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Bang your pots

Nationwide casserole party. Who's with [s]me[/s] Quebec?

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It's only punny till someone shatters a casserole dish and the shards fly up and put their eye out...

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What do casserole dishes have to do with banging pots?

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Just bang your damn pots and stop policing my language! 


Can I quote you on that?

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Catchfire wrote:
Just bang your damn pots and stop policing my language!


Its like August 15th every day in Montreal. I grew up banging pots at New Year's.

Here is a video posted in the other student thread but I think it fits in here better.  This is a social revolution now with regular people in their own neighbourhoods showing support. Charest with his fascist ways has awoken the middle class of Quebec.  Like the War Measures Act that drove Quebec politics for a generation and lead the PQ to power this bill is defining a new generation.  It remains to be seen where this energy will get channeled too.


Boom Boom, a casserole is a cooking pot in French:

In English, it has come to mean specifically the type made of earthernware or heatproof glass, and dishes, often baked, made therein.

Originally many cooking pots were earthenware, whether used on a fire or in an oven.

The original word is Spanish: cacerola, from the cookware used in neighbourhood protests in Chile and Argentina. So cacerola or casserole are used to describe the event, even in English.

West Coast Greeny

Eh, I quit doing that when I was 4 and was given a 5 minute time out.


West Coast Greeny wrote:

Eh, I quit doing that when I was 4 and was given a 5 minute time out.

That's also the age most kids start telling lies. Growing up isn't a uniformly good thing.


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I love this article - it may have been posted here earlier, but it's too good not to re-post:

Night march magic: Quebec people's movement takes over the streets


This incredible movement sparked by the student strike against increased tuition fees has morphed into a powerful mass movement against austerity measures and repressive policies.

Far from petering out, it is gathering strength and has thrown the provincial government in total disarray. A full-fledged political crisis is looming.

Keep your eyes on Quebec, there is more to come!

ETA: I love this comment which follows:

Viva la casserole cacophony!

(hot links not working today?)


Are NPD MP's allowed to bang pots or would that be interfering in Quebec's provincial rights?  Where are the videos of them outside their houses or constituency office banging for freedom.  I wonder who the NPD thinks voted for them in the last election.  They might want to look at the casserole footage to get an idea about who put them in office.

Viva la casserole cacophony!



Sad to see outside to see foreign commentators with more awareness of Canadian issues that the CBC's Rex Murphy. He is a serious embarassment to Canada.

Over Quebec protests, the shadow of Quiet Revolution’s unfulfilled promise of free education

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Tea pots?

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from a friend: Saturday night, Sept-Îles, we heard pots and pans... That went to the old Wharf, between 20 and 21 hours

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Catchfire wrote:

Nationwide casserole party. Who's with me Quebec?


As advertised in my last post ( Wednesday is the day!

At 8PM Wednesday we're asking all allies and supporters to drop what they're doing, go outside with a pot and a metal implement and make a racket! Bonus points for meeting up with neighbors while doing so!

We even have a hashtag! #CasserolesNightinCanada

And a FB group!

I believe there are already rallies organized in Vancouver and Toronto, and no doubt more to come, but even if you live in the middle of nowhere and no one will hear you, go outside and do it, then tell the interwebz!


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Thanks, Ethan! My neighbours have already given me some strange looks -- hopefully we can get a bit more onside!

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NO 38! NO 78! - Winnipeg takes to the streets

Saturday, June 2, 2012


On Saturday June 2nd we'll rally Canadians to stand up for our democracy at Conservative MPs offices across Canada.


Join us Saturday June 2nd.

Today, we’re asking you to sign-up to be part of the Blackmark campaign. You can help by hosting an action at an MPs office, promoting the campaign online or in your community, or joining us at your nearest Conservative MP office on June 2nd. Sign-up here and then you can tell us how you want to be part of this.

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Activist Communiqué: Could Wednesdays become "Casserole Night in Canada" in support of the student strike?

By Krystalline Kraus | May 27, 2012


In the meantime, the call out for Wednesday night to become the first Casseroles Night in Canada has spread cross Canada. The first night is May 30, 2012.

