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Nina Was'te (INM Co-Founder): 
All the reserves will be receiving packages if they haven't already.... This package is the usual contribution agreements, the funding dollars breakdown a band gets which is already GROSSLY inadequate.....This contribution agreement will have an appendix now attached, that says they must sign all the legislation we are fighting.....all the Bills....they have to agree to all the resource exploitation efforts proposed (forced) and if they do not sign those contribution agreements, they can be put into 3rd party or something similar....some have signed, with an attachment that explains they were forced to or did so under duress do u see this attack is real?? We have to fight this and offer supports to those who choose not to sign....bcoz those ppl will have been cut off from funds or forced into 3rd party...

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Ottawa still blocking UN Indigenous peoples rapporteur from landing in Canada on official visit

The Harper government continues to prevent the UN special rapporteur on Indigenous peoples from visiting Canada.

James Anaya, the special rapporteur on the rights of Indigenous peoples, says the federal government continues to ignore his year-old request to visit Canada to investigate the “human rights situation of Indigenous peoples,” according to a Feb. 20 letter he sent to the Union of BC Indian Chiefs (UBCIC).

“I have communicated with the government of Canada to request its consent for me to conduct an official visit to the country to examine and report on the human rights situation of Indigenous peoples there,” writes Anaya, in the letter. “I initially made the request in February of 2012 and am still awaiting a response from the government.”

Anaya has written the federal government at least three times requesting permission to visit the country.

Anaya says in the letter that Canada has issued “a standing invitation” to special rapporteurs that hold mandates from the UN Human Rights Council, but he can’t enter the country on an official visit without the formal consent of Ottawa that would include an agreement on dates and terms of the visit.

Anaya says he will find a way to meet with First Nations leaders through unofficial channels if the government continues to ignore his request.

“If I do not receive a positive response from the government in the coming months, I can explore ways of meeting with First Nations leaders from Canada outside the context of an official visit,” writes Anaya.

Anaya’s letter came in response to an invitation from Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, president of the UBCIC.

Anaya’s term ends in May 2014.

Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt’s office did not immediately return a request for comment.

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Wow. How low can the Cons get?


The land that stretches from Portage la Prairie to the U.S. border south and west to the Saskatchewan border has never been ceded, there is no treaty.  The Canadian government maintains that the First Nations people in Manitoba are immigrants, that they fled to Canada after the 1812 War in the U.S.  Such bullshit passes as truth. 

Did you know that if you wish to research corruption within Indian Affairs that if you go to the archives and search corruption you will not find it but if you know the name of the person who investigated corruption you will find much?

The agenda is genocide of the culture and always has been, not necessarily of the people because if you can "kill the Indian within" then you are welcome at the murderer's banquet.  I think our government assumed that the Indian within would be dead by now, I suspect that our government has taken the pulse, if it be pulse at all or just spasms of zombie culture,  of our ignorant settler population and determined it is supportive of strong measures against the First Nations people if they inconvenience us!

I hope they are smart enough not to fall into the trap being laid for them, as I have said before, I hope they will make fun of the dominant culture, there's plenty of material.

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..walking from minnesota to the gulf

 photo 226513_155872061238285_40810970_n_zpsa8f7925e.jpg
 photo 382359_155869737905184_971671618_n_zps1de69cb1.jpg




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Dalhousie University, Halifax, January 10, 2013: the entire foyer of the Scotia Bank Auditorium is buzzing with the energy of close to 200 people. This crowd is far from homogeneous in terms of race, class, gender and age. What they all share is audible anticipation for the Solidarity Halifax-hosted Why Are We #IdleNoMore? teach-in this evening. By the time the auditorium doors open to the public, over 400 people have shown up for the event. It's standing room only as we are asked to remove our hats and put away the cellphones and cameras. A ceremonial song by the All Nations Drummers fills the large room with the timeless sound of the medicine drum.

All at once, it's evident. This is where the power of Idle No More originates. It's more than a political movement. There is something sacred at stake, perhaps the very concept of anything being allowed to remain sacred in the contemporary age of rampant "development." Dalhousie students Rachelle McKay and Rebecca Moore step up to the podium together. They are young women from the Idle No More movement, and they don't mince words about what the movement means to them.


"We are the most likely population to save the Canadian environment," says McKay, who proudly identifies herself as from the Anishinaabe Saskatchewan First Nation. Treaty rights protect not only the rights of First Nations peoples, but stand as one of the last protections of Canada's land, water, air and natural resources, she explains. "Our government has chosen profits over First Nations, the land and the water," warns McKay.

