Who Killed Kennewick?

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Who Killed Kennewick?


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Originally posted by M. Spector:
[b]You missed the part where I said I wasn't trying to discuss the Kennewick Man issue. And thanks for the invite, but I don't start threads in the FN forum. That forum is a place for topics proposed by FN babblers.[/b]

For god's sake, please somebody start a conversation about the k-man! Please!

Erik Redburn

Ok, he musta been an ugly looking fool judging by the shape of his skull. No wonder he left so few relatives willing to own up to him.

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What about Patrick Stewart?



Originally posted by Le Tйlйspectateur:
[b]What about Patrick Stewart?[/b]

As in going back in time and leaving his skull there like in a TNG episode.

(actually, maybe it was Data who left his head in the past).

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Steppenwolf Allende

Who says anyone killed him?

Last I heard he was alive and well enjoying his semi-retirement after his career as the drummer and percussionist for the former 60s-70s psychedelic rock band [I[Spirit[/I]


(His stage name was Ed Cassidy)

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