It will be very interesting to find out how many of the 41 arrests made actually result in convictions, and whether this fascist government is able to justify any of their accusations of 'terrorism'.


What happens if they do the same thing south of the border? Right or wrong what would happen? 

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Food for thought for sure, and if people cannot see the truth in what they wrote, then they are purposefully keeping themselves blind.

Thanks stargazer for the continued reports, am forwarding them out too.


No problem. There is a unity march coming up. here are the details:


Six Nations Unity March on REDHILL Expressway




THURSDAY, JUNE 11, 2009, 7:00 AM



Unity March Against Armed Canadian Border Services Agents CBSA




Why: To promote a message of peace, unity & no guns at Akwesasne



What: Canada currently has Customs at Cornwall closed and a bridge connecting the territory of Akwesasne blocked. The Mohawks are being blocked in by both Canada and US Customs for resisting the arming of the CBSA border guards.  Human Rights are being violated and International Laws are being broken by CANADA and US.



When: 7:00 am Start at Queenston Road Stoney Creek, Ont.

to Lincoln Alexander Parkway to Hwy 403 to final destination Victoria Park in Brantford, Ontario.



Who: the women of Six Nations and peaceful supporters


Lard Tunderin Jeezus Lard Tunderin Jeezus's picture

Was that this morning?

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Native Youth Movement Warrior Shark is still denied bail by KKKlanada and the illegal province of so-called british columbia. He is being held captive for defending the Land and Secwepemc women and children against sun peaks resort corporation and their mercenaries the royal canadian mounted pigz (RCMP). His illegal capture took place on Thursday, May 21st, 2009, almost 8 years after he was charged with defending the Land and People. Now his wife is being targeted for being a community organizer.

Sun Peaks Resort Corporation is illegally built on Un-Surrendered Secwepemc Territory. In 2000 Secwepemc people moved back to the Land surrounding Sun Peaks to stop their illegal expansion and destruction. Immediately the people were targeted, over 70 arrests have taken place in an effort to chase the people back to the reserved concentration camp. The Secwepemc continue to oppose Sun Peaks' destruction as well as all destruction to the Land, Water and Air.

Shark's wife, Miranda Dick, a mother of 5 is a part of the Secwepemc Womens Council and a Warrior for the Land and People. She has been targeted by the RCMP and threatened with criminal charges for refusing to be silent about Shark's capture and her uncompromising stance to protect
her ancestors remains and sacred sites from the highway and railways destructive illegal expansion.

A RCMP officer, from the Chase detachment, approached the Neskonlith Chief and Council and said Miranda could be charged with Fraud for collecting donations towards Shark's legal costs while she is on social assistance. The RCMPigz are trying their best to use fake petty threats to shut Miranda and the Secwepemc people up. They want Shark to be isolated and the world stay uninformed about the Indigenous Land fight here in so-called british columbia. KKKlanada does not want anybody to know about the destruction that Sun Peaks, the Highway and Railway expansion, Mining, IPP's (Dams), and the oil pipelines and tar sands are doing to all Life. Their attempts to scare off community support and create in-fighting will fail, the people are smarter than that. The People will not be silenced, we are Earth's Army, here to speak for the speechless and defend the defenseless.

A day before Shark was arrested, a Mohawk Warrior, Gator was arrested for defending his Land from illegal destruction (development). In the same time frame, the RCMPigz threatened Miranda (through DIA chief & council)
15 individuals were harassed and targeted by the Vancouver Integrated Security Unit (VISU) for organizing against the 2010 Winter olympics, to be illegally held on Un-Surrendered Native Land. Also over 100 Native People were massacred in Peru for stopping illegal destruction on their land. In Oaxaca, Native people fighting a
mine were attacked by mexikkkan police and military. In Mohawk Territory, our brothers and sisters are refusing to allow armed border guards on their land and have been roadblocked onto Cornwall Island by KKKlanadian and ameiKKKan forces. We are Unified with all Indigenous People Worldwide, we must know each other and our
struggles, so we can help each other defeat the enemies of the Earth.

World War 4 is here, the last battle of Nation states vs. Indigenous People and the Land. What would Crazy Horse do? Native people will not sit by and be silenced and massacred, our brothers and sisters in Peru have killed over 20 police in response to the massacre of their
people, our ancestors are with us we stand in full solidarity with our people in the Amazon, we will defeat these illegal rs invaders, have no fear.

Write to Shark at:
Joseph Romandia
Box 820
BC V2C 5M9

We will not stop until we win! No Surrender!

We are seeking donations from all those out there that support the Indigenous struggle for land and Freedom. All those that support Native youth, here is your chance to make a donation for a good cause.

All donations can be made to:
Skwelkwek'welt Protection Centre
c/o PO Box 837
Chase, BC V0E 1M0

Miranda Dick
Royal Bank (in the midst of switching to climate friendly banking)

Shuswap Ave., Chase, BC
Transit # 00880
Account # 5055447

If you are sending donations from the US, please send "international money order" or it will take 30-business days to clear for cheques and other money orders.

Any donations that would like to be made contact:



MNN.  July 5, 2009.  No Canadian or US government officials are talking to us.  The guards and workers in the two checkpoints in Akwesasne have abandoned their posts since June 1, 2009.  We can come and go off the island to the north.  We can go off to the south but can’t come back.  Our ancestors invoked some basic principles for us to use in such times.   