First Nations peoples are confronting these distorted priorities, determined to be anything but "idle" as the federal Conservative government pushes Bills C-45, C-27, C-428, S-6, S-8, S-207 and S-212. Halifax MP and NDP Environment Critic Megan Leslie informs the audience that these bills, collectively, represent the Conservatives' efforts to enable implementation of Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty's controversial March 2012 federal budget. "Treaty rights are being changed in a vacuum, with no consultation," Leslie says, noting the Conservatives' objective is "speeding up the pace of business" in Canada. Environmental legislation and treaty rights are increasingly treated as dispensable agreements from the distant past, now mere barriers to the monetization of Canada's natural assets. This is Leslie's message; she is speaking as an ally of Idle No More....


Dancing The World Into Being

"A conversation with Idle No More's Leanne Simpson with Naomi Klein.."

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Canada aboriginal movement poses new threat to miners

An aboriginal protest movement that's often compared with Occupy Wall Street has the potential to disrupt mining projects across Canada, threatening to undermine the country's coveted reputation for low-risk resource development.

Idle No More, a grass-roots movement with little centralized leadership, swept across Canada late last year with the help social media. Protesters blocked roads and rail lines, and staged big rallies in the country's largest cities to press a sweeping human rights and economic development agenda.

Mining companies are also in the movement's sights as aboriginal bands seek to renegotiate old agreements and seize more control over mining developments, whether they are on lands designated as native reserves or not.

"We've existed in this territory for millennia. We don't have a land claim - it's beyond that, actually. Our rights exist throughout all of our territories," Arlen Dumas, chief of the Mathias Colomb Cree Nation, said about the northern Manitoba land where HudBay Minerals Inc, a Toronto-based mid-tier miner, is building its Lalor project.

Protesters cut off access to the gold-copper-zinc mine for several hours in early March, demanding talks with the company on an ownership stake in the C$794 million ($773.84 million) project, which has started limited production.

HudBay, which has mined in northern Manitoba for nearly 85 years, made it clear it prefers not to negotiate directly with the community, which is about 125 km (78 miles) away from Lalor and is one of many First Nations bands in the region.

Instead, the company is participating in an inter-governmental mining committee, which deals with such things as how benefits are split among parties.

"We're kind of in the crossfire of that," said HudBay Chief Executive David Garofalo. "At the end of the day it's important that those governments talk to each other and establish a revenue-sharing model that sustains both governments - both the Canadian governments and the First Nation governments."....

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Idle No More, Defenders of Land Call for Intensifying Actions through Spring, Summer

Canada/- Idle No More’s founders and its chapters across the country have issued a call to build mounting pressure, including through mass non-violent direct actions to be joined by non-natives, to challenge “the Harper government and the corporate agenda.”

The declaration, jointly released with Defenders of the Land, a network of Indigenous communities, leaders, and activists involved in high-profile struggles to defend their land rights, calls for a “Solidarity Spring” to precede a “Sovereignty Summer,” with actions on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on March 21, Earth Day on April 22, and through the summer.

“The Harper government’s agenda is clear: to weaken all collective rights and environmental protections, in order to turn Canada into an extraction state that gives corporations unchecked power to destroy our communities and environment for profit,” reads the statement [1].

“Harper is trying to extinguish Indigenous Peoples’ inherent, Aboriginal, and treaty rights to their territories because these rights are the best and last protection for all Canadians,” said Arthur Manuel, a spokesperson for Defenders of the Land.

“Across the country, people are increasingly supporting First Nations who are trying to protect lands, waters, and air for everyone,” said Sylvia McAdam, one of the founders of Idle No More.

The demands of Idle No More and Defenders of the Land include a repeal of sections of the now passed Bill C-45 that impact the environment along with Aboriginal and treaty rights; changing the electoral system to proportional representation; ensuring consultation happens before any legislation is introduced that impacts collective rights and the environment; the full implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples; an end to the government’s policies of “extinguishment” of Aboriginal title; the full implementation of treaties; and active resistance to violence against women and a national inquiry into murdered and missing Indigenous women.

Upcoming action days:

  • March 21 - International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
  • April 22  - Earth Day
    • Nationwide autonomous local protests highlighting the importance of Indigenous rights in combating the Harper and corporate agenda.
  • Sovereignty Summer
    • A campaign of coordinated non-violent direct actions to promote Aboriginal rights and environmental protection in alliance with non-native supporters.