8:00 pm at the Vancouver Art Gallery

7:30 pm at Centennial Square
Please wear masks, too.

8:00 pm at The Sails

--*Winnipeg: (One day after)
7:00 pm at West Broadway Neighbourhood Centre field

--Niagara/St Catherines:
7:30 pm at 50 Church Street

8:00pm at Duffrin Grove Park (875 Duffrin Street)

--*Ottawa: (One Day earlier)
6:00 pm at Confederation Park

8:00 pm at Victoria Park

--Halifax: TBA

If your city is involved in planning something, please post below.

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A friend reports that a woman in Hawaii (!!!) is trying to get a group going in support of ' les casseroles'.

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Les casseroles every night from now on that Harper is PM - love it!

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The cross-Canada Wednesday night march got free publicity on P&P tonight! Smile

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Calgary is in - Wednesday, 8 p.m., Calgary's "Red Square" (8 Avenue at 1 Street S.W.)

Facebook event here -


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And have you all seen the app - iCassolator?

Supposedly there's an Android one too.


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Local Casseroles Meet-Ups:

- Bridgewater, Nova Scotia:

- Calgary: Calgary’s Red Square, 8 Avenue at 1 Street SW

- Cumberland, BC: Meet at Corre Alice Gallery - casserole is joining with book launch that starts 7pm:

- Halifax: Victoria Park, May 30, 8PM

- Hamilton: Gore Park 8pm May 30

- Kamloops, BC: This will start 5pm May 30

- Kelowna, BC: At the Sails downtown 8pm

- Kingston, ON: Skeleton Park, May 30 8pm

- Kitchener-Waterloo, ON: Kitchener City Hall, May 30, 8PM.

-Leslieville, ON:

- Lethbridge, Alberta:

- London, ON: "So in London, Ont. we will be doing a cacerolazo tonight (Sunday) and perhaps Tuesday as well. Wednesday Maude Barlow of the Council of Canadians is speaking -- so perhaps we should we step outside from that event with our pots & pans for 15 minutes."

- London, ON #2 TUESDAY MAY 29

- London, ON #3 WEDNESDAY MAY 30:

- London, UK:

- Matane, Gaspésie, QC:

- Moncton, NB: Event info here

- Montreal + Quebec, see the map at

- New York City

- Niagara/St Catherines May 30 7:30pm

- Oshawa, ON: 8pm May 30 at King St & Centre St

- Ottawa: Four locations!

- Paris!

- Providence Bay, ON: On the boardwalk 8pm May 30

- Regina: Meet up 8pm in front of Safeway on 13th Ave:

- Saskatoon, May 30 Meet at Rotary Park

- Sudbury, May 30 pm Meet in front of Cranky Joe's

- St John's, Newfoundland: Harbourside Park, 8PM, May 30

- Tatamagouche, NS 8PM, May 30, Meet in front of Fables bar, 259 Main St

- Toronto: Dufferin Grove Park (875 Dufferin St.) 8pm

- Toronto #2: Leslieville

- Toronto #3: Rally for the east end of downtown Toronto: Winchester Park:

- Toronto #4 Seaton Village:

- Vancouver: Vancouver Art Gallery (at Hornby) May 30 8pm:

- Victoria: Centennial Square, meet up May 30, 7pm,

- Washington, DC:

- Winnipeg, MB Meet up May 30, 8PM, Manitoba Legislative Building, 450 Broadway, Winnipeg

- Winnipeg 2, THURSDAY May 31 7PM - West Broadway Neighborhood Centre field on Young Street. Just south of Young and Broadway.

- Wolfville, NS

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epaulo13 - that's an awesome list!!!

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Judy Rebick: Building links of love and solidarity with pots and pans |

Tomorrow night, in more than 35 cities and towns across Canada as of this writing, people are going out into the streets with pots and pans to demonstrate their solidarity with the students of Quebec and their battle against austerity. In Montreal now, all you need to do is walk out your door and start banging on your pot.  In the rest of Canada, it's probably a good idea for now to check out where people are meeting in your town on the Casseroles Canada Facebook page.

