Amnesty condemns Canada's treatment of indigenous peoples

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Amnesty condemns Canada's treatment of indigenous peoples



It's just a short summary from AI's annual report, but worth noting that the world is watching:

The authorities failed to ensure respect for Indigenous rights when issuing licences for mining, logging and petroleum and other resource extraction. The government continued to make baseless claims that the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples does not apply in Canada. In September, a hearing opened before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal into underfunding of First Nation child and family services, compared with other communities.

Massive oil and gas developments continued to be carried out without the consent of the Lubicon Cree in northern Alberta, undermining their use of traditional lands and contributing to high levels of poor health and poverty.

The high level of violence experienced by Indigenous women and girls persisted. The Native Women’s Association of Canada continued to call for a comprehensive national action plan to address the violence and the underlying discrimination that contributes to it. Despite a stated commitment to stopping the violence, the Canadian government took no steps towards establishing such a plan.

There are also references to more detailed AI reports on specific Aboriginal topics.

[url=]Here's the full report in PDF form[/url], covering all countries.

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Excellent, U. Needs wider distribution.

Cytizen H

Thank you for posting this. Canada's refusal to sign the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is such a travesty it makes me sick.


What should make you sicker is how hard Aboriginal people FROM CANADA like [url=]Willie Littlechild[/url], [url=]Ted Moses[/url] and others, worked on making that Declaration a reality in the first place...only to have Canada yank the rug out from under them.