Bill C-51: Protest not Valid anymore??

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Bill C-51: Protest not Valid anymore??



Remember Bill C-51 [and 52], the proposed "natural health products" regulations that were sounding so scary, like Govt inspectors could come into your home and arrest you and confiscate your HOUSE just for growing garlic?

And, that to sell any NHPs ["natural health products"], the substance would have to go through clinical trials, making it too expensive for NHPs to be given approval for sale under the new Bill C-51 regulations.

Also, that only professionals with special licenses could sell NHPs.

Well, there have been some amendments, and those concerns appear to have been addressed.

I am having a hard time figuring it all out - are those insane NHP requirements still in the Bill? Special licenses, clinical trials, harsh enforcement? CAN SOMEBODY HERE HELP ME, PLEASE?

The protest site "Stop Bill C-51" doesn't seem to be willing to back down, or admit the government is being reasonable. I think they should show a little bit of contrition now if the issues have been addressed.

Does anyone here take Vit C, or "probiotics", or any "health supplements, "healing foods", etc? Go to a naturopath or herbalist? If so, are you concerned about Bill C-51 anymore? Are these amendments good enough? Will I still be able to take Vit C, or buy it cheaply, without seeing a doctor first?

[url=]Bill C-51 - Govt. of Canada website[/url]

[url= C-51 "compliance" regulations - Govt of Canada [/url]

[url=]Stop Bill C-51 - protest site [/url]

Thanks for your thoughts...



Originally posted by Noah_Scape:
Remember Bill C-51 [and 52], the proposed "natural health products" regulations that were sounding so scary,

The first thing I would do would be to read bill C-51 line for line with the previous regulations which it was replacing. Then look at the claims of Stop C51.

The second thing I would do is to read this piece from the Ottawa Skeptics:[url= Claims about Bill C-51[/url]. Take each claim made by "Stop C51" and take each response by Ottawa Skeptics and then figure out which one is lying to you. Then ask yourself why they are lying.


THX for the reply.

Why are the STOP C-51 people lying? I just don't see the motivation? I guess they got their 15 minutes of fame...

The thing is, I did a lot of reading of the actual Bill, from the Govt. site, when I first saw the STOP C-51 site, and it was very difficult to wade through. The legal language, the sheer volume of words to say simple things. I do feel foolish now, but it was not easy to figure out.

PS - sorry to disturb you, if I am getting your tone right... maybe you feel like I do - peed off at the whole fiasco?

bush is gone ha...

I can see the need for some regulation, looking at the history of snake oil medicine in our free market society.

The above link for example shows how radioactive medicine was perfectly legal. One remedy was very expensive and as thankfully only killed off the rich.  What a way to go.  I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

I really am a fence sitter on this one.  Being fooled is one thing,  but will magnetic bracelets harm anything else than one's pride?  And regulating garlic?  really?  I hope this natural health stuff remains over the counter.  



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