1. The full statement is available at: or

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Chief storms out of court during hearing over mining blockades

Mathias Colomb Cree Nation Chief Arlen Dumas stormed out of a Court of Queen's Bench hearing today being held to restrict his band from blockading Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting mine sites in the province’s north.

Dumas led an entourage out of the court precisely at 1 p.m. and told reporters outside he believed the northern band was not being treated fairly by Justice Glenn Joyal.

"It's unfortunate that we weren't able to have an honourable day in court," he said.

"Our legal representatives were continuously interrupted. They were called childish insults. It’s unbelievable that that type of conduct is allowed to be had from one of our justices in something that’s supposed to be an honourable institution."

Dumas and about a dozen supporters, most wearing Idle No More pins and including members of the Manitoba arm of the American Indian Movement, abruptly got out of the their seats and left the courtroom during an exchange by band lawyer Sunil Mathai and Joyal over whether the band’s blockade of the HBM&S Lalor project near Snow Lake twice this year was a lawful assembly and an expression of their right to free speech.

Dumas described the proceedings as protecting the interests of big business over the rights of ordinary people.

"Every Canadian, every Manitoban, should be shocked at what has happened here today," he said. "He never bothered to ask, ‘What is your side of the story?’ When we attempted to tell our side of the story, he interrupted and insulted and defended the company the whole way."...

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Union leader joins Nishiyuu Walkers as they reach Ottawa

OTTAWA -- One of Canada's largest private sector unions is showing solidarity with the Nishiyuu Walkers, who have spent the past 10 weeks walking towards Parliament Hill from Whapmagoostui in Northern Quebec.

Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union (CEP) President Dave Coles will join the walkers as they arrive on Victoria Island, Monday, March 25th between noon and 2pm. Council of Canadians National Chairperson Maude Barlow will also be present.

"This long march is a monumental effort to unite First Nations and promote their language, culture and tradition," says Coles. "We can all take a page from their book. Their actions are inspiring and should teach us all a lesson in community-building, resistance and strength."

The walk started in the context of the Idle No More movement and has grown from seven to over 150 young people. The original group of seven youth has been making its way through Cree and Algonquin lands and their journey will culminate on Parliament Hill next week.

Coles also called on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to join the walkers, noting that the federal government is forever in debt to Canada's First Nations communities. "If Mr. Harper cares about First Nations communities in Canada, here is a perfect opportunity for him to show it."

More information about the journey can be found at:

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Crowd photo by APTN journalist Jorge Barrera covering the rally taking place right now on Parliament Hill. Thousands gathered to welcome the Journey of Nishiyuu.

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Band Office Blockade Turns Testy

"There are millions of dollars at stake here,' said one participant. 'They have already made a deal with Pacific Trail Pipelines without membership consent. They are saying that Enbridge is a good idea and the members don't want anything to do with an Enbridge pipeline coming through this traditional territory. There are all kinds of questions about money. Those financial statements should be seen by the members and they keep refusing to show them to anyone.'

One of the allegations is that [Chief] Gerow - married to MLA and former provincial NDP leader Carole James - spends too much time outside of Burns Lake and, since the band offices are downtown, he doesn't personally have contact with any of the reserves..."

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..a comment i ran across on facebook. i found it powerful and moving.


Nellie McClung remembered for her role in the famous "Person's Case" which saw Canadian women declared persons in 1929. After she won the 'Person's' legal case she continued her career as a social reformer. The suffrage movement was in its heyday during her years in Winnipeg. McClung continued to be active in the WCTU, but she also joined the Winnipeg Political Equality League, a group committed to helping the female wage earners of the city, and the Canadian Women's Press Club. She led Manitoba Premier Rodmond Roblin through the city's sweatshops to demonstrate the appalling working conditions many women faced. When Roblin suggested "nice" women did not want the vote, Nellie McClung retorted: "By nice probably mean selfish women who have no more thought for the underprivileged, overworked women than a pussycat in a sunny window for the starving kitten in the street. Now in that sense I am not a nice woman for I do care."


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First Nations leader sent Idle No More plans to government: emails

The federal government didn’t have to go far to find out what First Nations leaders were planning during last winter’s Idle No More movement.

The plans were sent directly to the government inbox.

Terrance Nelson,  the former chief for Roseau River First Nation in Manitoba, forwarded private emails to the Department of Aboriginal Affairs – meant as “a warning to Canada not to get stupid,” he told Global News in an interview.

The group of five emails, all forwarded on Dec. 30, 2012 and released recently to Global under Access to Information law, contain suggested strategies from some of the most outspoken voices of the Idle No More movement. No responses from the department were included in the released documents.


