Judge says forcing aboriginal girl to stay in chemo is to ‘impose our world view on First Nation culture’

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swallow wrote:

Meg, do you feel the discussion here is in line with the aboriginal forum's mandate? 

Sorry, this was only recently brought to my attention. But the answer is no, and not because of the content of the discussion but because an overwhelming number of non-Aboriginal voices are weighing in on the subject and that's problematic because we have so few Aboriginal voices here on babble which almost guarantees that a white settler colonialist POV dominates. Additionally, the conversation has moved away from being strictly about Aboriginal rights and culture to alternative medicine, the rights of parents and their children to make their own choices about medical treatment.

Would you like me to move the thread to a different forum or are you comfortable with it remaining here? I need to close this thread anyway and start a new one, but I can state in the OP of the new one that the demographic of babble will be predominantly settler colonialist and that all participating need to be conscious of this and sensitive to the issues when they post.

Mr. Magoo

Calgary strep victim's mother 'will be held accountable,' say police

Calgary police have now charged a woman in the death of her 7-year-old son, who they allege died after she tried to treat his strep infection with holistic remedies.


Why Makayla Sault was allowed to die

The courts’ decision to allow 11-year-old Makayla Sault to refuse chemotherapy in favour of traditional medicine was consistent with Canada’s complex approach to human rights.



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