Caledonia/Six Nations: Walk For Peace and Friendship - Saturday, April 28, 2PM

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Caledonia/Six Nations: Walk For Peace and Friendship - Saturday, April 28, 2PM

Walk for Peace and Friendship - Six Nations/Caledonia, Saturday, April 28, 2012, 2PM Edinburgh Square, Caledonia

'Six Nations [Haudenosaunee] people of the Grand River Territory and their allies will be holding a walk and rally for 'Peace, Respect and Friendship'. The main focus of the event is to remind the Canadian people and the Canadian government that the Six Nations' land rights and Treaties, must be respected..."

Transport provided, etc.


more info:


Caledonia Reacts To Peace Walk

"..MARK VANDERMAAS, founder of the Caledonia Victims Project and part of Gary McHale's Caledonia 8, said the rally organized by Tom Keefer and the April 28 Coalition was an insult to the town. 'Anytime you have the people who are responsible for terrorizing your town parading through and blaming you for the violence they helped create is a big insult.'

He said in a way the parade was a success to his group as it showed the unrest at Douglas Creek Estate is 'far, far from over'. 'Just seeing the Communist flag and banner fly was a great victory for us.."


JDL-Canada and Friends - Standing Tall for Jerusalem

"...Even the activists from Caledonia joined the rally. Just like the Jews, they had a first-hand experience in confronting extremists (in their case the extremists act with the provincial government's blessing). I saw Merlyn Kinrade, the hero veteran from the 1956 Suez Canal peacekeeping mission, and MARK VANDERMAAS (from the Caledonia Victims Project) who recently started the highly successful ISRAEL TRUTH WEEK, aimed at confronting the blackmail of Israel. Later they were joined by Gary McHale from CANACE, one of thle major moving forces of the fight for justice in Caledonia.."

Settlers Helping Settlers  - 'Settler Rights' Rednecks join JDL-Canada: Zionists United

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CBC Radio news had disgustingly racist coverage of the walk on Saturday, giving big soundbites to the hateful white settler thugs and openly suggesting the aboriginals were responsible for the conflict dragging on unresolved for years. Fucking Lorenda Reddekopp! I felt like throwing the radio through the window.

NDPP's been that way for quite a while.

Chief Deskaheh

"In defence of the sovereignty of the Iroquois Six Nations Reserve near Brantford, Ontario, Canada, Chief Deskaheh, a solidly built farmer-turned statesman was approaching the League of Nations in 1923. 'My tribe send 400 men to fight in the late war, forty of whom were killed,' Deskaheh says. 'I will pursue this claim relentlessly until it is recognized.'

And so the struggle continues, despite all the attempts of governments, rednecks, Zionists and Canada's dirty state media to make it go away..