Anti G-20 protestor launches constitutional challange

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Anti G-20 protestor launches constitutional challange

the Toronto Star wrote:
"The conditions are being used in a very exaggerated punitive way to simply make the process of being charged the actual punishment,'' said Singh, who faces charges of conspiracy to commit mischief and conspiracy to assault and obstruct police.

Aside from $85,000 in bail, Singh's conditions for release include staying away from organizing or participating in any demonstrations, not associating with any of his co-accused, house arrest, the inability to use any wireless device and not possessing a passport.

"I do a monthly (community) radio show and I have a condition that prevents me from using a wireless device: Am I using a wireless device?'' Singh said on the phone from Montreal. "The transmitter on top of Mount Royal is the ultimate wireless device. Am I allowed to use a laptop with wireless Internet?''

Among his many concerns, he said, is that the conditions are subject to arbitrary interpretation, as co-accused Alex Hundert discovered in September when he was arrested for participating in a university panel discussion.


i would like to see real actors causing planetary destruction fully limited.