Nepinak wrote he was planning a trip to Washington in the coming weeks “to meet with various elected officials and potentially member states who will accept us at the United Nations.”

“I will work with my lobbyist to begin an early itinerary, however Im [sic] hopeful that by asking the right people to participate, we might even secure a high level meeting with a top member of the Obama administration, if not the president himself.”

He also wrote about some of the potential consequences of the “Harper Regime” – including First Nations jeopardizing major energy projects such as the Keystone XL, the Northern Gateway pipeline, and hydro exports from Manitoba....

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Bob Rae To Lead First Nations in Ring of Fire Negotiations

"Former federal Liberal leader Bob Rae will be the chief negotiator for First Nations in talks with the Ontario government about development of the Ring of Fire. The announcement was made in Thunder Bay on Friday..."


ECOSOC Appoints New PFII Members

"The appointed members nominated by indigenous organizations include: Edward John..."




And in more news, Québec to give some expropriated land back to Mohawks

I'm trying to find more about this story...


Help First Nations in Canada Defend Their Rights (and vid)

"Sylvia McAdam from the Nehiyaw Cree Nation in Saskatchewan is one of the co-founders of Idle No More..."


UN To Review Canada's Human Rights Record (and vid)

"Canadian Aboriginals are hopeful if parliament won't listen then maybe the UN will, and with it the whole world..."


NDPP wrote:


"Canadian Aboriginals are hopeful if parliament won't listen then maybe the UN will, and with it the whole world..."

Putting their hopes on the UN is probably going to be anti-clamatic.


Stolo Warn MPs of 'Violence' if Treaty Ratified

"The federal government risks a bloody summer of discontent on the Fraser River if it ratifies a treaty with the tiny Yale First Nation, leaders of the larger Sto:lo Nation told a parliamentary committee Tuesday. Sto:lo Tribal Grand Chief Doug Kelly, representing eight bands, predicted 'altercations and violence'..."

"The purpose of the BC Treaty process is to legitimize the theft of our lands" - Haida Elder Lavina White


A Grand Festive Demonstration here in Montréal on June 21st, National Aboriginal Day, at Place Jacques-Cartier. 1 pm.

Festive and family-friendly, but also making demands, against Bill C-45, for a commitment by Stephen Harper to defend the rights of Indigenous peoples.

Supported by many Aboriginal, human-rights, women's, student, environmental and labour organizations here.


NDPP wrote:

 Flash Mob this...Bob Rae certainly won't be idle no more...


Chief Negotiator - by Ezra Levant

"...If you are having trouble understanding just how astoundingly corrupt this is, imagine if Rae wanted to do the same thing he's proposing now - be a negotiator for one side in a mining royalties dispute - but he wanted to represent Canada's biggest mining companies. Against the government and against the Indian chiefs. For big bucks. While sitting as an MP.."

What Ezra doesn't know is that is PRECISELY what he IS going to do. And 'represent' the Indian chiefs too, of course... What a sweet scam. And maybe this other ndp sellout will help work it from the other end :

Rhodes Scholar indeed. Cecil would be smiling...


The Latest 'Ring of Fire Bob' News

Bob Rae Jumps Into Ring of Fire

"Mr Rae will represent nine different native governments as chief negotiator for the Matawa First Nation in talks with the Ontario government about the opening of the massive Ring of Fire mineral development..."


Bob Rae Quits Politics to Focus on Ring of Fire Negotiations (and vid)

"Rae said he would be quitting his post as Liberal MP for Toronto Centre, to focus his energies as a negotiator..."


Indigenous Women: Never Idle  -  by Harsha Walia

"Sovereignty Summer is 'a campaign of resistance as part of the Idle No More and Defenders of the Land Call For Sovereignty Summer.' Sovereignty Summer is 'a campaign of coordinated non-violent direct action to promote Indigenous rights and environmental protection in alliance with non-indigenous supporters..."


Aboriginal Activists Launch Missing Murdered Women Probe (and vid)

"The American Indian Movement says it is conducting its own investigation into five missing women cases in Manitoba, and spoke with accused killer Shawn Lamb..."


Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein to Join Canada's Tar-Sands 'Healing Walk'

"Native Elders to lead a spiritual gathering to heal land, air, water and all living forms harmed by world's largest industrial project..."


A Critical Assessment of Idle No More  - by Wendy Lynn Lerat

"...INM is top down."

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NDPP wrote:

A Critical Assessment of Idle No More  - by Wendy Lynn Lerat

"...INM is top down."