The federally run prison on Alcatraz Island in San Franciso Bay had been abandoned in 1963.  In 1964 a small group of Lakota attempted to take the Island to invoke a principle in the 1868 Treaty of Laramie.  All surplus abandoned federal land automatically reverts to the Indigenous nations.

On November 20, 1969 Richard Oakes of Akwesasne lead Indigenous People onto  Alcatraz Island and held it until 1971.  It was to prove a basic point.  This event changed the relationship between Indigenous and the US government.   Up to then it was negotiation, compromise and legal remedies forced down our throats by the government. 

The Alcatraz Proclamation was signed, “In the name of all Indians … we reclaim this island for our Indian Nations”.  Other abandoned federal facilities were reclaimed afterwards. 

The US government knowing this principle was furious that the Indigenous would have the audacity to invoke it.  This act focused the entire world upon this basic law.  The US government was put on the spot.  It could no longer be hidden in the dusty archives of the Bureau of Indian Affairs basement.  In 1971 Richard Oakes was assassinated. 

The Mohawks of Akwesasne have always asserted our rights for the world to know.  The current Cornwall Island event reveals the nature of the relationship between the Mohawks and the US and Canadian governments.  The Canadian government knows we can assert our rights over the abandoned buildings in the community, the highway and bridges that go through our sovereign land. 

We can invoke the Great Law of Peace which all Indigenous people adhere to.  We are one people by covenant. 

The checkpoints have been abandoned because we won’t let their guards carry guns.   We have not been violent in any way.  

According to the principle, the abandoned US border checkpoint at Akwesasne irrevocably reverts to the Mohawk Nation. 

The Canadian Twilight Zone check point in the middle of Kawenoke on Cornwall Island was abandoned and irrevocably reverts to the Mohawk Nation.

The two bridges and highways onto the island are closed/abandoned by the US and Canada.  They irrevocably revert to the Mohawk Nation. 

The RCMP and other foreign police who patrol the foot of the bridge in the city of Cornwall are trespassers.  This is disputed Mohawk land.  They must leave.

None of these structures cannot be torn down because they now irrevocably belong to the Mohawk Nation.  You build anything on our land, it’s ours. 

The US checkpoint and bridge are patrolled by US Border Security Field Operations and a Mohawk Policeman.  US Border Security is trespassing and must  leave.

We can traverse the whole community of Akwesasne as one entity without borders.  It was illegally divided by the US, Canadian and British governments into five jurisdictions – Ontario, Quebec, New York State, US and Canada.  They legislated two separate councils, tribal and band, to divide us with their imaginary boundary line. 

The outsiders cannot establish the perimeter of our territory to limit us to small areas of our vast Haudenosaunee territory.  It is our right to decide who will cross the two bridges and enter our community and our territories.      

The Mohawk elders and people made the initial demand for no guns in the hands of foreigners in our midst.  Both US and Canadian band and tribal councils stood together and made demands on behalf of the sovereign Mohawk people. 

The  Akwesasne people took the initiative.  This is an Iroquois Confederacy issue.     It affects all Ongwehonwe, our friends and allies at the Canada- US and US-Mexico borders which were never meant for us.  The visitors cannot apply their line to us. 

Rumors has it that US and Canada might build a new bridge several miles west of Akwesasne.  This is part of Haudenosaunee Territory.  They have to consult us and get our permission.  They think they stole this land outright.  No so!  Most people in the world know that Great Turtle Island is ours.  They cannot show any evidence that they’ve legally acquired any of our land.  International law was violated by the US and Canada when they made laws to claim our land and resources. 

Arrangements to speak with us must be made through the Governor General and US President.  Mike Mitchell, the tribal and band councils do not speak for us.  Under the Great Law, they have don’t speak for the Iroquois Confederacy or Mohawk Nation.   Anything they decide is not valid because they represent the foreign US and Canadian jurisdictions.  Our people sit under the tent at the crossroads at Kawenoke and patiently wait for them to come and make valid and legal arrangements with us.           



remind remind's picture

Interesting points about abandonement by federal authorities.


Ties right in to Charter Rights post in the Day after Canada Day thread.

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yes, though i found the examples really underscore, what perhaps most people do not realize, or think of as just words, in respect to unceded and/or abandoned lands.


Thank you for posting that Stargazer.  I am in awe of and grateful for their words and actions.



me too! I bet this sparks a lot more activism amongst people.


I totally support Mohawk Sovereignty. I would be happy to see them close the bridges completely and be left alone.


One thing that bothers me though!  Being from the area I have friends on both sides of the argument. Mohawk friends I have went to school with and friends who became border guards.

The border guards have in the past been threated up to and including having guns pulled on them and shoved in their face and even shots fired at their little guard hut. Lots of threats of violence.  That only happens to Canadians, not Americans. 

One might ask why do Canadians have guns pulled on them and shot at but not Americans? I can't help but assume it's because Canadians are unarmed. Who in their right mind after all would shoot at someone who can shoot back?

I don't think it's fair to put Canadian border guards on the Island and lave them defeseless in the face of handguns uzi's and AK47s.


I don't know if we should arm the border guards or not but we should take the whole border crossing building and move it over to this side of the river then if we want to give them guns it wouldnt be an issue.

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How about you cite some facts about Canadian border guards being shot at?