"Backpedalling on native rights"

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Originally posted by sknguy:
[b]All of the Government’s statements smack of this fear of creating “special rights”. They’re unable to conceive that property rights, just like rights of equality, are special rights too. Really though, there is no such thing as “special rights” because ALL rights are special rights. Holly cow, what a bunch of..... never mind. This all harkens back to this idea of “one law for all”. But hey, that’s what happens when someone appropriates an idea away from its context.

The government somehow perceives that universality is linked to the notion of equality when it’s not. The two are very different concepts with very different consequences. These conservatives are either too lazy or afraid to think. But alas, the Canadian Government has always assumed itself to administered the affairs of Indigenous peoples. And a damn fine job it’s done at that. Who says colonialism is a tool of the past?

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If I hear "one law for all" one more time I'll upchuck!! Honestly, the dodo flatbrains who say this stuff even sound dumber than parrots. Then to hear it come from the mouth of someone supposedly intelligent like Harper, Tory ... man it is revolting.

Disgusting not because it is ignorance, but because it is 'intentional' ignorance, an entirely different matter.



Who says colonialism is a tool of the past?

Especially since Indian and Northern Affairs now has a "Self Government" department. Now they are going to tell aboriginals how to govern themselves.