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No news yet on whether the Band went to court yet, still looking.

ETA: still pending


Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence says she will use the courts if necessary to resist the imposition of a third-party manager.


Marion is already controlling the purse strings and making a positive difference, Duncan said Monday, praising the consultant's work.

"The third-party manager is already getting results for the community," Duncan said. "He purchased 22 modular homes using federal funds. He is ensuring that services and social services are delivered."

NDP MP Charlie Angus begged to differ, saying Marion wasn't involved in an agreement between the community and the department to acquire the homes.

John Saunders, the Ontario director of disaster management for the Canadian Red Cross, said he's never spoken with Marion.

"Most of the items that we've purchase have been as a result of the donations from Canadians," Saunders said.

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Since it is readily apparent that Duncan is contradicted by the facts,  and the Band is doing all the work, what the hell is the 'third party manager' doing to earn his $1300/day????  Undecided


The Greatest Moral Challenge in Canadian Politics  -  by Gordon Gibson

"Why is it the terrible images seem never to change through the slideshow of Indian history? Click Attawapiskat, 1,800 souls in misery living in a place without roads, without work, without any meaning except substance abuse and welfare and rotten housing and little education and no hope. Click Kashechewan, same thing.."

and it is people like Gibson, his family and his class, that have made a good living out of this ongoing genocide and open veins of occupied indigenous Canada. He is with the Predator.



Wow. The comments are even harder to read than his article. Interesting that he didn't once mention the treaties to which we are all bound.

Whatever he believes  is going on, I don't think it is quite as simple as Harper laying down the law.

If he wants a better picture of where the power really lies, maybe Mr. Gibson should be pay a bit more attention to what is going on next door at the Supreme Court when the Manitoba Metis present their land claim today.  



Some Attawapiskat Residents At Odds With Chief

"The way the chief and council operate is totally opposite. They decide and then bring it to us after..."

sure sounds like Canadian democracy to me...

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