Activate the free FM radio on our smartphones!

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Activate the free FM radio on our smartphones!



[url=]Ca... demands telecoms unlock the FM radio found in many smartphones[/url]


Your smartphone may include an FM radio chip but, chances are, it doesn't work.

Now, an online campaign has launched in Canada, putting pressure on telecoms and manufacturers to turn on the radio hidden in many cellphones.

Titled, "free radio on my phone," the campaign says that most Android smartphones have a built-in FM receiver which doesn't require data or Wi-Fi to operate.

The U.S. arm of the campaign believes iPhones also have a built-in radio chip but that it can't be activated. Apple wouldn't confirm this detail.

The radio chip in many Android phones also lies dormant. But the campaign says it can easily be activated — if telecom providers ask the manufacturers to do it. 

In Canada, however, most of the telecoms haven't made the move to get the radio turned on. 

They'd prefer that you stream your audio, depleting your phone's costly data plan, claims campaign organizer, Barry Rooke.


ikosmos ikosmos's picture

Some Flip-phones, such as Alcatel OneTouch, has such an FM radio that does work. But you have to wear headphones to listen.

Mr. Magoo


I finally caved, and switched to a cell phone in January.  I got a nice cheap-ass phone from 7-11 for $40, and it's got a fully functioning radio.  Not onlly does it not use data or wi-fi, it practically doesn't even use battery power.  I listened to FM for a couple of hours one day while running errands, and my power went from 100% to 99%.

ed'd to add:  Acer Liquid Z220, FWIW.


Magoo, question: Do you have to wear headphones? My understanding from the media reports is that you need either headphones, or some cable, to serve as an antenna.

Mr. Magoo

Yup, only works when you're using headphones, because they're also the antenna.  It also means that people near me don't have to hear my Norwegian death metal.