TO Anti-War Demonstration Against FUKUS Attacks On Syria, Sunday Apr 22

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TO Anti-War Demonstration Against FUKUS Attacks On Syria, Sunday Apr 22

Canada Anti-War Demonstration Against US-UK-French Missile Attacks on Syria

Toronto, Sunday, April 22, 2018

2-4 PM

US Consulate, 360 University Ave, Toronto (@ Dundas)

TTC: St Patrick Station

brings signs, noisemakers


Looks like the weather is going to cooperate with this much needed protest!  If my kids were a little older all five of us would pack into my car and park at the Nathan Phillip square underground parking to make our concerns known!

best of luck brothers and sisters!!!!


Thanks WWWTT, looks like a great day for it too!


"FUKUS" - love it! Solidarity, and give us news and photos after please!


Protest in Toronto Against the US Attack on Syria

"On what seemed like the first mild, sunny day in Toronto in months, about 200 people gathered across the street from the US Consulate on April 22, to protest the recent missile attack on Syria by the US, Britain and France. The protesters, including over a hundred refugees waving Syrian flags and carrying placards with the slogal 'Hands Off Syria!', disputed the claims by Washington, and allied forces that the government in Damascus rained chemical weapons on its own people. 

Socialist Action speakers emphasized the criminal role of the Canadian state in imperialist military interventions in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Libya. It condemned Justin Trudeau's decision to maintain the stationing of Canadian troops to back the right wing regime in Ukraine and police to occupy Haiti, selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, and now sending war helicopters and soldiers to Mali..."


Thanks for the update on this, NDPP.