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Brazil Indignants



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Brazil September 7th – “Society Against Corruption”

Posted by democraciarealbrasil on 09/07/201

This year, we Brazilians, decided to switch the Independence Day parade by a democracy celebration. In 22 cities over 17 states around the country, thousands of indignants took the streets to march and shout against the political corruption that is devastating the country.

After a promiscuous case where the Chamber of Deputies decided (by secret voting) to dismiss a charge of misconduct against a federal deputy, who was caught by a hidden camera receiving stacks of money from an official in the Brasilia administration....



Sounds like a wise politician.

Brazilian President backs massive protests, says demands are legitimate


Brazil protests erupt over public services and World Cup costs

Some of country's biggest ever rallies sweep major cities as bus fare rise is last straw in spiral of high costs and poor services


[url=]TV host asks if viewers support the protests; doesn't like the poll results[/url]



Former Brazilian soccer legend Romario sides with Confederations Cup protesters

“That is taking the piss,” he said in a video posted the web sites of several Brazilian newspapers. “It’s taking the piss with our money, with the public’s money, it’s a lack of respect, a lack of scruples.”

Romario, who appeared unshaven and wearing a sleeveless top, said the money spent on stadiums so far was enough to provide “8,000 new schools, 39,000 school buses or 28,000 sports courts in the whole country”.

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Brazil’s Lawmakers Push Anti-Terrorism Policy To Stifle Protest Ahead of World Cup

Brazil’s government and lawmakers are lashing out against their people in renewed tensions following the popular uprising in 2013 against corruption, poor public services, rising crime rates and huge expenses for the upcoming World Cup, scheduled to begin in June. The government’s current weapon of choice is propaganda – portraying legitimate protest as vandalism – and new legislation has been introduced that could potentially turn social movements into acts of terrorism.

Driving the recent threats of repression is the global soccer event that the country hosts this summer, which has been targeted by protesters due to its escalating costs as the country’s health, security and education systems fail to deliver. Since last June, corporate media and the government have escalated a campaign to undermine protests by focusing on isolated acts of “vandalism” that accompany street demonstrations, which have been otherwise largely peaceful considering the levels of violence Brazilians face in their daily lives....


Brazil: President Roussef Declares War on the Working Class  -  by James Petras

"Whatever gains were made between 2003-2013 will be reversed. Brazilian workers face 'a decade of infamy'. The Rousseff regime has embraced the policies of 'savage capitalism' as personified in the appointment of two of the most extreme advocates of neo-liberal policies.

For President Rousseff and her mentor, ex-President Lula DaSilva, the entire economy must be directed to gaining the 'confidence' of the capitalist class..."