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Tonight's march (across the country) just got free publicity from the CBC. Smile

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Just got back from the pouring rain. I'm soaked! But we had about 500 people in my humble estimation. You Québecois do this every night? Bravo! (And what fun!)

I'm visiting Montréal in about three weeks and I have to confess part of me doesn't want a settlement so that I can do it in la belle province!

This photo was taken an hour and a half after the march began! Lovely feeling!

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The FB les casseroles page suggests there are hundreds of marches tonight - including in Little Rock, Arkansas! Cool

ETA: and in Brussels, Belgium; London, UK;  Madison, Wisconsin; New York City; Paris (!!!); San Franciso; San Jose, Costa Rica; and Washington, DC.

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On Facebook: Casseroles created the event June 6 - Casseroles Night in Canada.

Tonight in Vancouver:

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Les casseroles had a march in Paris tonight, so I had to include this:

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Little Rock, Arkansas:

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NYC les casseroles - over 400 people!

(photo tomorrow, hopefully...)

"...We took to the streets big time in Solidarite'! NYC banged some serious pots and pans. Thanks to everybody who put their bodies in the streets for a better world. "From Montreal To NYC, Education Must Be Free!"

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"To my friends in Canada and in USA, look the demonstration held in London, UK, today! 2 hours of speeches, frying pans concert and walks un support of the fight of the Québec's students. It's nice to see this kind of borderless solidarity. We should continue talking about the world we want to build together for our kids..."

epaulo13 epaulo13's picture was on a wet wednesday that i arrived at the vancouver art gallery. there were at least 50 people gathered and noisy they were. after about 10 min i saw people in the front yelling mic check trying to get our attention to no avail. finally they did and we took to the streets. soon we were at our max attendance of around 400 or 500 casserolers. our 1st destination was the court house complex which housed bc courts as well as the supreme courts. we were to come back once more to this spot.

..we were like a snake going through the streets. shutting down traffic everywhere we went. maybe you could say we were playing with the police who attempted to anticipate were we would go next at every intersection. i was wailing away finding the spaces in between, making music. hitting my pan with a mallet i had bought for my log drum. i couldn't use it for that purpose because the rubber was to hard so didn't sound right but for this..perfect! sometimes we were really on. everyone was joyous and had smiles on their faces. the time we hit the cbc we were down to about 200 but those 200 lovely people sounded like 400. we stopped there and whopped and banged and chanted. we could see the news going on inside and the weather person in front of the weather map. some from the head of the march attempted to get us moving but we just stood there hooting and clanging as loud as we could. finally a woman began a rhythm on her pot that everyone got into. she started to walk down the street like the pied piper and everyone followed, content that we had expressed our displeasure re media coverage and announcing that we were here supporting quebec students and more. very skillfully done i thought. one intersection we stopped. some danced and the casserolers created their most harmonious piece of the night. near by, food not bombs set up a table and provide free food. a lot of energy is used to make this music. it was at this time this old fart wet, tired and happy slipped away and sat on a bus stop bench. i watched the demo turn the corner and move out of sight. soon my bus came and me, my pan and mallet were on their way home.


Boom Boom wrote:

Les casseroles had a march in Paris tonight, so I had to include this:

I don't know where you found this gem, Boom Boom, but the synergy of Astérix and Québec profanity is brilliant!


epaulo13 wrote:

[...] one intersection we stopped. some danced and the casserolers created their most harmonious piece of the night. near by, food not bombs set up a table and provide free food. a lot of energy is used to make this music. it was at this time this old fart wet, tired and happy slipped away and sat on a bus stop bench. i watched the demo turn the corner and move out of sight. soon my bus came and me, my pan and mallet were on their way home.

Thank you so much for the beautiful report, epaulo, and for the solidarity!


I was at a Council of Canadians event last night and there was much pot-banging and wearing of red badges - a good show of solidarity.



Here's a [url= brief video[/url] of the Toronto demo (or of one of them anyway).


Who did that, Unionist? Bravo!