12th Annual Social Justice Summer Retreat

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12th Annual Social Justice Summer Retreat


12th Annual Social Justice Summer Retreat

Taking Your Activism to the Next Level!

August 20th to 23rd, Algonquin Park

Registration is Now Open! Early bird registration available until July 31st!

Featuring Kevin Annett, Victoria Freeman, Bob Lovelace, Sakura Saunders, Judy Rebick and much more.....

Please visit www.socialjustice.org for more information and online registration.

This year's programming will focus on indigenous issues in Canada and the question of transforming power. What are some of the challenges people must face in decolonizing themselves? How has Canada treated its own indigenous people? Can we change our society before we address our own internalized oppression? Where does true change begin? Is there a different way of doing politics that can build more sustainable and inclusive movements?

Join us for a truly engaging and eye-opening weekend, where you will be challenged to reflect and rethink what you already know. You will also walk away with concrete skills, such as facilitation, cyber organizing and coalition building to help you build a more just and inclusive organization, community group, student movement, union or party.

Who will be there? Activists of all ages as well as their friends and family. Those that protest for global justice and against poverty to those fighting for safe drinking water, decent jobs, human rights and against climate change - we welcome everyone trying to make a difference, be they from inside politics, organizations, or outside the system. We welcome activists from all walks of life: everyone from the Indigenous Peoples, labour, the faith community, environmentalists, low income groups, equity seeking groups, youth and students.

If you self-identify as someone trying to make our world a better place, please join us.
For those with children, childcare is provided for children aged 3+ during hours when there is retreat programming. Activities are also arranged for young teenagers.

Here's how your days might be filled:

  • Workshops and plenary sessions on how to make your activism more effective and inclusive
  • Free time at the lake with swimming, canoeing and nature trails
  • Evenings with music, story telling and campfires
  • Participating in as many sessions as you wish

Registration includes accommodations in cabins, all your meals, and full access to camp facilities.

Register online. 

Early Bird Registration (until July 31st) - $200
Regular Registration - $220
Children 5-12 years - $95
Children 2-4 years - $65
Children 0-2 years - Free

Transportation from downtown Toronto (round trip via coach bus) - $46/passenger

Check our website regularly for updated program information



This looks awesome, wish I could go but the kids are registered in a camp that week. Is it the same weekend every year?