..lerat left me aching for a rebuttle. a debate.


..this video of atleo using the language of the grassroots. so after the crashing of the afn / harper meeting this seems the plan to try and get control back.


Hey epaulo,

Good idea.

It's likely there'll be a response. I'll keep an eye out...

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..txs ndpp. i'll watch as well.


Idle No More National Day of Action

8:00pm - 11:00pm

Monday October 7 2013

Vancouver Art Gallery

750 Hornby


Oct 7, 1763 marked the signing of the British Royal Proclamation, an historic document that legally mandated Canada to recognize Indigenous land rights. 250 years later, on OCTOBER 7, Idle No More calls on ALL PEOPLES to raise (y)our voices and take action in support of: our land, our water, our bodies, our stories, our future Indigenous Sovereignty.

We will be there, supporting the call for indigenous sovereignty and the protection of land! Come along!

More Actions

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Idle No More anniversary sees divisions emerging


“Our biggest strength is that we always left it open,” Pam Palmater, who was a spokeswoman for Idle No More in its early days, told CBC News in a recent interview. ”Idle No More was to individuals whatever they wanted it to be.”

Palmater is the chair of indigenous governance at Ryerson University in Toronto, and was a candidate for national chief of the Assembly of First Nations in 2012.

“The movement became so successful, because there was no leader.”

Now, she and others are critical of some prominent members for trying to control the notably leaderless organization and its name....

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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to reach out for a second here. I am sorry that I have been so silent recently regarding my coverage of Idle No More and other social justice causes, I am currently recovering from spinal surgery which will see me recovering with strict rest and healing so I have taken the month of December off. 

Thank you so much for keeping the momentum up! Miigwetch. Giitu.


Oh wow, get well soon Krystalline!! Your reports on every front are sorely missed. Come back!



Hi Kristalline!

Sorry to hear that your old injury is giving you problems still. Rest up and let your friends, family and comrades coddle you. I've really been appreciating your reports on Idle. I've met people from the Sami in Europe; Idle has echoes from there down to Austrailia and New Zealand as well, among First Peoples.


Saskatchewan student forbidden from wearing "Got Land... Thank an Indian" t-shirt

She came back three times before representatives from Star Blanket FN stepped in on her behalf and gave some schooling to the teachers.


Apparently "Thank an Indian" was written in dripping blood.

Good. The File Hills Residential school was 14 km north of town. The death rate in that place was 75%.

For much of its history, the school was plagued with high levels of sickness, buildings in poor condition, overcrowding, and a shortage of staff. In 1922, Medical Inspector H.P. Bryce reported in The Story of a National Crime: Being an Appeal for Justice to the Indians of Canada, that 24 percent of all children who had attended residential schools in Canada had died. At File Hills, “75 percent were dead at the end of the 16 years since the school opened.”




Great shirt.

"Starr added that one of her teachers told her that some people viewed the message as racist." - And some people view colonial history as racist.

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Canada’s spy agency helped prepare all-of-government approach in case Idle No More protests ‘escalated’: secret files

Secret documents from Canada’s spy agency show that the Canadian government was getting ready in case last year’s Idle No More protests “escalated.”

A heavily-redacted 11-page report — with one entire page missing — obtained under the Access to Information Act shows that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service was involved in preparing an all-of-government approach to dealing with the First Nations protests, which began in late 2012.

The redactions were, in part, because the information related to “the efforts of Canada towards detecting, preventing or suppressing subversive or hostile activities,” according to a letter from the spy agency.

The report repeatedly emphasizes that the protests had been peaceful, but considers possible triggers for escalation. The sections of the documents that actually deal with what evidence the government had that the protests might have taken a violent turn, and what it would have done if that had happened, were not disclosed.

The legible parts of the report and corresponding PowerPoint presentation, however, show that Ottawa, helped in no small part by CSIS, was planning for every eventuality, concerned by the decentralized, leaderless nature of the protests and the multiple motivations and influences that drove them.

CSIS had previously denied it had any role in monitoring the movement. After reports last summer that the spy agency and its anti-terrorism section had been keeping a watchful eye, the agency said it was only assessing threats against the Idle No More protesters.

Yet these documents show that CSIS’ involvement was a more formal endeavour....


Interesting legal development ...!/canada/redirect/cf1430a7bf5e31b54a84309e77addcd4

[i] Peter Rosenthal files complaint with Canadian Judicial Council:

Judge Brown should have declared ties to CN Rail in native protest cases[/i]