'Nation to Nation'? Indigenous people and the Trudeau government

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New National Chief Calls for Reparations for Indigenous Peoples


"Archibald said reparations for Indigenous people must go beyond existing settlements. 'That's only one piece of reparations,' said Archibald. "We need those reparations to happen not only with individuals but communities and nations.'

While Archibald didn't specify the exact form such reparations should take, Indigenous people often argue it should go beyond money and include returning control over land that was taken from them. NDP leader Jagmeet Singh said his party is open to the idea of reparations..."

Make it happen!

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UN Report Calls for Reparations for Victims of Systemic Racist Police Violence


"Structures and systems that were developed and shaped by enslavement, colonisation and successive racially discriminatory policies and systems must be transformed..."


Trudeau's 'Nation-to-Nation' Process in Canada


"CANDRIP (Bill C-51) is now law and Trudeau's White Paper 2.0 National Re-Colonization Plan is rolling along with over 400 Indian Act Bands ('First Nations') accepting plan of Feds tables and PMJT & Perry Bellegarde signed MOU's to go along with plan. Can NC Archibald regain control?"

'Extinguishment with consent' : the perfect Canadian crime...


Behrens: Silence of the Dams - Martial Law at Muskrat Falls


"For over four years, Inuit and Innu water and land defenders were delivered a clear message through the barrel of a gun: you will be indefinitely jailed if you return to protect your traditional territories."

See any 'reconciliation' here?


Reconcilation: 'It doesn't work like that...'


"Just a reminder to those Canadians bandying about the word 'reconciliation' in regards to the Governor-General being an Indigenous person. It doesn't work that way. Filling colonial chairs and titles with Indigenous people so that colonialism continues is zero change."


RBC adds Indigenous Leader Roberta Jamieson to its Board


"Jamieson is a past board member of Hydro One and OPG as well as Deloitte, CN..."


Resistors are punished, collaborators are paid. Canadians can easily confuse them. See #355


To the Governor General - Deliver this Message:


"...FUCK YOU and Canadian occupation of Secwepemc unceded land!!! The Crown has no land here!"