SINCE "a better world is possible" which VALUES should inform its organization?

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SINCE "a better world is possible" which VALUES should inform its organization?

Since this is a left site I think it is safe to assume that there are many of us who genuinely believe that "a better world is possible" - a world that is much more effective in fostering a fuller development of capabilities, potentials, sense of authenticity, happiness, and the appreciation of our interdependepence with each other and with the natural environment.  What values inform your conception of a better world? I think that talking about the principles that should guide the institutions that we advocate is a necessary step towards clarifying them and forming the necessary collective bonds leading to the achievement of sustainable institutions that would embody them.

So in order to stimulate such a discussion I am going to throw out a few labels which stand for some of the values and principles that are frequently bandied about on the left. The list will not be exhaustive, perhaps you will have different stresses or additional concepts to contribute? Perhaps eventually we may end up with a consensus about the values and principles that could best inform better social institutions, or at least we might be able qualify the leading options. 

So here is a list of some values that are discussed in left discourses. Which values do you agree are worthy of being guiding principles for social institutions and which additional values should be candidates for discussion? Note that the list should not be construed as a proposal of values that inform only the economic organization of society. For instance, the substantive equality mentioned below is meant to refer to equality in all spheres of social and is thus inclusive of gender and racial equality, for example.


Self management/economic and political democracy/participatory democracy

Substantive Equality/classnessness

Social and ecological diversity

equity/ economic and social justice/ a just system of rewards amd income


equitable cooperation


environmental conservation and sustainability