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Catchfire wrote:

Catchfire wrote:
By the way, Âpihtawikosisân's blog about Attawapiskat facts is now up on's front page.

Âpihtawikosisân used to post on babble under the handle Yiwah. It's a shame she no longer does!

Oh really? I used to really enjoy Yiwah's posts - and her posts on her blog are excellent. Not sure if anyone noticed, but it was published in the National Post yesterday as well. 

Shawn Atleo is calling for an end to the Indian Act, and is also pointing out how many reserves are in similar situations as Attawapiskat. I think major reform has to happen, with the end result being more self-governance for First Nations. The [url=] Nisg'aa Treaty [/url]should serve as an example. Even if Harper announced that enough building supplies were being sent up to Attawapiskat this winter to meet the housing need and build the school - that does not address the long-term issues, or the other reserves. 

Reserves are also tiny, especially considering the remote location of many of them. Large swaths of "crown" land need to be returned to First Nations control.

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What's next? Will Harper send in the Army to enforce third-party rule?

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The media's been braying for it.

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Headline on CBC Newsworld just now: 

NDP MP: Government trying to provoke confrontation in Attawapiskat



I think First Nations should occupy Parliament Hill in protest!


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