Winnipeg police taser, shoot, and kill J.J. Harper's nephew

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Winnipeg police taser, shoot, and kill J.J. Harper's nephew



I reported [url= story[/url] in the middle of a previous thread, but I think it merits its own thread:


Manitoba native chiefs are calling for a public inquiry into the Winnipeg Police Service in the wake of the police shooting that killed Craig McDougall over the weekend.

McDougall, 26, was shot by officers who responded to a disturbance call around 5 a.m. Saturday at a house on Simcoe Street, in the city's West End neighbourhood. Police said he had refused repeated demands to drop a knife. ...

One witness at the news conference insisted there had been no knife, and several others said McDougall posed no danger to police because he had been on one side of a metre-high fence, while the officers were on the other.

"When I saw my son lying on the ground, I wanted to go to him to help him, but I was thrown on the ground and handcuffed," the slain man's father, Brian McDougall, said in a statement read by another family member. ...

McDougall's uncle was J.J. Harper, a 37-year-old native leader who was killed by police in March 1988 after he was stopped by officers who mistook him for a suspect in a car theft.

Harper's death sparked outrage in the aboriginal community, and prompted an inquiry into the provincial justice system's treatment of aboriginal people.

Nothing has changed in 20 years. Racism against Aboriginal people - starting with the police forces and other state institutions - is as rampant as it was when I grew up on the Prairies.

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I put "taser" in the thread topic to make it more topical.

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The family is calling for the Province of Manitoba to conduct an investigation, with FN input, [i]independent of the police[/i], into the death of Craig McDougall.

Nothing yet from Minister Chomiak.


Nothing less will do. None of this [i]we'll be sure to conduct a thorough internal investigation[/i] bullshit.

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[url=]RCMP should end use of Tasers: Zaccardelli[/url]

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That's interesting, and good ammo against the use of tasers, but Zaccardelli is one of the people responsible for reducing the amount of training that new Members (Mounties) get once they are recruited. It's the ignorant use of tasers by poorly trained Members (and other police officers) that seems to be the big problem.

Is Zaccardelli coming out with a book or something?