What about Kelly?

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What about Kelly?



I read this early this morning and it has been bothering me all day. I feel tired and not angry and this new feeling worries me.

[url=http://www.canada.com/ottawacitizen/news/story.html?id=02363dad-5d82-4b3... about Kelly?[/url]

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123, what a sad (and infuriating) story about the life of a young woman, not valued either in life or death, except by her family and loved ones.

If it's been a year I think we can safely say the police have no interest in pursuing the case any longer, not that they did much work in the first place. And not that I feel they would ever do what they are mandated to do, since racist harassment of FN people, including sexual harassment of FN women, is something they do every day.

Such injustice.

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A disposable people.

It's hard to imagine how we can value one life so much, and devalue another.

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Not if you read the newspaper.

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oh I read it, the mind just boggles


A sketch of the suspect was released this fall and it was all over the Ottawa Facebook networks for a while. I don’t think the police are doing nothing in this case. I do think that the media has not been reporting the story very much and it certainly has not grabbed the hearts of the public in the same way that the Ardeth Wood and Jennifer Teague murders did. It took two years to find Wood’s killer, didn’t it? 13 months in a murder investigation is not that long. I have faith that the investigation is still open and active and hope that the killer will be caught.

From the article:


We've taken a lot of tips - offhand I'd say 60 to 70 tips - as a result of the composite sketch," said Sgt. Parent, the Crime Stoppers co-ordinator for the Ottawa area.

But it takes time for investigators to work through the tips, weeding out those who resemble the sketch, but have no connection with the victim.

"It's surprising looking at this composite sketch how many suspects actually look like this guy."

When the composite was released at a news conference, police also revealed that a witness had seen the man in the sketch with Ms. Morrisseau at an apartment less than two hours before she was found barely alive in the parking lot.

"They've got a lot of information to work with now. Who knows, maybe one of the tips we have is the name of the actual killer and the investigator is working on it. We don't know where the investigation is at this point."

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I am also hopeful that the murderer(s) will be apprehended and successfully tried, especially with such clear leads. If he isn't, we should clamor to understand why. (Is taking DNA samples outlawed, for instance?)
But I think we also need to try and understand why this case


certainly has not grabbed the hearts of the public in the same way that the Ardeth Wood and Jennifer Teague murders did.

Morrisseau being First Nations certainly played a role. But so did the fact that she was in prostitution.
Denial of the violence experienced daily by women and youths forced into survival sex is well-entrenched. Some organizations even get funded by the State to "educate" the community about the alleged "safety" of prostitution. As long as men like Morrisseau's murderer are defined as mere consumers, the life and dignity of women like her will remain discredited commodities.

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All of Robert Pickton's victims were First Nations women.
Video of Sisters in Spirit [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHkAmsoND8Q]vigil[/url] in Montreal
Their October press release: [url=http://www.nwac-hq.org/en/documents/PressReleasereSISVigilsOct4-07.pdf]S... in Spirit vigil cry out for immediate change[/url]


All? How do we know that? I cant seem to find that anywhere listed in any government report, police report or news media. And I certainly cannot tell from the victims listed names. Unless possibly you only meant the 6 he was convicted of?

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I think about 30% of the missing women are Aboriginal. However, that is a huge over-representation in the vulnerable population, since Aboriginal people are only about 4% of the Canadian population.